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  1. I haven't seen them in practice yet... but curious how are they different from bikes?
  2. Yep, the entire city would have to be under 20 ft of water before a resident in that building is flooded. At that point, we'd have bigger problems than some flooded cars in their garage.
  3. I called out some on Reddit who were complaining about her during the ITC stuff. The gist of why they hated her seemed to boil down to "she didn't sound confident." They said Ed would have sounded tougher. In other words, they needed someone louder with a deeper voice to say the same things she was saying.
  4. Just my opinion, but I'd think the area in between will need to take off first. Might be 10 - 15 years outside the loop given how long I saw midtown take to get a true synergy going. The other issue is that you have 610 cutting off walkable/biking access... so it's not as convenient as something along south main within 610.
  5. I couldn't agree more. TMC3 is going to reshape the city. Too many new, high paying jobs, attracting people from typically very urban places (Boston, etc.) mean there will be massive interest in living close to work in the south Houston area.
  6. "May or may not be true"?!?!! You need to rephrase that statement to "Yes, he lied to people about Obama killing people in Walmart."
  7. Why would we want to watch this clown? Wasn't Jade Helm supposed to be Obama killing people with the military and using Walmart as human processing plants? The guy is consistently wrong and just tries to scare people so he can sell his crap.
  8. I've been saying it for awhile now... but S Main is going to be the new hot place. TONS of large lots occupied by old apartments in (what are now) prime locations.
  9. They'd be dumb to not take advantage of the added activity at street level. Hopefully they don't wall themselves off with parking at ground level.
  10. To be fair, they've added a lot of stoplights to the 249 feeder that weren't there before in order to accommodate those fancy overpasses. The medians that used to let you cut across were taken over for the toll lanes and you now have to drive farther to get around the other side.
  11. Another caveat to this I hadn't thought about earlier is impact to parking requirements in RE development. There's a lot of concrete out there to park our almighty cars. Will the city scale down required parking spaces? I'd love to see a stricter tax on malls and shopping centers that do not have permeable parking surfaces.
  12. Does anyone know what criteria is used when deciding if lots should be bought and turned into park land? I'm curious if some of these neighborhoods will be forced to tear down and remain empty.
  13. I can't imagine what's going to happen to the rental market for houses in areas near the impacted places. Families want to stay near their kid's schools, so I'd think rental rates are going to skyrocket. The one thing I can't wrap my head around is the suburbs. There are some neighborhoods like Sienna Planation that were devasted. Does everyone remodel and life goes on? Will more sprawl happen where developers build land up and start advertising "higher" lots? OR, are so many homes impacted that no one will really care?
  14. Thought I'd start a thread around how Harvey will impact our housing. Some initial thoughts I had were... 1. I'd imagine hotels/rentals will fill up as people transition from flooded homes to temporary housing during rebuilds. Will this correct some of the oversupply we've seen in the rental market? 2. Impacted areas: I'm thinking we'll see new builds in the innerloop areas where older homes have been flooded. Not sure how the suburbs will play out. 3. Building type: Some levels reported were at roof lines. Other places that never flooded did. I'm curious if we're going to see the end of your traditional slab foundation in favor of raised homes (Galveston type as an extreme). I know if I were rebuilding somewhere like Meyerland, I'd probably favor a Galveston type of build and treat the area beneath as parking/storage. 4. Pricing: Will flooded vs not even matter anymore? Will we just assume something will flood at some point? Curious what your thoughts are. I know this storm is unprecedented and we're still in recovery, but there are going to be some definite changes as a result and it will be interesting to see how this city transforms.
  15. I like HEB, but this is just plain stupid considering proximity to the other location (unless they plan to sell the Buffalo Speedway one). I'm sick of having to drive that far already and need them to open a damn HEB for the med center.
  16. I work in the TMC and we have a big work-from-home population due to space. Either use it to see a patient to keep the lights on or pay someone to occupy it and reduce space available to see patients. Kind of a no brainier.
  17. You clearly don't understand how forecasting for future market events work. Trump/Repubs make threats to an industry... so they react. Trump/Repubs fail at said threats... industry reacts differently.
  18. 102, it sounds like you're confusing growing numbers with actual growth and spending. http://www.healthleadersmedia.com/hr/healthcare-job-growth-slows-2017?nopaging=1 http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20170407/NEWS/170409931 Etc... Regarding what I'm personally talking about...I'm referring to what our CEO has told us directly about the Medicaid cut impacts to us.
  19. Actually I'm published and do work on the clinical side daily (currently working to integrate AI to do a better job at predicting outcomes). While you seem keen on Trump, I suggest you look at the outpouring of healthcare orgs against the current house (and current Senate) bills. Yes, healthcare is doing great following Obamacare. That's what you're seeing. Trump has literally done nothing yet other than introduce uncertainty in the healthcare market.
  20. Healthcare IT Architect here. Those growth numbers are due to growth under Obamacare. They've started to slow hiring recently based on uncertainty in the markets with Trump. If the Senate Bill passes, we've already been told that the Medicaid cuts will have a detrimental impact on our business. You clearly are clueless when it comes to the reality of the healthcare landscape.
  21. Cool idea. I don't work for the postal service but good luck with the league.
  22. I don't think I've been this excited about a building in some time. It could have some incredible views from it and really change the landscape of how the TMC skyline moves south. Really hoping it's not some bland box.
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