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  1. Will Horwitz was one of the most beloved men in Houston. I was made aware of him from the Channel 8 series,
  2. Who remembers the old State Theatre located at 5913 Washington Ave. The State Theatre was the second with that name in the city, after the Loew’s State Theatre on Main Street. This State Theatre opened on August 1, 1941.
  3. Who remembers one of the first movie theaters in Houston called Pastime Theater located at 2514 McKinney Street. The Pastime Theater opened in 1923, and it appears to have been a small neighborhood theater. It was operating until at least 1950.
  4. I suppose if I had some strong desire to serve some geek-neck clams or hamster brisket, I would probably check at Central Market because they have just about anything you could want. But for normal produce and other goods, I think their prices are highway robbery! If I can
  5. Wow! They keep pushing the Rodeo later and later each year. The parade used to be in early February. Now it
  6. The "Light Circus" part does sound familiar. I never went there. I went to The Cellar once, and realized that was not my cup of tea. This was back in my high school days. It was not until after I got out of the Navy that the brain began fritzing out. Musta been the Agent Orange aftereffects, huh?
  7. You didn't by chance mean "Playland Park", did you? That was Houston's primere amusment park for years. It was at South Main at Murworth. Playland shut down around the early to mid '60s.
  8. dbig, you missed the point. Visitors want to see the Dome, not because it is beautiful, but because it is The Astrodome. Most first-time visitors I have known said the two things they really wanted to see was NASA and The Astrodome.
  9. Anybody ever see the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo? Well, I have. We drove out of our way just to go by and see it. It is ugly. It is gaudy. But it was there, and I had never seen it, so I drove over just to see it because it was famous.
  10. Well, he could always set Buffalo Bayou on fire every night. That oughta draw attention to his place.
  11. Yes, VH1 originated in Houston. I knew about it, but I weasn't into it or MTV back then, so I don't know all that much about how it got started. I do know that it was 1985 when they were in Allied Bank.
  12. In passing downtown today I noticed a building with a similar dome on top. It was around 20 floors, although I didn
  13. Actually, that looks like it could have been an alternative plan for the Tenneco Building. OK, so I know it
  14. If I am not mistaken, the diesel train at Herman Park is the same one that ran at Playland Park on South Main at Murworth. I rode that train countless times out there, and I have ridden it at Herman Park quite a few times. It is still a thrill to ride it. So, smile when you call it a
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