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  1. And another earthmover brings a fresh pile of documents to the courthouse.
  2. I'm guessing there's a certain amount of relocation and a certain amount of expansion. Foster Wheeler's also in the market for an extra 325,000 sf somewhere. And if Rick Perry's bribes marketing are successful, maybe there will be a California transplant or two in downtown Houston.
  3. This one's going up as fast as Skyhouse.
  4. It's confusing, I know. There are just so many rumored projects, and a lot of them seem to overlap. I still don't know if Crow's deal with AmREIT replaces the other Crow proposal.
  5. I guess it only takes one judge to justify such a frivolous lawsuit. If the NIMBY's are going to insist on zoning by lawsuit, it's time to put zoning back on the ballot. Otherwise, this is the city you all wanted - unregulated and proud of it. All the lawsuits should be thrown out for lack of cause.
  6. I thought this was a residential building. Isn't the hotel located on another parcel?
  7. And on the other side will be that twisted tower. If that's still a realistic project.
  8. '"The bar has been raised," said managing director Aaron Thielhorn.' The building's going to have a mixed-drinks concession on the top floor?
  9. It will be dense development, depending on what "dense" is. St. John's currently has some major expansion going on at its campus. The disappearance of this building and the Shell lab in Bellaire mark the passing of an era. Kind of like the closure of the HAL-PC club.
  10. Heh, the bad news is the location is too successful, so the current tenants don't want to leave. I suppose it could be worse - a replay of 1986, perhaps...
  11. I'm not sure if the notice can be linked. The digital edition of the newspaper (PDF format) has a listing of all permits for the week.
  12. Building permit just got listed in the Houston Business Journal. I would assume it's well underway.
  13. This one was posted to SSP earlier this year. I'm not sure where it is. I'd have to do a search.
  14. I count 12 all the way around. The center section has one floor of the 7 residential floors obscured.
  15. Well, that's decidedly underwhelming. No interest in first floor retail?
  16. I'm surprised they lopped two floors off the building. They didn't think they could find enough tenants?
  17. So is this office or residential? I would assume they don't need to worry about pre-leasing if they're building condos.
  18. Parking lots aren't really available until the owners decide to sell or redevelop. I'm getting the impression, from HBJ and other sources, that there just aren't many parcels that anyone wants to part with.
  19. Someone needs to tell Dallas that Houston's got 82 companies that did a billion dollars in business last year. And we didn't have to poach them from anywhere else.
  20. One guy is grousing about traffic. But he has the misfortune to also be a tort reform advocate, so he looks a bit of a hypocrite.
  21. Swamplot's also saying there's a second phase - 258 units. The latest render appears to show the second building, which is almost as tall as the first.
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