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  1. So it's the August issue of W and not July? BTW, thanks for the link.
  2. I'd like to see the article, too, if anyone happens to get the mag. I looked around online and found a picture of the cover. The caption's in the upper right-hand corner: This is the July issue, so it's probably already off most stands.
  3. I'm hoarding some money in my bedroom closet! I can supply some toilet paper or something for our park. Great idea!
  4. Everyone has such great ideas and passion. It's sad that we can't do anything about it.
  5. I'm sure many of you are probably aware, but I did not know this. I knew it was up there, but not second.
  6. Well then it's really no different than today. I'm talking about recreating a retro vibe at a roller rink. Not about bringing back Woodstock or Studio 54. A large smiley-faced sun snorting a spoon of cocaine as part of the decor isn't what I have in mind. Me too. If I feel like doing something on a whim, I'd like for something do be there at all times rather than waiting for an events to take place. Both would be great, though.
  7. Nah, I don't think they're dull. They're just spooky enough. I do agree that they're tacky, but what does that say about me? I love those things. And yes, I've been to wax museums in Hollywood, San Antonio, Dallas and Tuscon. I LOVE them! Just one little 'ol wax museum is not going to hurt this massive city. Bring it on. Was is so bad? Come on. The parents may not want to get wet. Give them options so that they can compromise. Besides, it may feel like summer/spring through much of the year, but that doesn't mean the water parks are open year round. AstroWorld's not either, but that's part of the point of the thread: create more things to do. Eh.
  8. Something else that would be cool would be for the roller rink to have a permanent concert stage inside to host up and coming artists as well as already popular artists. They could even have retro nights with performers from the '70s and '80s. They could have restaurants inside as well. Not the crappy snack stand food. Although one crappy snack stand would be OK for physical atmosphere.
  9. I know sometimes people in here disregard talk of tourism in our city saying that it's a place of business, not play. That's fine. But I for one am always interested and enthusiastic about new proposals and ideas on how to attract tourists. I don't want Houston to become another Orlando, but I don't see anything wrong with a few tourists attractions. Yes we have great theater and museums, but what's so bad about a few cheap, colorful, fun thrills. Maybe someone is here on business for a weekend and they bring their family along. Offer them a good time. Plus, wouldn't it be incredible if Foder's put out a Houston travel guide that was more than 10 pages and in small print? Have I mentioned the wax museum/Ripley's? All major cities have them. Oh, except for Houston. How about reviving the roller rink phenomenon of the '70s/early '80s with a state of the art roller rink that no one else has? Not to sound repetitive, but the AstroWorld thing for goodness sake. I'm not a fan of car racing, but NASCAR is really popular. Take advantage of that. Maybe design some sort of interactive attraction around it; kind of like that racing ride at Epcot. And anything with animatronics is alright in my book. Anything you'd like to see? This is sort of a fantasy thread. It's not like these things will happen in our lifetime.
  10. I love roller skating rinks and would love to see a huge honking one right smack downtown! Oh yeah!
  11. Didn't they have chimes or something like that? I remember dinging sounds all throughout the mall. When I was little I loved going to Greenspoint for that alone.
  12. Ethan Hawk's character in "Reality Bites" works at one of those in downtown Houston.
  13. I'm going to say the weather. The summers, of course, can be unbearable, but if I had a choice of having to endure exreme heat or exreme cold, I'd pick the heat. I find nothing appealing about a cold, snowy white winter. They look so dreary. I hate wearing jackets and coats. I avoid having to wear them as much as I possibly can. And I'm thankful that we don't have to wear scarves around here. I had one a couple of years ago when they were a big fashion trend and I couldn't stand it. I never wore it. I hate things around my neck. Houston winters are pretty ideal. Mid '60s-'70s. A long sleeve, lightweight shirt at the most. Oh yes, that's perfect. And MARVIN ZINDLER! EYEWITNESS NEWS! Not really, I just love screaming that. I'm teaching it to my 3-year-old neice.
  14. I'm not going to bother with it. Most of it is just stupid. They can't except every person to have an opinion about every question.
  15. That's a long poll! So they seriously want me to vote for my favorite Drag Queen? Who are some of these people?
  16. Yeah I know. That's why I pointed out that this is a New York (of all people)-based crew scouting, of all places, a rodeo in Conroe. But then here I am stereotyping Conroe. They're not going to give us the chance. Very frustrating for Houstonians and Texans in general.
  17. Some interesting tidbits, only two moms showed up at the Moody Gardens casting call! At another area casting call, a woman not even from Houston, but from Ohio was able to sign up. She's in town visiting a relative who works for NASA. They were walking by the casting table and the producer convinced her to apply. The NY based crew also held auditions at a rodeo in Conroe. Wonderful. I bet they'll be the ones to be selected. I hate this show already. Here's the article: http://galvestondailynews.com/story.lasso?...e08a5bdfcdcd7c9
  18. By now I'm sure you all heard about the huge gang brawl last night at Astroworld. I know it can happen anywhere, but Astroworld's going to stay a dump if that kind of activity continues. What a dirty shame.
  19. I'm quoting myself because I found my typo funny.
  20. I'm aware of that, but being sweaty doesn't always necessarily make you look dirty. I guess it all comes down to the redneck thing. There, I just said it. I couldn't get around it. I wouldn't consider LeAnn Rimes and Clink Black poor quality by any means. It's not like they're one-hit-wonders or anything like that. But it would have been nice if it could have been more diverse. Why not have the Houston Symphony up there, too? Or Beyonce. Some pop, rock, R&B mixed in. In the promos they were saying that it's the largest land-based firework display in the U.S. Anyone know if that's true?
  21. Well, that and the fact that the admission price was only about $6. Anyone could get in. I'm not being a snob or anything it's just that some of those people looked extremely hygienically challenged. It doesn't take a lot of effort to at least look clean. Thank goodness it wasn't nationwide. Even so, I kind of feel I missed out. Country music is fine, but it's personally not my favorite genre of music. However, Lisa Hartman made an appearance, so I'm bothered that I missed out on seeing a real live "Knots Landing" actor in person.
  22. By the way, would the moderator of this forum mind going in and adding more to the title? If you will, please put "This Year's Freedom Over Texas". I appreciate it. Thanks.
  23. Ugh! I accidentally hit the posting button before I was finished. There was more to that stupid title. It was supposed to say "This Year's Freedom Over Texas". It was Houston's largest 4th celebration according to this article. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/news/070505_local_freedom.html I watched it on TV and maybe I shouldn't say this, but I wonder why they had to put the most homely unattractive audience members on TV. This was supposedly broadcast state wide. I honestly don't want to be mean, but some of those people...
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