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  1. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Yes, typically if you abandon the easement right of way, then it reverts to the landowner. However, tell that to the landowners who got screwed over in the rails to trails nightmare. https://www.supremecourt.gov/qp/12-01173qp.pdf
  2. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    I haven't researched all the filings. However, the fact that they -do- have power of eminent domain gives them a lot of leverage when "negotiating" with a private party. In a sense they are taking advantage of their eminent domain, even if they do not exercise it in every transaction.
  3. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    False. It is not status quo because the property is less valuable now, because it has now become incombered with an easement. Future buyers will want a discount on the property because the easement will likely run with the land.
  4. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    No. They have the power of eminent domain. Now, it's true, Texas Central can first -ask- for an easement from the landowner. But if the landowner politely responds with, no thank you, Texas Central can then politely reply back with eminent domain proceedings.
  5. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Interesting documentary on Smithsonian Channel regarding the Japanese Shinkansen. Free to watch. https://www.smithsonianchannel.com/videos/shinkansen/61264 Incredible amount of resources/money in order to maintain the train safe and operational. Much more than I would have thought.
  6. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    More power to Texas Central if they can build it without taxpayer funds. However, there are still two major concerns, or "attacks" as some call them: 1) Eminent domain has been used to acquire land. Fair enough, Texas statute allows TC to do that. However, if the project never materializes, then those homeowners got their property taken against their will and it wasn't even developed for the stated eminent domain claim. Incredibly inefficient. 2) Let say the project materializes. Great!. But then fails to sustain itself financially at some later point. Not to worry, taxpayers to the rescue. The "questioning" of this project is not "odd" considering the potential pitfalls to Texas citizens. Again, if Texas central can get this launched and operational without taxpayer funds, then more power to them.
  7. Dallas - Houston HSR Station

    You make it seem as if there is nothing there. However, currently NW mall (even though it is vacant) is well served with Metro's: 33 Post Oak, 58 Hammerly, 66 Quitman, 71 Cottage Grove, 85 Antoine-Washington and 26 Long-Point Something indeed. Other than Metro's transit centers, park and rides or downtown, how many places in Houston have as many public transportation options as NW mall? In any event, I doubt many Texas Central passengers will ride public transportation to/from the station. At most, it will be as many people who ride the 102IAH to Bush airport or 40 Telephone to Hobby airport. Basically just the workers of those airports/train station who don't have cars yet.
  8. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Wrong again. Apparently Texas Central cares. Amtrak and Texas Central partner to provide ticketing and bus shuttle service: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/dallas/2018/05/04/amtrak-jumps-board-texas-bullet-train-ticketing-shuttle-partnership
  9. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    If Conservatory is a food court for adults (dark, cavernous, beer garden, unfriendly to baby strollers) then Finn Hall has an opportunity to become a food court for families (bright, open, ice cream, easily accessible). The restaurant lineup is exciting. Fingers crossed on this one.
  10. Edit: Just realized @CREguy13 quoted an article talking about Market Square Tower NOT Aris at Market Square, which is what this thread is about. But for everyone's reference, 90% occupancy at Market Square Tower is 46 empty units as of right now. That's still a lot of empty units, but hopefully it improves.
  11. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    That would be great actually. Street level retail is lacking in downtown. Im not in that part of downtown often but i believe you. Mkt bar is connected to the big grocery store so that doesnt suprise me (its not unusual to see families near grocery stores).
  12. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    I love rum too. The best part of viiting San Juan for me was the Bacardi factory tour. The rest of San Juan was a dump. However, pouring rum and then sticking a little umbrella in your glass, ehh. The rum mixologists at the factory probably would have taken my rum drinking privliges if they saw that being done to their rum. But like I said, another gimicky bar to chose from in Houston's entertainment district for 281'ers.
  13. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    Whats funny is that when i lived at Rice i never saw my neighbors go inside those gimicky bars. Places like el big bad and this new rum bar are clearly marketed to tourists visiting downtown (two eight oners ) and others in this thread who have never lived in downtown.
  14. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    Umm. . When did i make that my argument? Good like trying to find it. My only point about TGI Fridays and Applebees (which yall brought up not me) was that they do infact exist in urban areas. See NYC, see Chicago. Same goes with families, not all exclusive of suburbia. See NYC, see Chicago. Downtown Houston is an entertainment district; outside of normal office hours. Its not a neighborhood. Thats it; thats my argument; nothing else. But like i mentioned two pages back, thats okay. Nothing wrong with being an entertainment district or meat packing district or garmond district or whatever district just dont call it a neighborhood. I lived there for several years i would know. It was like living on a deserted island with only bars and more bars; at least outside of normal office hours. Source: see the first post of this thread; another bar added to downtown in leau of a grocery store, bookstore, bakery, retail, furniture store, or pretty much anything else a typical neighborhood needs.
  15. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    Thank you for admitting that. Now if others could do the same and just leave the thread to grown ups then the discussion could be much more productive.