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Houston's 10 Hottest Female Newscasters


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Hot Houston female newscasters


KTRK-Ch. 13

Sonia Azad

Elisa Rivas

Adela Uchida

Casey Curry

Samica Knight




Lisa Hernandez (soon to be Lisa Blank)

Rekha Muddaraj

Courtney Bass

Chita Johnson


Fox 26-KRIV

Melinda Spaulding (she's likely going to be at FOX 26 for awhile: ala Shara Fryer)

Kristine Galvan

Natalie Bomke

Caitlin Espinosa

Damali Keith (she's been at Fox 26 for 13 years now)

Sally McDonald


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Jennifer Reyna was fine in 2009, too. Hell, she was KLOL's Miss Rockwear in 2003. I'm not sure it makes a difference when this topic was created, there is no finer Houston news goddess than Ms. Reyna...

Are you kidding me? She is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen on TV,and photos of her pre-facial surgeries are equilivalent to the ones of Julie Chen before her surgeries. (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/julie-chen-asian-eyes-surgery-631872)

Add to it that she cannot even do her job - she seems like an illiterate child who can't read, carry on an adult conversation, and is full of herself and her undeserved attention - and you have one of the most overrated local newswomen ever.  And who cares about her bikini title. Based on the online message boards about her and the title, it appears the title was not earned on the up-and-up and she alledgedly had a fling with some married guy who ran it.  Finally, her huge thighs and buttocks make her look like a speed skater and that half-priced boob job is laughable.

Here endeth the lesson.

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My goodness, how do you respond to that?? Such passion in your delivery, I'd almost believe you reached for the stars, got rejected, and swallowed the bitter pill.

Then...I came across this: http://thedirty.com/2013/04/beware-of-houstons-channel-2-traffic-reporter-jennifer-reyna/

Apparently, you are not alone in your disdain for Jennifer Reyna, and I didn't know as much as I thought I knew about her. Still smoking, IMO, but not quite the pristine angel I had thought she was. Thanks for the insight, Hercules. I never would've thunk it...

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Purpledevil, I think Hercules of Einstein is bitter and angry that he hasn't gotten a beautiful girl to marry or have sex with her either.


And you'd be wrong with that thinking. I have a lovely, beautiful, intelligent and successful wife. We sit in dismay each morning as we see Reyna parade around trying to cover up her lackof skill and ability with tight sweaters and a 4th grade smile.

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I'm sorry, I could care less about the drama, what she looked like before her boobs, who's husband she shacks with, etc.., etc.,  she is still the hottest female newscaster in Houston.  

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