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  1. 1 hour ago, dbigtex56 said:

    That Walgreen's was one of the few pharmacies in town to stock the medications that fought opportunistic infections brought about by HIV/AIDS.
    When they moved to the 'new' store a block away it was known locally as "The Walgreen's that AIDS built".

    wow that is amazing and had no idea...i wrote you once before about why that walgreens is a bad memory... 

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  2. the most horrible memory of the walgreens that was there and the best memories of hanging with chris and bucky who worked at soundwaves...and of course my best friends band's cd release party/events there over the years...

    RIP Soundwaves but i guess it was inevitable...


  3. 19 hours ago, BigFootsSocks said:

    You and all the other supporters out there were our heroes. Couldn't have done it without yall cheering me on.


    It was right after Mile 14 but yeahhhh...really not the best decision. I could walk though and was able to run some after it but I basically walked the last 10-12 miles. It was my first marathon and I was too stubborn to give up.

    Well thank you...YOU are my hero for even doing it...AND finishing it!!! WOW! 🏅 so proud of you!

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  4. 2 hours ago, BigFootsSocks said:

    I do remember you! You probably saw me hobbling along at that point in the race. Did something to my foot and could barely put weight on it but I finished! 

    omg i saw a guy having trouble and asked if he was okay and saw lots of girls and guys struggling and just cheered them on! I gave out 3 boxes worth of kleenex over a matter or a couple to few hours! 

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  5. exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Memorial Park so much! So happy to see all this cool stuff happening and the revitalization...now if we could just get movie nights and live music nights at Eastern Glades once the weather is better!!! That would be awesome 

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  6. I haven't been seeing alot online about Post Oak Plaza and i drive, walk or ride by it almost every day and they definitely have not started work on the "redesign" or renovation of the entire plaza...

    i will say that the construction is coming along nicely at Il Bracco and their signage on the building is now up as well! (the old California Pizza Kitchen) and i can see that opening by maybe April? and Kenny & Ziggy's looks ready to open (for awhile now)... Jan 16th is their last day at the current location and the opening at the new location is TBA but my bet is that it opens around Feb 1st! 


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  7. Yikes! haha!

    My 3 buddies lived in the 2 apartments above the hair salon next door to brasil and let me tell you they were the kings of westheimer/montrose!!! (Dwayne, John and Ron)...we would hang out on the HUGE patio and party on that patio nonstop...soooooo much fun back in the day! dang i am so glad i knew at the time how special that time in my life was... 😭🥰🙏

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  8. that place is a mess although i have great memories of going to the lower left corner unit for late night physic readings with drunk friends back in the day! Ha! 

    (and that Houston Press building next door...dang that place used to be fun too but now i am not sure what it is...and why...haha!)


  9. On 12/24/2021 at 12:45 PM, Urbannizer said:

    Anyone banking with BBVA/PNC? I hear the merger is not going well for their customers 

    I am the office manager for a company that banks with PNC...the merger was an absolute mess for sure at first...the owner here had lots of issues with moving over both the personal and business accounts and their online services weren't updated for the longest while but after about 2 weeks i think things got better...

    at least i haven't heard him cuss in his office about it lately 🤪

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  10. 15 hours ago, editor said:

    I read about this in the newspaper last week.  Chicago has a similar system.  Officially, it's called Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, but everyone just calls it "Deep Tunnel."

    It's been ongoing for 45 years, and three billion dollars.  The newspaper article made it seem like Houston's version would be faster and cheaper, but I'll believe that when it's done.  And tested by a named storm.


    and in other news...i highly recommend NOT doing an image search for "Deep Tunnel" on your work computer... 🤪

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  11. On 12/18/2021 at 1:48 PM, Skyboxdweller said:

     It will be great to have the west side of the boulevard fill in if and when this site and the Apache site get developed. The only other major parcel will be the 2 story apartment complex next to Uptown Park that was a condominium  bought out by a developer a few economic cycles ago.  The building the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak could you a redo. It's odd that the east side is still a hodge lodge of an empty lot,  strip malls, small retail and a few high rises , while the west side has been pretty much redeveloped.  

    Actually the east side is undergoing major changes already in the works! Starting with the Zadok's awesome new building... Dick's sporting goods is leaving by March as the whole end from Magianno's to Container Store is being cleared out little by little with Kenny and Ziggy's being the first to move to their new location... (although Jeni's Noodles and Neiman Marcus Last Call already closed this year due to upcoming changes)

    As far as that crazy building where Ethan Allen used to be, i am just not sure what to think of that place and what in the heck they can put upstairs that would work...although in another thread i mentioned it would be fun to have a Pin Stripes there if they even keep the building...as right now its maybe 1/4 occupied and that has always kind of been the situation it feels like.

    any don't even get me started about the west side corner at Post Oak and the freeway called Post Oak Corner haha!!! 👹

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