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  1. Who said anything about forcing? Not me. Anyways, in the past it has been rejected. True enough. So? Put it to another vote. Thats basically what -this- bond is, a revote of failed previous metro projects that failed to get enough votes in the past. If your argument is that its been denied before, then lets not have this bond vote either.
  2. The same advantages that other regions have found. Metro is almost exclusively within the boundary of Harris County. Indeed, it is the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County. However, most big regions have a unified system for their passengers beyond just their main county. See Atlanta and Dallas. I would replace/or at the very least supplement Metro which is basically a municipal bus system for the handicapped and car-less, with a regional agency that better serves commuters from counties outside of Harris. Or I suppose Houston could also do what Chicago does, which is keep a dual system of local cta buses/subways and supplement it with METRA commuter trains. But just having Metro try to be all things for all communities is not sustainable.
  3. He literally also held a Mayor Turner fundraiser at his house. He was also the democratic chair for Galveston County. I personally worked for him for several years. But even if I didn't there is something called the internet. You can access information for free. He has participated and donated to both political parties. All this is searchable. Typical HAIF'er, post first, think second. For the same reasons we abolished HouTran and created Metro. Things have changed.
  4. I think Turner was supportive of Metro monorail back when he was a candidate in 91? But I could be wrong about that. But I agree he is not too vocal about supporting Metro these days. As far as Buzbee and Metro goes, I honestly don't know. We have never discussed it. He is not a republican or democrat these days so I'm sure he's open to hearing contrasting points of view. I personally have never seen him on public transit, but in the all the years I worked with him, he never spoke badly about it either.
  5. The mayor nominates and the council approves 5 of the 9 board members on Metro. The mayor has a lot of clout with his 5 board members.
  6. This quote above is how I know @Toopicky has never ridden Light Rail in Houston. There's zero point in debating with someone who has never even been on Metro Rail. As far as the bond vote on the 20 year plan. It is what it is. Personally, I would rather, have a vote to abolish Metro and just start a new regional transit authority. In fact, if Buzbee wins, which is a big if, I will recommend we do just that.
  7. Very cool pics! Brings back memories. This is what I tried to post earlier.
  8. What was the reason for closing the sky lobby? Was there a reason given? I don't remember anymore. I worked on the 73rd floor of the building for six years. I never had an issue with the sky lobby tourists. They always seemed well behaved from what I remember. Because it's Friday and I like you all so much, I'll share a pic of one of the restricted elevators. Lots of buttons!
  9. This is just false. Developers in other cities, envy how easy it is to build in Houston. Apple or any other retailer/developer can do pretty much whatever they want in Houston, and no one over at CoH would stop/hinder/request a kickback. Houston, compared to other cities of its size is extremely easy to build in and permit. More importantly, Houston has way fewer NIMBY lawsuits from local citizens than cities of comparable size. Again, I have no idea why you think city of Houston officials would even care one way of the other, they haven't cared in the past. Up here in Chicago, President Obama can't even build his library in the hood without people suing/seeking an injunction. From today's WSJ Activist NIMBY's have prevented a huge development of an abandoned steel mill. https://www.wsj.com/articles/activists-try-to-stop-a-huge-chicago-development-over-1-3-billion-in-tax-incentives-11562849876?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=4#comments_sector
  10. Probably hotel guests instead? If the Downtown At A Glance survey included inmates, Downtown's population would almost double. In downtown there are usually between 8K-9K inmates in the jails in a given day. https://www.tcjs.state.tx.us/docs/AbbreRptCurrent.pdf But inmates are really more like hotel guests. Temporary occupants for a night or two. True prisoners that actually reside in downtown and counted in the Federal Census? Perhaps the Joe Kegans State Jail in downtown holds actual prisoners? But I'm not sure.
  11. Interesting. Thank you for your observations. My question was more about rail and increased rents. Also, you make it seem as there is no public transit available now? Do you not count the bus as public transit? What about uber? Taxi's? Also, personal antidotes aside, the trend in sunbelt cities is that increased rents are causing people, including immigrants to leave urban areas. From yesterday's wall street journal: Everywhere Metro's light rail has been built, rents have gone up. This may change that area indeed. Wouldn't it be better for the people in that area to get better bus service instead?
  12. I see. Let's say you're 1000% certain el tren will transform that area for the better, dare I say it, gentrify the area. How would that help the immigrants who now have the burden of increased rents in their more gentrified neighborhood because of your "tren."
  13. You're kidding right? I can't tell if you are being sarcastic?
  14. Good LA Times article from today discussing all the legal rulings they have to navigate in SoCal to try to be compliant with the 9th circuit. https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-los-angeles-homeless-camping-sidewalks-lawsuits-20190613-story.html Meanwhile over in NYC, this is the new pilot program they are implementing in their fight against homeless panhandlers on the subway. https://nypost.com/2019/06/13/de-blasio-announces-program-to-get-unruly-homeless-riders-into-shelters/
  15. Not sure whats so funny? All the elements of the crime have to be met And be met simultaneously. Again pretty basic crim law 101. Act + intent at the same time.
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