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  1. the most dangerous place in Houston is anywhere between her and a tv camera
  2. I give it a year, two if they have really deep pockets. The other bars and restaurants are dependent upon activities at the "stupid place" in that complex, which are few and far between now that they have lost their minds. Greenstreet is *not* a destination one goes to regularly.
  3. to me, it says that they hired someone's brother's girlfriend who thinks she is an interior/exterior designer, but who has no sense of color. I lived in an apartment building way out west that was all mustard yellow and coffee stain brown. It hurt the eyes.
  4. anything on plebbit that isn't a symphony of stupidity gets hit with the ban hammer.
  5. Friendswood High School has started construction of a new performing arts center to replace a 50 year old auditorium. I hope they don't have the same problems Stratford had since the shows done out there are of professional quality. Having the orchestra in a separate room is unacceptable! They're a major part of the show!
  6. Driving up 59 inside the beltway was a surprise for me - THEY EXTENDED THE HEIGHT OF THE MEDIAN BARRIER!! You can't see opposing traffic anymore if your car is low (like mine). So far, they have done between the Beltway and halfway between Bellaire and Hillcroft.
  7. it's even worse than that.... *I* am wondering why those damned things don't work. but I know why... it was built by the lowest bidder using cheap chinese garbage led strips and controllers instead of the good stuff which is manufactured out here in the middle of nowhere Ft Bend County.... Plus, the installer probably doesn't have a maintenance contract with the City...
  8. ::cough cough:: californians::cough cough::
  9. Some of the highways in other states now have 6' high median barriers. The new I-10 construction in Louisiana has these. Not only do you not see wrecks on the other side unless you drive a high vehicle, the glare from opposing traffic's headlights doesn't mess with you anymore. That is the best reason for high walls.
  10. they need 17 acres of ROW... is this like one parcel owner who hasn't sold yet?
  11. they COULD dig a ditch through there to make sure half of downtown doesn't flood.... heh heh (how about that nice out of context quote there... lol)
  12. it's a Skanska property. They have a track record of doing what they say they will do. It may take a couple of years like the new BoA tower, but, when they came to town, they built, they sold, they built again.
  13. just so long as they don't mess with that Whataburger. That one is the least busy at 2am, I can usually be In N Out of there is 10 minutes after a long night working
  14. 1) oooo.. trains! i love watching them, i hate hearing them. Quiet Zones improve the quality of life immensely. 2) can someone move that thing out of the way so I can see the sculpture?
  15. we don't need any of that, we just need a ditch to divert some water to try to keep it out of some of the downtown area.
  16. IIRC, there WAS a Mattress Firm here... and across the street, and on the next block.... and a half mile away
  17. I did some work for McIntyre's on St Paddy's Day weekend. I kinda like the place. The first and second levels are open to the brutal north winds, but they have heaters, so it balances out. The weather was great on the 17th. Anyway, I had some lighting fixtures with very narrow beams. One of them was able to hit the Main Street Bridge about 500' away. This should happen more often....
  18. here's one from a few weeks ago. Yes, I stood in the middle of the street to take this pic, but, hey, i didn't have to look at the Embassy Suites anymore... :)
  19. so long as it's not green jello because Green Jello suxx... lol
  20. gospel brunch ran it's course 10 years ago, the corporate types forced them to have it once a month. They tried rebranding it as kirk franklin's gospel brunch, that didn't work. I personally have no interest in ever setting foot in that stupid place again, even if they offer me twice my day rate. The Great Wall Of Tumbleweed is falling apart, they need to fix it or take it down (I would prefer they take it down) the bowling alley already catered to the lowest common denominator, albeit those who could pass their dress code. They had great potato chips and club sammiches. I can't bowl more than 5 frames due to a shoulder injury suffered across the hall, so I rarely went there. Guadalajara was bad ass if you ate off-menu items. They made them for me since I was in there a lot. Is it still open? I have no interest in ever setting foot on that property again. Phoenicia around the corner is still good, but they cut down on the number of days they have lamb shanks (baa baa sheep must not be having kids anymore, either, like their human counterparts), and they no longer have curry. Dirt Bar is still there, still sounds awesome inside (heh heh), Veronica is still beautiful, other Veronica is at Etro now, i have posted pics of both before, they're both models who bartend.
  21. Yep, it was near Cardi's, and didn't last nearly as long. Your band played everywhere. I miss Brad.
  22. soon we'll be able to mark ourselves safe from having to see the Embassy Suites...
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