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  1. ridiculous. is it just me, or is the majority of the populace somewhat ignorant?
  2. that's a great clip. too bad he wasn't around to point out cnn, abc, nbc and cbs' twisting of everything reagan said, but, would he have noticed? cnn could rise above the fray if they would bring in some intelligent conservatives/libertarians who avoid hyperbole. the story about the school kids was merely fear-mongering.
  3. bachanon

    ayn rand

    responses to the GQ article.
  4. there are so many mod structures i like. this isn't one of my favorites. i haven't seen the interior, but i'm not sure it was significant.
  5. nice to see you 'round houstonretail. thanks for the input.
  6. please keep the conversation related to the thread. all comments not commenting on the expansion of the menil are now hidden.
  7. so........how about that menil expansion. pretty exciting stuff huh.
  8. the original scoop the location of a luxury hotel is already set aside at waterway square and the waterway. whether or not ritz carlton will be THE hotel will be determined by economics and timing. they've had some level of discussion with the woodlands development co. since last year.
  9. like people watch cnn 360 for the news. oh, that was sarcasm. thought......liberal media has hot dudes giving the news....right wing media has hot babes. huh? i really really want what anderson cooper says to be true, then ann coulter whips me into place. crap, i'm reducing my news info to print media. the new media is biased based on the viewers sexual proclivities; ergo, it is no longer news. considering this, the obama administration should no longer give place to media with hot people.
  10. i do try so hard to think highly of them.........LMAO.....and then i think, damn. where did they get this chick? william f must be rolling in his grave.
  11. and there's the rub. it's a fact. the prettier you are, the dumber you are....simply because you don't have to try. this is not an indictment of pretty people, but of society. the public high school construct must be destroyed for the betterment of society. should we revisit "rock and roll high school"? i wonder why fox must constantly have blonde babes in the forefront. i think it belittles the message....no offense to blonde babes.
  12. i do pick that up every now and then. i enjoy reason mag too, although it's specifically libertarian. many of the ideals are the same.
  13. i guess i should have realized that firing line would be available with today's technology. being a fox NEWS fan and not a right wing ideologue, i wonder where the real conservatives are. where are the thoughtful, intelligent, non-spastic, right thinking people? i can only think of william f buckley jr (now deceased), george will, charles krauthammer and a few others (none who have thought provoking opinion/discussion shows). do we really want glen beck and sean hannity being the bearers of conservatism? perhaps the conservatism of william f buckley jr is dead? i can't help but contrast firing line with hannity's america and laugh at how ridiculous hannity looks compared to buckley.
  14. i cringe when i hear beck blowing smoke. i hated his radio talk show. his ignorance is on parade and by that i do not mean conservatism is ignorant. it is not. glenn beck the person is ignorant or immature at best. how i miss william f. buckley jr. also, i think the obama administration knows what the ratings are and is concerned. he snubs millions of americans each time he takes a stab at or dismisses fox. he would have done better to rise above it. this is what made reagan regal and makes obama appear thin skinned.
  15. I think I've found the problem: Categorized | Cable News Ratings Cable News Ratings for Thursday, October 22, 2009 Posted on 23 October 2009 by Bill Gorman Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for October 22, 2009 P2+ Total Day FNC – 1,470,000 viewers CNN – 465,000 viewers MSNBC –401,000 viewers CNBC – 187,000 viewers HLN –368,000 viewers P2+ Prime Time FNC – 2,682,000viewers CNN— 749,000 viewers MSNBC –944,000 viewers CNBC – 186,000 viewers HLN – 632,000 viewers 25-54 Total Day FNC –427,000 viewers CNN –126,000 viewers MSNBC –125,000 viewers CNBC – 67,000 viewers HLN- 155,000 viewers 25-54 Prime Time FNC – 734,000 viewers CNN – 196,000 viewers MSNBC –287,000 viewers CNBC – 114,000 viewers HLN – 183,000 viewers 35-64 Total Day FNC – 740,000 viewers CNN – 192,000 viewers MSNBC – 185,000 viewers CNBC – 100,000 viewers HLN – 203,000 viewers 35-64 Prime Time FNC –1,228,000 viewers CNN – 259,000 viewers MSNBC –447,000 viewers CNBC –96,000 viewers HLN –303,000 viewers Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64) FOX & Friends- 1,010,000 viewers (458,000) (656,000) American Morning- 306,000 viewers (118,000) (168,000) Morning Joe- 310,000 viewers (82,000) (150,000) Squawk Box- 110,000 viewers (38,000) (69,000) Morning Express w/ Meade- 366,000 viewers (227,000) (234,000) 5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64) Glenn Beck – 2,920,000 viewers (783,000) (1,462,000) Situation Room—653,000 viewers (142,000) (213,000) Hardball w/ Chris Matthews—635,000 viewers (147,000) (250,000) Fast Money—245,000 viewers (83,000) (116,000) Prime News–329,000 viewers (153,000) (182,000) 6PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64) Special Report with Bret Baier– 2,648,000 viewers (678,000) (1,314,000) Situation Room—508,000 viewers (98,000) (172,000) Ed Show—563,000 viewers (128,000) (251,000) Mad Money —187,000 viewers (57,000) (107,000) Prime News — 358,000 viewers (143,000) (214,000) 7PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64) The Fox Report w/ Shep –2,372,000 viewers (635,000) (1,114,000) Lou Dobbs Tonight—563,000 viewers (110,000) (225,000) Hardball w/ C. Matthews—677,000 viewers (202,000) (360,000) Kudlow Report — 146,000 viewers (a scratch w/51,000) (57,000) Issues– 534,000 viewers (195,000) (313,000) 8PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64) The O’Reilly Factor– 3,436,000 viewers (893,000) (1,536,000) Campbell Brown – 550,000 viewers (129,000) (164,000) Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 1,179,000 viewers (327,000) (622,000) Marijuana Inc. – 238,000 viewers (132,000) (130,000) Nancy Grace – 937,000 viewers (276,000) (457,000) 9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64) Hannity –2,362,000 viewers (646,000) (1,059,000) Latino In America —848,000 viewers (229,000) (307,000) Rachel Maddow Show —945,000 viewers (257,000) (453,000) New Age of Wal-Mart — 179,000 viewers (105,000) (67,000) Joy Behar- 542,000 viewers (122,000) (252,000) 10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64) On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren —2,238,000 viewers (662,000) (1,081,000) Latino In America —848,000 viewers (229,000) (307,000) Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 704,000 viewers (279,000) (265,000) Bio: Home Depot – 142,000 viewers (105,000) (90,000) Nancy Grace –471,000 viewers (167,000) (230,000) 11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64) The O’Reilly Factor —1,519,000 viewers (489,000) (802,000) Anderson Cooper 360 —465,000 viewers (133,000) (217,000) Rachel Maddow Show —451,000 viewers (197,000) (240,000) Mad Money – a scratch w/70,000 viewers (a scratch w/42,000) (a scratch w/45,000) Showbiz Tonight– 401,000 viewers (163,000) (214,000)
  16. before there was fox, i seem to remember cbs, nbc, abc and cnn editorializing everything reagan or bush said. if you didn't watch the speeches or public speaking events, you would've thought something completely different was said. did reagan ever defend his statements? not usually, he didn't have to. his actions spoke for him. it seems the current white house is REALLY concerned that people take their word for it. wonder why that is?
  17. grimaldi's is now open on waterway square. it looks like they only occupy the waterway square level and a portion of the street level space. part of the street level is not finished out. they open for dinner only right now.
  18. bachanon

    ayn rand

    yes, i agree that her writing is dated. when i venture back to c. s. lewis' writings, i see how differently things were written. in fact, in lewis' space trilogy, each character represented "figurative truths" that were specifically judeo-christian. in each fictitious character, the reader identifies human characteristics that they too possess or are inclined toward. as keating and roarke become more defined, they represent ideals i've embraced, rejected or aspire to. this "figurative truth" you describe is something i'm used to from christian literature; everything represents or symbolizes a greater truth. i tend to read too much into movies & books as an adult. "the fountainhead" is facilitating that tendency. i'm enjoying it. didn't she spend years writing the 58 page soliloquy at the end of "atlas shrugged"? a friend said that it is basically her manifesto.
  19. bachanon

    ayn rand

    wright and rand wright and rand did have some connection; however, she had her ideas for the fountainhead before she became acquainted with wright.
  20. bachanon

    ayn rand

    i'm finding that many people have strong feelings about ayn rand one way or another. having spent most of my early years in christian schools and college, i was never exposed to anything that would "damage" the kiddos. many of my friends & acquaintances had the benefit of studying many different world views and ideas. i'm trying to "catch up". everyone's input is appreciated.
  21. bachanon

    ayn rand

    i recently started reading ayn rand's "the fountainhead". i'm intrigued and cannot wait to see what happens. anyone interested or fond of ayn rand and her books?
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