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  1. The most amazing house I saw in Galveston afterward was the "doll house" as I call it. The house was totally undisturbed save for one entire side that had been blown/sucked off by a tornado. The furniture seemed to all be in place, just like looking into the back of a fully furnished doll house.
  2. Brownsville has been assaulted with hurricane force winds since early this morning, and the storm shows no signs of moving out just yet, so it ain't over 'til it's over for them. Add to that all the rain they have endured, and you have for some pretty horrible conditions.
  3. I'll bet there are many in Brownsville who would disagree with you.
  4. I was 13, so I remember it well. We knew it was gonna miss Houston, so we just "hunkered down" at the house. Didn't get any damage as I can recall, although parts of Houston did, especially down toward the coast. Galveston got a lot of tornado damage. It also lost the Pleasure Pier and/or the Balinese Ballroom that went out into the water. But probably the biggest damage was that Carla unleashed Dan Rather on the World.
  5. Just a comment about the original post: Keep in mind this is just a comment, and not meant as a criticism. Recycling does nor reduce one
  6. It's not the Rio Grande that is lame, it's all the parasites along the way sucking up all the water, just like the "other" Colorado River. California and Las Vegas have sucked it dry.
  7. My favorite view used to be of downtown from the Quitman Street Bridge. Now, my favorite view is that I can't see Houston from Bastrop, and I like it that way!
  8. Mix that chili with the beans, then throw in the whatever, and you have a wonderful, traditional Texas dish!
  9. OK, let me try this again: You and Frank X Tolbert are full of bullschytt! Tolbert is the one who, at the very first chili cookoff in Terlingua, claimed that "Texans don't eat beans in our chili". That was pure bullschytt! I am a third GenTexan, and I love beans in my chili. Always have, always will. There. Is that Texan enough for you???
  10. You and Frank X Tolbert need to chili out!Tolbert is the one who, at the very first chili cookoff in Terlingua, claimed that
  11. I think I'd rather take my chances dining on whatever the storm washes up into the yard.
  12. You know, computers have taken all the fun out of hurricanes. In
  13. A number of years ago, I stopped in Chapel Hill to see what was there. One of the stops (as though there are all that many attractions there) was an old church. When I asked how old it was, the docent told me it was built in 1900
  14. As WxBoy can tell you, and as many long-time Gulf Coasters can attest to, hurricanes (and tropical storms) can be deceiving. What may seem gargantuan may end up in a whimper, and a little squeak can become a mighty roar. Take that innocuous little system that formed just offshore and meandered around the Houston area for over a week back in June of
  15. Dolly is heading for Bastrop, so y'all just leave her alone. We need rain so badly that we'll take a tropical storm, or even a hurricane just to get a good downpour.
  16. Wow! What a tournament!!! 53-year-old Greg Norman was at the top of the leaderboard after each of the first three rounds, but his legs gave out midway through the final round after leading after 9 holes today. Had Norman won, he would have been the oldest golfer to win a major golf title. The oldest golfer to win a PGA event is
  17. Here are a few other possibilities not previously mentioned: Hugh Roy Cullen George R Brown Leon Jaworski William Hobby Oveta Culp Hobby And a personal favorite, EA
  18. If Louie Welch was mayor, maybe Houston could have a "Shoot the Homeless" policy?
  19. Reminds me of the time not long after Houston went bust. Many people who bought overvalued homes at outrageous interest rates suffered, and some became homeless as a result. A number of homeless lived under and around the San Jacinto River Bridge out 59. I saw more that one interview from that location, and was amazed at how many people complained on air about how they had nothing and needed help
  20. Thank you, Sir!Just wanted to add that I no longer refer to the founders of Houston as "The Allen Brothers". Truth is, Charlotte Baldwin Allen played a large part in the founding and formation of the new city, but rarely receives due credit for her role.
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