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Central Market Houston At 3815 Westheimer Rd.

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@monarch I would suggest Central Market is on a whole different level than Whole Foods.

I would say it's the most expensive grocery store in Houston. In the middle of River Oaks too. Ironic. Might need to clarify here.  CM's prices for regular, basic, food is not bad. What sets the difference are the one-off items that are $100.  I don't think Whole Foods has items as expensive as CM?

Cheers buddy.. It's holiday season!

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16 hours ago, Highrise Tower said:

I always think about updating this thread with the wild and crazy items I see a Central Market. It's not architecture or buildings related so I never post anything.

Do people actually buy this food? I guess if there's a market for it, there's a buyer. I personally would like to taste the $150 balsamic vinaigrette or the $80 honey. 

Today I saw an Orchid arrangement for $500.  I talked with the designer and he encouraged me to pick it up. Felt like it weighed 25 pounds. He told me it's ceramic.



Also noticed a butter wheel that was $89.99.  Crazy!


Yeah and that place stays busy till closing. We have some very wealthy folks in this town.

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The seafood market has been wrapped and closed. Anyone know the deal?  I wonder if it was a possibly contaminant. Or maybe the refrigerated food displays all broke so they could not properly display the fish.  A remodel perhaps?


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