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  1. Video of the pool, including the view from underwater looking down. http://www.khou.com/news/local/pool-atop-new-high-rise-hangs-6-feet-over-street/345872874
  2. Most likely that garage isn't going anywhere. The top two stories are individually deeded parking spots that are owned by Bayou Lofts Residents. A parking lot company owns the contract spots on the first two stories, and a separate person owns the retail where the bail-bonds place is now. The AIA Houston Chapter owns the retail space on the other side of the block that is integrated into the garage. Thats literally over 100 people that would need to agree to the terms of the sale. On the plus side, AIA (which just purchased the ground-floor retail across Commerce from Spaghetti Warehouse) has some really fantastic things it is going to do to the exterior of the garage to improve it's appearance. I also doubt the Bail Bondsman will be able to stay there through another lease cycle - but that's pure speculation.
  3. Excavations are revealing the foundation of previous structures.
  4. The ground-floor retail spaces are currently all occupied by a bail bondsman, Barringer (bar), Lilly and Bllom (bar; said to be soft-opening tomorrow) and Gossip (nightclub).
  5. Just so we're clear - this means that the following places are all within two blocks of each other: Fusion Taco, El Big Bad, La Calle, Chupacabra, and Main Street Taco Concept. You can also get tacos at Christians, Bovine and Barley, Live Sports bar and tamales at Pastry War.
  6. Sweeney and Combs building (former Nit Noi) at 301 Main now has new paper up in the windows, work going on inside and outside on the patio.
  7. Woah - News to me http://www.marketsquaretower.com/coming-soon-market-square-tower-cvspharmacy/
  8. Lobby Bar Signage is Up Lobby itself looks pretty much done. Has a really cool digital stock-ticker crawler that I couldn't really get a good photo of.
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