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  1. Hey for those that go to Buffalo Bayou along Allen Parkway and park a car: Beware of car break-ins.

    Yesterday i was on my bike ride and noticed the areas that you can park that face the trees and not the park where the volleyball court etc, there was tons of broken glass...I saw no less that 6 spaces that had shattered glass and oddly enough new cars were parked there knowing that cars are being broken into. So to clarify the location, if i am on the bikepath along Buffalo Bayou heading east towards downtown on Allen Parkway just before the large park with the volleyball court on my left, there are lots of spaces to park that face the slightly secluded rose bush rest area and trees etc and that is where these crimes happen. I am betting when i ride by today all the glass will still be there...maybe more from the new cars that continue to park there. While parking is limited, if i got out of my car to tons of broken glass, i would think twice before parking there...but whatever 🤔

    Just fyi...

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  2. I did go to Via Colori this weekend and it was pretty fun! Not as big of a turnout as i expected but seriously always love going to Post HTX now! The Post Market food hall was alive and kicking with LOTS of people...so that was good...when friends and i go,  I tend to get the something called The Basic here which is far from that:


    and my buddy i go with often goes here, especially for the crab rolls: 


    anyway, as i have said before, it is always fun to go to Post HTX and will keep watching for cool events!

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  3. well guess what...i went to get my bike serviced and lo and behold Dick's Sporting Goods said for now they are NOT moving so we cannot consider the Meyerland store a relocation..

    wow...totally different story that what i got from the original guy i spoke to in the bike department months ago...i wonder what is up with this plaza...anyone have the latest? 

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  4. 21 minutes ago, kennyc05 said:

    If I'm being honest I called and they seemed confused but they said they weren't moving. That wouldn't make any sense lol

    Haha exactly and they DID realize how dumb their original post was!!! They posted this just now on their story after they posted the new post: 


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  5. 3 hours ago, kennyc05 said:


    Haha I almost feel like they saw my post or someone alerted them to it! There is now a new post that says they are moving their PAGE!!! They took down the post from earlier saying they are MOVING and put up a new post at 820pm tonight saying they are moving their page… ?! very strange 

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  6. regarding HOB, my best friend has played the main stage so many times that i just have good memories of both the venue and the restaurant where we got to eat free when they had a show haha! and honestly the gospel brunch was fun in my opinion...but anyway...

    yeah even Guadalajara was closed! doh! i always default to tex mex when able 🤪so i would have gone there for sure but nope, they are closed on sunday's as well!

    but love Phoenicia since it opened to this day but they close at 6pm on sundays so we even were a little too late for that darnit! 

    anyway...Greenstreet get your act together! haha

  7. well dang the pandemic destroyed this development in my opinion... (despite it already being a failure to some standards)

    went to see the amazing band Forester last night at HOB Peacock Room and most restaurants were shuttered or closed including House Of Blues main restaurant as apparently they are no longer open on Sundays (which their gospel brunch used to be a popular staple...)

    I had a hard time trying to find a close by place to eat around 5pm so i went to the former Lucky Strike bowling alley that was "luxury" bowling complete with dress code etc...and now it is called 818 Bowling and man oh man...let's just say it's devolved... 45 min wait for subpar fried food no less (yes i ate horribly but to be honest nothing else appealed to me much) and the staff was just hanging out and eating openly at the bar as well...then it just looked a little run down and dang they play their music waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too loud to enjoy any conversation in the bar/restaurant. BUT they did brag about most everything on their menu is 10 to 15 dollars and that bowling is only 10 dollars per hour...so hey if you are looking for the Dollar Store version of Pinstripes then this is your place! ;) 

    but again, sad to see that this development has never really taken off or lands the right mix of businesses...

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  8. Regine's Mediterranean Restaurant that is taking over the old Tasting Room is now completely hollowed out...beginning late april, early may they will begin the build out. 

    and in more Rocambolesc news, one of my best friends works as a bartender at Mad and says they serve their gelato there and it's amazing so he has me even more excited about this place! 

  9. It was super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but omg my friend got suuuUuUUuuUUuuUuuper drunk on all the free samples of liquor...let's put it this way, he doesn't remember leaving while screaming to the Amazon driver leaving Post that he loves Amazon and then trying to do parkour (very poorly) until we got to my jeep...

    thankfully i got it all on video 🤪haha!

    so fun though to see this place buzzing and alive...dang it's such a cool place and wish they would just do these markets in the parking lot on the regular! 

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