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  1. Aww, I like that place. They fixed up my car after a hit and run. Nice guys work there. Edited to add: I got hit; I was not the hitter in the hit and run!!
  2. No need to be obnoxious. I was just answering his question.
  3. No, UH doesn't have open enrollment. UHD does. It's confusing, isn't it? If my previous post confused you, sorry. I didn't mean "everyone" gets in; I meant they let a lot of students in, but not too many make it through.
  4. I'm not sure I agree. UH reminds me of the French universities (as far as I understand them): anyone can get in. But it's really tough to make it, once you're there. I like the idea of giving lots of students the chance to succeed, especially in a city like Houston with so many immigrants and children of immigrants. But once you get in, you have to be a fairly serious student to make it. So there's a high attrition rate. I don't know what all that does for the reputation of the school, but it should mean that someone with a degree from UH worked pretty hard to earn it, and therefore the degree means something.
  5. Confusion is bad. Just because the confusion has history doesn't make it good confusion. When I first moved here several years ago, I signed up for an evening class at UH. I looked on my trusty Houston map to see where the campus was, spotted it immediately, and headed downtown. It took quite some time of wandering through the main building, looking for someone to ask, before I finally learned that I was at the wrong university. And the thing is, I'm really not stupid. Having two schools called "UH" located a couple of miles from each other is just confusing.
  6. Well, it's not the best choice, but lord knows it's not the worst choice either so we should be happy about that. "HMU" is a reasonable good acronym; perhaps people will confuse it will HBU but some people will manage to confuse just about anything.
  7. Hey Jax, thanks for posting this question... I was wondering the same thing. I see it as a good sign. Though I suppose they could be planning to sell the lot, and want it to look more lot-like (as opposed to old-growth-forest-like).
  8. I haven't read the Press article yet, but I was told that some really involved parents helped make that school very good, and the reward is that HISD is closing it and sending the kids to a school that is not any good. Another stellar decision by HISD.
  9. I was in the neighborhood last night for the first time in months... I couldn't believe all the changes, particularly on the stretch of 518 between 288 and Southern Trails. It's exciting to see so many nice stores and restaurants there, great for all the residents. On the down side, headed back to 288 around 6:00 pm. (on a sunday!), it took 10-15 minutes to get through the lights. I sat through some of them probably 10 times. They REALLY need to address that situation; the traffic was completely crippled.
  10. Rice won't change their name. They will acquire a medical school.
  11. I think the real culprit is that the project had such a silly name. "Turnberry Tower." Who would want to live there? It sounds like a new kind of Captain Crunch cereal.
  12. that gave me a very funny image of a bunch of folks in scrubs, parking their cars in the free zoo lot at about 7:00 a.m. and piling into the mini-train for a ride to work. I hope they at least wave to people as they go by, like the usual mini-train riders do.
  13. And another thing... if this is all about weight and fuel costs, how about putting passengers on the scale? Because when I travel with my two sons, who weight 20 pounds and 40 pounds, I think I should be allowed to carry around 250 pounds worth of free luggage. I'm paying full price for the smallies to fly, and they weigh practically nothing. But they do require stuff.
  14. that is so aggravating. I was always happy that Continental hadn't succumbed to these ridiculous measures. So much for that.
  15. Being in that house would likely make someone psychotic if they didn't start out that way, so I think you're right to be paranoid! I looked at the pictures after reading people's responses, and I was still struck dumb by the ceilings. I t also seems very weird to me to spend millions on a house and not purchase at least one little tree to put around it.
  16. So what I'm hearing is that Pearland is getting french fries, biscuits, and chicken-fried-steak. Good thing it's close to the medical center!!
  17. I've always been an Olive Garden snob, because I had a terrible meal there about ten years ago in upstate New York. But we went recently with the kids, who are little and tough to bring to restaurants. We had the nicest, most thoughtful waitress I've ever had in a restaurant, who brought cut up fruit for the baby without being asked, for example. The bread was great, the salad was good, and the rest of the food was fine. No, it's not great quality food, but it certainly has other virtues--service, for example. I probably won't go back, but I'm not going to knock it anymore, either.
  18. Have you eaten at Reggae Hut or Alfreda's? I've wondered about both but had never had a recommendation from anyone. I agree about Spanish Village; I heard great things about that place and thought the food was pretty bad. There was supposed to be a new development nearby... a medical building with retail/restaurants on the ground level... does this ring a bell with anyone? Maybe on that huge (vacant) site on McGregor, just east of (and adjacent to) 288? I wish I could remember details. Maybe the whole thing is stalled. Any chance of Mosaic having retail or restaurants?
  19. I agree, the old trains were quirky. But for all the times I clocked my head on the top of the thing getting in and out, I am glad to see them gone. Those trains were not sized for grown-ups.
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