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  1. I don't know if it was the right decision or not. I do know that there are lots and lots of highly trafficked forums that have sub-par design and functionality (gardenweb.org is a perfect example). I'm not sure if TV news is applicable to this....viewers don't interact with TV news, nor provide the news stories which are broadcast (or at least they didn't used to). I think Ed is trying to make this site all things to all people (radar? really?), and I believe that is the wrong approach since this is an interactive medium. The internet allows you to drill in and find the authoritative source for just about any sort of information you desire. Why would I want to access radar from this site rather than NOAA.gov? Coming to this site and then hopping over to radar is just a needless extra step. I visit this site time and time again because it has local info from real people. If Ed really wants to add value to the site he'll find something that will group relevant topics together and display them, or add a feature that would display other topics I might be interested in (mind reading!)....both of which are, unfortunately, hard for computers to do well. It is crucial to draw people into the site, but as Ed has said previously, people are being drawn in by the content via Google, not the flash-in-the-pan graphics that take up 1/2 or more of the screen while contributing nothing useful or unique to the user experience.
  2. It is called "Diminished Value" Usually your own policy has a clause specifically stating that it is not covered, but if somebody else is at fault then you're golden....you can't be bound by the terms of somebody else's policy. You can, of course, be bound by the terms of your own if you're at fault.
  3. The content is what we're here for. Not the fluff around it. Don't lose sight of that fact. There are some extremely successful message boards out there that have absolutely horrendous user interfaces...that's because the CONTENT is what people are there for.
  4. GM spent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to develop your car and SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLION MORE re-tooling the factory to produce your car. If you think the body shop down the street can come even close to what they achieve at the assembly plant you're sadly mistaken. When it comes to cars, most people just don't know any better. After they're done with it anybody with half a clue can spot at least 5 things indicating it has been wrecked and repaired. You better hope they total it out.
  5. That's my understanding. Greenboard can be used in damp areas that will rarely if ever see water splashing up against it...the harder concrete based stuff should be used in wet areas like showers.
  6. Alright...listen up all you folks that live inside the loop...let's take up a collection, and then I'll drive out to Katy and distribute it to the bums. Word will get around in the bum community that things are good in Katy, and we can finally get rid of all the bums ITL.
  7. Pecan and fig trees are the only ones that immediately come to mind.
  8. So how exactly do they test the strength after it has been poured? I know they can do a slump test on-site before it is poured. Are there any other on-site tests? What does testing run, anyways?
  9. It is cute...although I think the bathrooms it would look more at home in a 30s or 40s bungalow than the mid century ranch that they're in.
  10. If the listing agent (the one selling the house) referred you to another agent in their branch or company, then I would be worried. If you found your own agent, and they are representing you in a transaction that happens to involve an agent from the same branch/company then I would still be worried, but less worried than if I was directed towards a specific agent. Ask for specific reasons as to why they're dismissing a particular house. If they can't provide legitimate, verifiable reasons as to why it shouldn't be considered then it is time for a new realtor. Yes they do make more for certain properties, and yes there are tons of secret incentives such as referral kickbacks from inspectors, mortgage companies, insurance agents, contractors etc. You should think of a realtor as somebody who is barely capable of unlocking houses and filling out paperwork. Don't expect them to dispense good, sound advice or act in your best interests, because at the end of the day they just want you to buy a house so they can get their commission check and then move on to the next commission check. Do your OWN homework!
  11. It won't be back 100%. Best you can hope for is 90%. Get ready for things to not work quite the way they should ever again.
  12. jm1fd

    Audi vs Lexus

    Having owned both an Audi and a Lexus I can offer you the following insight: The Audi was horrendously unreliable, requiring several trips to the dealer (Momentum on Richmond) to have issues resolved, and usually each issue would require one or more follow-up visits because they didn't fix it right the first time or damaged something else in the process of fixing the original problem. The materials used in the interior were nice, it was amusing to drive, but I can think of cars that are more fun to drive. (Infiniti) The Lexus was dead reliable and the one time I had to take it to the dealer (Sterling McCall) for warranty work they offered to cover it if I needed to bring it back in later, even though by that point I was going to be just out of warranty. They offered to do this even though I didn't buy the car there. The materials used in the Lexus were on par with what was in the Audi except that the Audi had real bits of metal here and there which was a nice touch. The Lexus was indeed rather Buick-like to drive; but even though it was a snooze-fest to drive, it was an endearing car. I can't put my finger on why...other than it just seemed like everything was in the right place, and the car just did everything it should when it should. Also, the Lexus was a MONUMENTALLY more refined car. They have ALL the little details sorted...take for example the A/C compressor. When the compressor cycled on in the Audi, you could hear an audible click from under the hood (compressor clutch), you could feel the engine briefly shudder and you could hear the refrigerant quietly hissing through the expansion valve under the dash. In the Lexus? NOTHING. No click, no shudder, ho hiss. Just cool air.
  13. They may have switched the freqency of the digital signal at the same time they shut off the analog possibly moving into the UHF spectrum from VHF which would be an issue for a UHF only antenna. I was watching KHOU this morning live (digital via antenna) when they made the switch. The signal stayed up no problem, even though they said that the digital signal would drop off the air. I'm not sure if they screwed up the transition and left both digital transmitters online, or if the anchors didn't know what they were talking about.
  14. I didn't see mention of the following: Juanita's on W TC Jester at 610 Mi Sombrero on 34th at Shepherd Both have super tasty Mexican food, and you don't have to fight the crowds like at Tony's.
  15. I have some CD-Rs from 2002 that are now unplayable, friends have experienced the same thing, and I've read about it happening to others as well. Copy the data to new media every year and you should be good.
  16. The above is fairly sound advice. This is bad advice. Lots of burnable optical media produced in the last few years is not stable for more than 3-5 years. Moreover, where are your grandchildren supposed to get a CD drive to read the media? If they do manage to find a CD drive, where are they going to get the IDE controller, computer and power supply to run it? If you get the data off of the CD how are you supposed to make sense of it if the format has been obsolete for decades? The true way to preserve data long term is to always keep it moving onto the latest media, and transitioning it to the latest formats. It has to be an active process.
  17. Data recovery software may be OK for a solid state drive, but it is inadvisable for a mechanical drive since running a mechanical drive can result in further data loss, depending on how it failed.
  18. Disassembly is a bad idea. Get a smaller unit, or lift it over the house with a crane.
  19. And if you act now, you can get one on a lot in the floodplain! Seriously....a crapload of Timbergrove is in the floodplain.
  20. If you want neighborhood names you should peruse the maps at HCAD. I'd say the 2nd Ward begins north of Harrisburg....
  21. Linkage? There is no linkage. The brake and throttle pedals are just inputs for the computer's software. That's the only way you can control a gasoline engine and two motor/generators. That's the only way you can have regenerative braking. Yes, there is a throttle flap, and yes there are hydraulic brakes, but the computer controls both. The computer also simulates brake pedal feedback to the driver since it isn't attached to anything.
  22. I wouldn't rule it out completely. The Prius relies on a HUGE amount of computing power and software to control hardware that is an order of magnitude more complex than what's on the road in most cars. All of that complexity dictates that failures and unintended system behaviors are more likely to occur.
  23. I saw that too. I'm sure HAR will swoop in and kill it for displaying some VERY useful info.
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