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  1. fortunately, every body panel for early mustangs are made by reproduction companies. You could almost build one from scratch.
  2. that made my soul hurt. The ONE THING a Ferrari is NOT supposed to be is practical.
  3. I saw one of those, and I said "wtf is that". Then I saw one of the new "Mustangs", and I said I wanted off this clown earth.
  4. that piece has been like that since they tore down that part of the building. It's a structural part of the sky walk cover.
  5. I have been to the McClendon triple. i have no idea what the front gate looked like, I was shoved into the trunk of my brother's 66 Polara with two other kids so we could sneak in...
  6. I'm going to guess that after the demise of the Shamrock Hotel, whose driveway was Shamrock Dr, now Pressler between Holcombe and Main, then Galen Drive between Main and wherever it reaches east, the two streets were combined into one name.
  7. well then may the contractor forget to pick up a few nails....
  8. it has been SOP for 30 years now. My ex wife worked for a civil engineering company that was owned by a guy from Ecuador. They got a cut of most of the City's business due to minority/chick owned business set asides. Fortunately, they were competent, unlike what is left of Figg.
  9. Californians, man.... No one has ever told them to f&ck off, we're full... .
  10. In March of 1980 I saw Coal Miner's Daughter at Palms. Flash Gordon came out in December. I think they were converting the balcony to a second screen then... I don't remember much of the movie since I was with this chick named Debbie..... .
  11. I saw Star Wars there in the days before they converted the balcony to a second theater. It's where all the Sugar Land kids went to the movies.
  12. why not just tear the Pierce down and be rid of it. Sell the land, that will offset some of the land they have to buy to move the freeway.
  13. Pick A Part used to be on the lot next door, where the long rows of warehouses are. I wonder how much of a cleanup LKQ did before they left that property...
  14. where? Next to the walmart? (walmart is next to that brown patch of land in the middle of the pic)
  15. it should have been built this way. The freeway expansion project predates that strip center, they knew traffic could suck through there - Commercial Drive is a two lane road with a left turn lane, traffic on that street sucks from 8am until 8pm.
  16. GrAbbott's problem is that the busses he is loading with illegal aliens are headed north and not south.
  17. EZ Tag worked for me in Jokelahoma, it's possible the system works in other states.
  18. I was going to ask if this is the building occupied by the Harris County DA's office, but, since they called me yesterday to interview me about a wreck I was in last June, my question was answered... it's next door.
  19. sounds like they're converting the Mellie building, not the Neils building
  20. the W is Waffle House is silent. :)
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