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HAIF Happy Hour June 8 Leon's in Midtown

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It's been quite a while! With new life on the forums, it's time for another happy hour. This coming Friday, Leon's in Midtown. (as the starting place, anyway.) All are welcome, and don't be shy.

Redscare, Niche and I will be there, starting around 6:30 or so.

Make it so!

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I'd love to come, but I'm in Boston until Sat.

Leon's is easy walking distance from me -- I'd be even more obnoxious about pedestrian walkability and transit oriented development in person! Maybe next time.

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Those of you out of town or with plans, dang. Guess this means we should be doing this more often.

The rest of you...come on down! No food at Leon's, but options nearby. And who knows, we may decide to migrate elswewhere later in the evening. Lots of places nearby.

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It was good to see everyone again, as always. Good to see a few new faces, including InfiniteJim and his wife. And, best of all, we brainstormed a new happy hour, which promises to go down in HAIF history! No details yet. But, stay tuned. You will not want to miss it.

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