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  1. it looks like today they are working on that curved glass area where "something" will be...hoping for the best 🙂
  2. https://www.postinowinecafe.com/coming-soon/ is indeed opening up in the former Starbucks space! they have full fence signage saying Postino Uptown Now Hiring etc!
  3. amazing view there @Skyboxdweller! 🏆 and i am still waiting to see what in the heck they are going to put in the curved glass at front of building... in the renderings it almost looks like abstract colorful artwork when i was hoping for some sort of led screen... anyone have any new updates or details as to what will be there?
  4. maybe tell them to leave as is 🤪
  5. drove by this weekend and man oh man the landscaping looks amazing and this place looks ready to open...i bet in no time the building @hindeskyposted above will be ready as well! so exciting!
  6. i would be checking it out on my bike but my bike was stolen from my condo's supposedly very secure garage last week (my supposedly very secure lock was cut as well...oy!)...🚳 so yeah...thanks in advance everyone for holding a fundraiser car wash as soon as the weather gets better 🤪
  7. oh no just meant the Hay Merchant/Georgia James building :)
  8. this development looks so strange to me and not sure exactly why! maybe how different the lower stainless steel tupperware container building looks compared to the base and angled supports on the taller adjacent tower?...who knows haha! but everytime i ride my bike by it i find myself staring at it in wonder so i guess that is a good thing 🤪
  9. is this the end of 1100 Westheimer as we know it and the beginning of some new redevelopment?! wowsa! Montrose you are changing and changing QUICK! https://houston.eater.com/2021/8/31/22650178/the-hay-merchant-montrose-houston-closing-2021-georgia-james-relocating-regent-square and https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/08-31-21-georgia-james-steakhouse-new-location-regent-square-hay-merchant-closing-underbelly-hospitality-chris-shepherd/
  10. even more kooky is that the building just adjacent (on the other side of the cross street) that houses Hay Merchant looks like it may be redeveloped too! looks like Westheimer is going under major redevelopment all around this famous intersection! wowsa
  11. lots of people on that Neighbor site or whatever it is called are already complaining about lane closures and construction etc...🤪 (i get those Neighbor/Neighborhood email updates but don't even remember signing up for them haha!)
  12. thanks for the update @Highrise Tower...here is their website: https://body20.com/ kinda interesting i guess? 💁‍♂️
  13. thanks for the info @IntheKnowHouston! So maybe that will be Postino next to Crave and Van Leeuwen!
  14. Yep you are right @mkultra25🍦 and edited to say that Urbe is open TODAY! For now it is counter service only and open m-f 8am - 3pm and weekends 10a - 3pm. I am hoping for late night hours eventually but who knows. and long story short i was on my way there this morning and this driver on post oak blvd was driving crazy and recklessly and after 3 instances of them showing proof of needing to retake their drivers license course (and to learn common courtesy), it turns out they work at dang URBE!!! (i found this out after they decided to slam on their breaks in front of me in order to back up and then back up into a parking space on the side of URBE...i honked so he wouldn't back into me and he proceeds to roll down his window to start screaming at me...) I said hey you work at URBE?! I was just about to go eat here and will let them know how you drive to work. Drive safer! I decided not to eat there after all this morning... 👹
  15. FYI: i rode my bike by Van Leeuwen Ice Cream this past friday night and it was OPEN! :) however dang i was mislead originally...the ice cream shop ONLY takes up the small space next door to Crave Cupcakes! a construction worker originally said they were doing demolition on all 3 spaces for this but nope, the last 2 spaces next to the animal circle park are going to be an independent space! (I hope this isn't where Postino is going and instead they take over the old Tasting Room spot as i have mentioned previously... we shall see... (oh, and rode my bike by sat and sun and the ice cream shop had a line out the door of about 12 to 20 each time!)
  16. wowsa! i haven't been keeping up with this thread but cannot believe the changes going on...and that plaza, although strange, holds some good memories like when my best friends played there for 1999/2000 new years eve when we knew we were all going to die immediately after the computers and phone were going to blow up 🤪 speaking of my best friends...they are actually headlining this at Bayou Music Center 10/30/21 although to be honest i wish it was going to be at the new 713/POST!:
  17. great photo! (as usual) :) ...not shown though is either a covered eating area or a drive thru for Chop Shop! I haven't driven by close enough (or slow enough) to be able to tell haha! I agree this end of the plaza underwent a really great transformation!
  18. so just over a week ago i went on a cruise, then this past weekend i went to my buddies ranch...so finally after a couple of weeks i was able to drive by this last night and i was blown away with how quickly it now looks almost finished and ready to open and man it is beauuuuuuuutiful!!! (especially at night with all the lighting etc) cannot wait to see this amazing place filled and bustling with people and activity!!! A+++
  19. wow that is surprising news! will definitely read that article...thanks @iah77!
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