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  1. this is amazing news...i have stayed at Hotel Saint Cecilia before and man that place is amazing and so darn cool! Jake Gyllenhaal was staying there at the same time btw! 

    anyway...don't know if you all remember but originally these owners were looking at the land where Cane's Chicken Montrose is now but when the economy went down, so did their plans. I am so excited they have decided to open up a Houston hotel after all, as they are one of the best at small boutique hotels with exceptional service. 


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  2. more info about Urbe that i am betting opens next month!



    An update posted to Uptown Park’s website indicates that it will be an all-day eatery, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a case packed with pastries, a full bar and coffee menu, and a “robust to-go program.” Hashtags on the original Facebook post offer a touch more insight into the dishes one might expect — including “trompo” and “barbacoa.”


    count me in 😋


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  3. actually really liked that location and do hope they find another home in uptown...and soon! 

    but this even more makes me think that this whole area (jenni's noodles to container store) is on its way out and a new development is on it's way! (i wonder if everyone's lease ends by 2021/2022?) 


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  4. 1 hour ago, MidCenturyMoldy said:

    I don't think it takes away from the project. I do think it takes away from the street. Or the pedestrian experience of the street.


    ETA: Or takes away from what could have been. I'm not saying the project in any way takes away anything from Westheimer.

    yeah i get it for sure! one thing i love about Velvet Taco across the street is sitting on the street facing patio area watching the world go by! 

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  5. 33 minutes ago, hindesky said:

    From today's Houston Chronicle.....


    Idle Hands leased 4,711 square feet at the former Rosemont bar location at Montrose Collective, 910 Westheimer, for a Houston location. The development is a project by Radom Capital and was represented by Brittney Austin and Linda Rubiola of Shop Cos. Hannah Tosch, Wade Greene and Chris Nash of Colliers represented the tenant. Idle Hands, also in Austin, is a partnership of Matt Wolski and Andrew Hunter. The Montrose location will provide tropical craft cocktails, a full kitchen with roof deck/patio seating and live music upon opening this fall, according to Colliers.


    uh...yes please...haha! (love this movie!) 

    Idle Hands

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  6. WHOA! Love it! I am surprised they didn't decide to make this a 2 story at least but wow love the design and look...i guess they could always build out something in the middle of the entire lot like the jewel box at Galleria if needed

    Again, A+ and thank you @asubrtfor the awesome info and renderings!

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  7. Floor & Décor Design Studio signed a 10,750-square-foot retail lease at the Plaza on Richmond, a shopping center at the northeast corner of Richmond Avenue and Sage Road near the Galleria. Jazz Hamilton and Rusty Lilley of CBRE represented the landlord. Joan Collum of Collum Commercial represented the tenant. Floor & Décor operates 140 warehouse-format stores and two design studios across 32 states.

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  8. 2131-2511 Post Oak Blvd Post Oak Shopping Center 

    honestly i am confused as to which thread to put this in since some of this thread also talks about the old Luby's location shopping center, but went to Dick's today on Post Oak and was told that this store is indeed relocating to Meyerland Plaza no later than March 2022! That means with Kenny and Ziggy's moving and Dick's i would think it is inevitable that this plaza closes next year!


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  9. Now days in Montrose you can go to Burger Joint or Velvet Taco for fairly fast food even to take out (despite no drive thru)...there are other late night places of course (like BB's and Katz) but these 2 seem to be pretty darn quick even just for walking up and not ordering in advance :)


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  10. Bella Green is opening next to Original Chop Shop!

    Love me some Bella Green so this is great news!!! (although i hope they have a couple of tables at least? i am not big into delivery haha!) 


    Bellagreen, the food brand featuring chef-inspired salads, burgers, pasta, tacos, desserts, wine and more, will be bringing its sixth Houston-area location to the Galleria area.

    The eatery will open its very first carryout and delivery prototype at 5018 San Felipe St., Houston, on Aug. 2, the eatery confirmed in a June 22 news release.

    This limited-footprint model will allow guests to pick up Bellagreen’s cuisine through an on-the-go experience, accepting individual and catering orders placed directly through the eatery’s website, by phone and in store. The new restaurant will also deliver direct orders during peak lunch and dinner hours with its own drivers, offering customers a less expensive and faster experience compared to third-party delivery apps, according to the news release.

    “We are thrilled to expand in our home market of Houston, giving the community another convenient way to make life more beautiful with our handcrafted American bistro favorites,” Bellagreen CEO Jason Morgan said in the news release. “As a best-in-class brand, we are always working to enhance our guests’ experience. We are catering to a new environment where consumers crave convenience, so we are building our first carry out- and delivery-only prototype to meet this need, and beyond. With this new model, guests can expect to enjoy everything that makes Bellagreen special—chef-prepared meals, eco-friendly practices, and the chance to make beautiful memories—at home.”

    The new restaurant will offer scratch-made appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, pasta and desserts with options for guests with dietary restrictions, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian, and a menu that offers Best Aquaculture Practices-certified seafood and locally sourced Texas Angus beef. www.bellagreen.com


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  11. In even more Uptown Park news, I do believe that il Postino is more than likely taking over the old Tasting Room spot which is a perfect fit...especially since Tasting Room was such a great (and much loved) addition to the development! 



    All-day wine cafe Postino to open next Houston locations in Town & Country Village, Uptown Park

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