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  1. I bet Spec's does have a good one, I like their deli. That's a good idea.
  2. We went there once and haven't been back - maybe I phrased the question wrong due to scotch intake. I checked Big Mamou's website and their muffaletta is $9.50, and I think that's too much so I'm not going there.
  3. Where can I get a good muffaletta around here (for less than $9.50 so not Big Mamou - self proclaimed cheap bastard)??? I've got a wicked hankerin for one and we're not going back to Baton Rouge for at least a month.
  4. Before I even got to this post I was planning to search for this awesome rendering of yours. I'll just link to the post rather than confuse innocent googlers searching for Discovery Tower info.
  5. Unacceptable, the cleaning crews should be staffed only with morlocks so they can keep the lights off. Anyone working late during a new moon is asking for it.
  6. It's not depressing, it's eerie, could be chilling depending on the noise level in the area. Some lights are ok, extravagant light pollution for no reason isn't necessary.
  7. enoying the clouds and rain, keep it comin!

  8. The water fountain play area is great. This morning was nice and overcast so no baking alive, but still warm enough to enjoy the water. Whoever thought of that is a genius. We need one every quarter mile in this city.
  9. Wouldn't a building that has wind turbines to offset power usage contradict itself by having an extravagant lighting scheme? I think it should be pitch black at night except for whatever the FAA requires.
  10. If the feeder additions include sidewalks you could take that down to Shepherd, other than that I think heights is your safest crossing. Crossing at Shepherd now sucks because you have to cross it at some point, either over the ROW on Durham or over the bayou on Shepherd. There aren't sidewalks on both sides there, it makes it suck. Past that it's easy to shoot down one of the small streets parallel to Shepherd and get anywhere. I kind of doubt the feeders will have sidewalks the whole way though, since it'll be elevated most of the way. I hope they build a good bike/walk path to cross I-10 and the bayou on Yale, and connect it to the trail along 7th. Why ride farther to Target to pay more when I can ride to Walmart for more interesting people-watching?
  11. Was it the Wedge tower garage or another garage? I was just there Wednesday, glad the douche waited until I was gone. I would be doubly pissed at his cop-out ass if he caused me to get home late. No sympathy for suicides, most especially public ones.
  12. Crossing under I-10 on the hike & bike trail is way easier, unless you aren't heading toward downtown.
  13. So it's clear, they should build dedicated flyover exits that go straight from I-10 to the loading docks for trucks, and to the parking lots for those of us who will shop there. This way everyone else in the neighborhood doesn't slow us down while they shake their fists and mumble something about their lawn.
  14. Well they're saying all the right things so far, but that's pretty easy at this point. I'm curious to see renderings. They at least realize they can't drop the suburban model in here. I'm not familiar with how this kind of dance typically goes, with the developer answering some questions and pointing at the tenant as responsible for other things. I'm guessing both will be at the public sessions.
  15. Isn't there a foot/bike path that goes under the beltway/I-10 interchange? I thought I saw it on the north side at least, I'm not sure if you can get to all 4 corners on it. Obviously that might involve crossing feeder roads which isn't ideal. The bayou trails go under the beltway already.
  16. If Walmart determines that it's a good business move to have 3 stores in that area, then it is. You can't say it isn't needed just because you don't want it there. Especially in this great city that brought us 2 Starbucks across the street from each other. No one can argue that there are tons of people who don't want a Walmart there, but no one on this board has the knowledge or data to back up the statement that it wouldn't do well there.
  17. Should we expect most of the big truck traffic come off of I-10 to Bass/Koehler/Bonner to the back for unloading, as opposed to off of I-10 to Yale through some other street/driveway? I haven't driven around there lately to know if that is going to royally suck for anyone, but honestly I think it isn't that bad of a situation overall. It would be pretty direct access on/off of I-10, and keep the truck traffic off of Yale and other neighborhood streets.
  18. The bottom line is this: it's 2am, and you need cheetos, a fishing license, an inflatable kiddie pool, ammunition, lawn furniture, 3 TVs, and Christmas decorations. And the kicker - you want to be able to return all of it (except the cheetos (long gone), ammo (spent!), and fishing license (non-transferable)) Monday after your bender weekend. What choice do we really have here? Exactly.
  19. Brown concrete, is that to camouflage the dog poop so more people step in it?
  20. his decision itself was ok, but the way he went about it shows how much of an egomaniac he is

  21. I don't think it will ever run clear, I should have used more hyperbole in my suggestions. But yeah, if we altered our geology to include a rock bed and traded the surface runoff water for spring fed water we'd be set. Being from LA I'm used to dirty water, I'll settle for getting rid of the trash and working on making the banks more attractive (which is pretty hard when heavy rains and rising water dump all that pretty silt everywhere).
  22. The trash we can fix. The muddiness I think we are stuck with due to the land that it runs through. There isn't a clear (natural) waterway anywhere near here that I know of. Until we find a way to make it 20 ft deeper and 20 degrees cooler it's just gonna be brown funkiness.
  23. I've never understood the obsession with HEB, it has ok prices (none of the stores beat the sales at any other with their regular prices, and that's how I shop) but that is generally outweighed by the annoying layout of every store. Anyway, if you want an HEB let's get it actually IN the Heights. Walgreens on 20th/Yale is building a new stand-alone across the street, and that Kroger sucks. So tear that whole thing down and put the HEB there.
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