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  1. they couldn't fix the roads because they were too busy doubling the size of the area. No one told Californians we're full... lol
  2. The First Colony golf course was one of the few courses with real bent grass greens. My brother and I got about 2/3 of the way through it the one time we played there, we had to stop because of rain.
  3. hey, wait, you're inside that block's beauty fence. Does that mean you're on this project?
  4. It looks like a larger project than just the canal cutting through the bus barn. That could be done in 6 months if they cut the red tape and start digging.
  5. it's still there, it still sucks balls, and it's been made worse by the lanes being cut down to two. The solution to the problem is having a small median there so traffic turning left doesn't have to go through two lights.
  6. the jogging trails are being moved soon, they are going where the contractors are storing all the dirt they are using to fill in around the tunnels. It's almost nice enough weather for me to return to the Park. Forget that jogging slowly in 90 degee heat stuff... lol
  7. so the Kombat Kroger is the new Disco Kroger?
  8. yeah, it looks like it's lighting fixtures and not strips, like they have at City Hall.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in Hermann Foundation's agreement with Memorial to keep the old building intact
  10. I see a lot of transmissions come apart, but i haven't seen one go back together... heh There's the old standbys, Vice Grip Garage, Uncle Tony's Garage (for the Mopar or No Car crowd), letsdig18 for those who like watching excavators work, Post10, Coldwarmotors, JonathanW for old cars and machinery, the boat the internet built SV Seeker, sreetips the gold and silver recycler, and all the watchmakers because you have to appreciate the workmanship of the old school watches. And, what happens when a car carrier rolls over and sinks in the St Simon Sound? You send a machine out to cut it into sections. The Minorcan Mullet Report does daily updates on the progress.
  11. this kind of reminds me of the Las Vegas Town Square, which is on Las Vegas Blvd south of 215. The only things this will have that LVTS doesn't have is residential units and the bayou. It's too close to the runway at McCarran for residential.
  12. Houston is a business town, not a flashy tourist trap town. The flashiest thing this city had for a while was that Enron E. They went bankrupt. remember the Microcache computer stores? The owner of that store bought the E, had it on display at his location, now he's out of business. Plus, someone here said that residents of Houston House complained about light pollution when they lit up the Wedge Building in that green neon. Leds are maintenance intensive if you buy the cheap crap, not so much of you buy the good stuff, which happens to be made waaaaay out here in Ft Bend County. A friend works for a TV station in the Northeast. He called me asked if I could have a look at their station's outdoor display. it was a great low-res wall when it was made in the late 90's, but getting parts for that system is next to impossible, so i had to pass. Imagine owning a building downtown, installing a million dollar LED display, having it go bad and need replacing in a few years. I'd go without, too.
  13. the construction barrier around the Square is a huge improvement over the old plaza :)
  14. there's 6 million people in this area? Has anyone hold those people to stop coming, we're full? heh
  15. puke. But, coming from their incompetent marketing department, I'm not surprised
  16. it's not as bad as this, but it's comparable. This is the Dresden Museum Of Military History.
  17. Greentown Labs sounds like a weed manufacturer.
  18. they didn't think... ...it would be necessary to use mats. Usually, anything said after "I didn't think" is unnecessary.
  19. it's like they're giving it a very unflattering nose job
  20. I'm getting new tires tomorrow, will give this a spin on Sunday when I'm in the area
  21. also not exposed to explosives.... (yeah, watch the video in slo motion)
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