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  1. Vik your influential person in planning misled you on sidewalks and the ADA.  centerpoint obtains an easement to place poles.  in the instance, METRO chose to obtain the easement to widen the corridor.  at this point, METRO is responsible for moving the power poles out of the old easement.  since they didn't have enough money the poles remained.  to blame centerpoint is wrong.


    the city of Houston residents are not required to build and maintain sidewalks and curbs.  there are many areas that don't have them currently.  if they want them, they can petition the city to build them and the neighborhood can pay for them outright OR they could get lucky with a capital improvements shot of funding.  if they have sidewalks currently then yes they want citizens to maintain them.

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  2. it's strange how people describe different nationalities; i've literally never heard someone say "a vietnamese" in real life; it's always "a vietnamese person/girl/dude/ect."

    Yet "an Indian" or "a german" would seem normal. But "a french" or "a japanese" would just sound bizarre.

    you youngsters need to get out.
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  3. The Republican route of slashing education funding and reducing investments in their communities will only exacerbate crime and inequality.

    As we've seen over the past 30 years, increasing funding for education doesn't increase test scores, it only increases the size of the stadia.
  4. Ah, the usual deep and insightful analysis that I've come to expect from HAIF. It's a pretty conclusively documented fact that there is a strong coorelation between income inequality and crime rates. Income inequality is becoming an increasing problem in Houston and the current wave of economic growth that is underway will increase that disparity. Therefore it isn't a big stretch to conclude that we will see some increase in crime as well.

    I'm not talking about the individual crime referenced, I'm talking about overall crime rate. You can go ahead and return to your originally scheduled, "they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps" conversation.

    please provide conclusive evidence.
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