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  1. In fact KRBE was the innovator of the live club broadcast from the Ocean Club in Jan of 88 but 93Q took it to next level with 6400 when it debuted May 29, 1988. It had a serious impact on the Houston nightclub scene for quite some time after. It still amazes me when I listen to my tapes and think that this stuff was actually on the radio once. Will we ever see days like that again? Oh I wish..... Hey I'm looking for tapes of the Club 6400 broadcasts. If anyone has any please email me. Willing to do trades or whatever. Lets talk.
  2. Malone? Sam Malone? Couldn't have been him. He didn't arrive at KRBE until 92.
  3. Hell no. Too many fond memories of Almeda mall to want to see it go and maybe another instant neighborhood go up on that land. I was really bummed to see the old Almeda 9 East theater had been torn down and something was already going up.
  4. I remember going bowling there with family there as a kid. I wondered about the bowling alley around the time before they demolished the mall. Wishing there was someway I could go in there. I wondered what was down there and what it looked like now, was it still in use for something (storage maybe) and if the alley was still intact down there. Anyone know when they finally closed it. I want to say the late 80s. I remember going to Gulfgate one night (sometime in 1985) and seeing people going in and out of there.
  5. The circular platform was from the old Carrousel Motel. I believe Frizell was over off of 45 before Woodridge. Where the Home Depot is now. Anybody remember Joe Conti Chevrolet? Wher was that? I vaguely remember a commercial for that dealer... it had a very poorly animated indian beating a drum at the end singing "Joe Conti Chevrolet, Joe Conti Chevrolet..."
  6. I remember there being a driveway coming out from underneath the mall that curved out onto the 610 frontage road before Woodridge. It sat just under the elevated walkway. After the mall was demolished if you looked over from 45 you could see that there was something down there. I could make out what looked like a wall that had not yet been knocked down. I wished that I could have got close enough to see what it actually was. (Update) I passed by there the other day. the concrete right side wall from the exit of the underground garage was still there to the left of the walkway over 610. You can see it coming up from the ground. They just added a ramp to the walkway on the Gulfgate side. I guess its going to be used for the Transit Center
  7. Awesome pictures. I remember passing the Carrousel many times as a kid in the back of my parents car getting on and off of 45 from Reveille. Is it me or did the Carrousel building stand longer than the motel. I seem to remember it being there alone and in use for a short period. Then one day it was gone. I remember Fed Mart. I was there one afternoon after school shopping with my mom and a really bad storm came through while we were there. We were at the checkout lanes then suddenly the lights went out, I heard people scream and the sliding doors flew open. I remember as I looked toward the doors there was a guy walking out and seeing him as if he were trying to keep his balance and hold on to his bags. You could see the trees across the parking lot just swaying like crazy and the rain blowing every which way. He runs back in and yells "Its a tornado!". Everyone around hits the floor. Very scary. I must have been about 9 or 10 when that happened.
  8. Wow. I always wondered what that building used to be. The first time I went there when it was Club 6400. The exterior reminded me of a Red Lobster. Well I was right in thinking of it as a restaurant. Thanks for that info. About when was it Victoria Station and when after was that building used as a nightclub? I know it was Fizz then Hippos and soon after it became 6400. Anyone know where I can get pictures of this place as a restaurant and a nightclub? I've been searching for pictures of this place as Club 6400 online and cannot find anything. Why is that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. The movie was supposed to be set in California. Charlie Sheen is running from the cops and is trying to make it across the border to Mexico. They even use one of the toll plazas as the border. Never figured out which one.
  10. Also filmed on 290 around the W.34th area. You can see the now Wells Fargo bldg in the background. I think it was Primebank back then.
  11. *Since I don't listen to country at all, does any forumer here who does know if they pronounce it "Kilt" or do they just spell it out "K-I-L-T"? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> K-I-L-T Been a long time since they've called it "kilt" I don't think I've heard that since before they went country.
  12. Oh! I did not know that... and thats the one I said I'd been eyeing.
  13. Oh yes, thats another one I've been eyeing lately. I pass right by that one some mornings on the bus and have seen all of the activity in the parking garage. It looks like the ground floor is in use on that one. Maybe just the people working the garage have access to it.
  14. Now the Westwood Technology Center. I hated seeing that place being gutted for its current incarnation. I had a couple of girlfriends that lived out in that area (off of Gessner and Braeswood) back in the mid 80s. I used to pass by that mall on the way there and remember when they would talk about going there to buy stuff. It was kind of a symbol of that time for me.
  15. Terms of Endearment (outdoor scene) Rush Houston: The Legend of Texas (aka:Gone to Texas) A Woman of Independant Means I Was A Teenage Zombie Your not thinking of "My Best Friend is A Vampire" are you, scenes filmed at Milby High School the year I went there in 86. Warning: Parental Advisory <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wasn't there a low budget comedy filmed here in the early 80s, a slasher parody called "Student Bodies" I remember there being a parade downtown in this movie. also a 1976 TV movie called "Murder at the World Series" I have this one taped when it aired on channel 20 back in 1992
  16. Anyone know if there are abandoned areas of the tunnel system? Anyone know how to get to them? Always wondered if there might have been one under the Rice because of the steps leading down outside the hotel.
  17. I just found this forum today. This is so cool. I thought I was the only one with a curiosity about old and abandoned buildings. This started for me with the Rice Hotel. You guys have posted about 2 buildings that I have wondered about over the last few years. The Central Bank Building and The Savoy. I have always wanted to see the inside of these two buildings and to find that the Savoy is still furnished, has running electricity and the phones are still working is mind blowing. I too have seen the chandelier through that broken window and wondered what was inside. I vaguely remember the Savoy being open. I've been in the Central Bank bldg back in 94 when my wife was attending some clerical training school there. One afternoon while waiting for her to get out I decided to do some exploring. I wanted to know what was up in that penthouse suite. I might have known that KKBQs old studios were once there and wanted to see if anything might still be there. I almost made it there, I had made it near the the top of the stairwell but started to get an erie feeling so I left. Funny to find out that place is haunted. Ooh but I was so close. I've wanted to go back ever since. Squatterkid you are too cool. I could never have the nuts to try entering an old building but man I'd love to. Everytime I'm on the pierce elevated I look at that old clock on the Central Bank bldg and wondered if it still worked and if there would ever be a day that we would see it on again. Its cool that you've actually tried to turn it on. Others I'd like to see is one that sits I want to say at the corner of Walker and San Jacinto, also the one that sits above the old Palais Royal on Main and McKinney. Looking up through a window of that one you could see what looked like wood office cubicles, very early 80s looking. I think something went on in there recently because I havent seen them there lately. Have you seen any of those buildings? So many thoughts and questions going through my head right now about this subject I want to post but I think I'll stop here. This is too cool.
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