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COH Debt Collection


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I've seen UPS and Fedex trucks parked illegally all over town. Perhaps a few of them need to be booted to convince UPS and Fedex to pay their fines.

UPS and FedEx and other delivery companies pay their fines eventually, they usually wait until they get to a certain number first, to cut down on the paperwork.

Delivery companies factor parking tickets into their accounting the same way they do for gas, health insurance, paper, etc... It's just a cost of doing business.

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Everything from utilities to library fines..

Recent press about this:



and the most wanted list:


I think this is the best idea to come out of City Hall in a long time. Fill budget gaps by going after money that the City's already due. Genius.

However, there is one serious concern. They want to convince people to pay by accelerating cutting off utilities (water). Fine and dandy for owner-occupied buildings. But what about multifamily tenants? This happened next door to my house a few months ago. Tenants who were current on their rent, had their water shut off because the owners of the complex failed to pay $40,000 in water bills.

The City would be better to go to court in cases like this; instead of taking it out on the tenants. In general, as I said before, I love the idea of going after people who owe the City money. But it needs to be done carefully, intelligently, and fairly.

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