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  1. isn't Soundwaves the place that had the late night TV advertisements with two girls with huge..... tracts of land.... who were 'flat busted', so they had to sell their CDs to a record store?
  2. I used to skip out of work for a few hours and play Houston Hills. The 9th Hole had water on three sides of it, the side that didn't have water was the back side. The first time i played there, we waited for the greenskeeper to finish moving the tee hole before swinging on a par 3... My tee shot slowly rolled over where the freshly moved hole used to be. It was built on the Bellaire and West U garbage dump, so some of the hazards included the tire sticking out of the ground near the third hole's dog leg. I never played it after it expanded to an 18 hole course.
  3. "you will live in the pod, you will eat the bugs, you will not own anything, and you will be happy"
  4. he still wears something similar to a marching band jacket. I don't remember what it was between Faces and City Streets, I helped build the sound system and lighting for whatever it was then. I had just come off a 3 month run from Colorado through Floriduh, so I stopped by there one day in '88. Turns out my old Cardi's stage crew was the stage crew here, too. I watched Iggy Pop do sound check... Club Xcess... a quick google search got that, and the date, Oct 11, 1988. ... and rehearse a new song. I went out back and hung out with the band guys and their opening act for a few minutes before heading home for the first time in 3 months. The opening act was Jane's Addiction.
  5. there was a Smith Chevrolet on Travis St in the 50's and early 60s. I'm headed to that building as soon as I shut the laptop off - it's now Rise Rooftop.
  6. I did a discovery flight at the West Houston airport. I think it was 10 years ago. The main thing I discovered is that I'm blind as a bat, but the flight, and taking the controls for a few minutes, was very enjoyable.
  7. does he have dealerships in the city on the wrong end of I-45?
  8. the Lanier building was finished in 1968, the tree's shadows say it was taken in summer, so this is either summer of 68 or 69.
  9. For those of you who hated the mural painted near the garage exit, it's gone. The wall is black now. The question is, how much more black can it be, and the answer is.... none... none more black.
  10. there's a sign on this building that says "High Street". Is this a working name, or the real name? All I can think of when they say High Street is the kids from That 70's Show getting stoned in their circle with Hyde talking about a car that runs on water, man.... lol
  11. tar paper and crates looks much better than what was there.. .lol
  12. Wait, when did HBU get a feetsball team, and what are the odds they could beat the Texans....
  13. awesome, thanks. I'll put this on their video wall tonight before the doors open.
  14. btw, the address for Rise is 2600 Travis, not 801 McGowan. The only thing that has to do with McGowan street is the ramp you drive up to unload your equipment to play there is on that street. Does anyone have old phone books from the 60's and can look up to see what car dealership was at that address starting in 1961ish?
  15. that thing is like the Tin Man, if it doesn't move, it will rust in place if the silver paint doesn't kill it first.
  16. We have a similar thread here, but, yep... Dream Merchant and Judy's... Judy's had some clothes for guys, I bought my first pair of Spandex there. The girl I was hanging around with at the time talked me in to getting silver instead of the standard black. This was 83? 84? i haven't talked to her in a couple of years, she went off the deep end when the T-Word won his election... Just the other day, I was thinking about a button I bought at Dream Merchant... It had five four letter words on it, it's something that will trigger and word filters we may have here, but it's euphanisms for feces, fornicate, damn, urinate, hell.... I wore that to school today along with the silver Spandex and a black and white zebra print shirt I bought at Dream Merchant.... I wonder how Sadie and JD are doing these days....
  17. I haven't been through ATL since 99... isn't the whole airport a secure area, unlike IAH?
  18. hah, northern cities have a steam system, we have a chiller system.
  19. everybody has their hands out. wanting a piece of the pie. They want the pieces they didn't earn, nor did they help to bring that pie to bear. Pardon my French, but, f*ck those types, they're all grifters.
  20. Thread's over! Helluva first post, dude, welcome to the forum.
  21. Main Street is the divider, so the Museum District is split between the third and fourth wards. One thing to remember is that when the Ward system was made, the boundaries of Kirby and Holcombe Blvd was waaaay out in the country.
  22. Greenway Plaza area. You get views of the main areas, Downtown, Galleria, Med Center, can see Westchase from up high, and Gunspoint too.
  23. how long are construction permits valid before they need to be renewed?
  24. 9 greens, 18 tee boxes. I guess the foursome on hole 1 plays, then waits for the group on hole 10. All 8 people are shooting at the same hole. The next set of tee boxes are about the same distance from the previous green. Looks interesting to me. I'll have to pull out the clubs once my tendonitis goes away.
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