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  1. Been bad at updating but they've poured some concrete for the driveway and are getting ready for more. They've also been putting on the siding. The south side of the building shows it better.
  2. The most reasonable thing we can hope for before the World Cup is the lighting fixed on the I69 bridges. Completing road construction by then is a stretch.
  3. We should start a pool and make guesses on when the project will start (or finish). At this point I feel like I'll be able to vacation on the moon before I drive on this.
  4. I was born in 86 so I missed out on a lot of the 70s and 80s "fun" cars but I had a couple family members and friends that had 80s cougars. I remember them all smelling the same lol
  5. Parking podiums would be tolerable if they beautified them. Cover the damn things up so it can blend in with the rest of the building. Ugh
  6. By that point Daddy Elon should have his boring company going strong and we can do a bridge/tunnel system that'll put the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel system to shame!
  7. Not sure. The square footage of 10k and 20k don't match up with those pavilions.
  8. I wondered why we had double the teams in our league for volleyball tonight. I didn't see a league for Sideout Volleybar. Now it makes sense.
  9. Not with that attitude!! I'm thinking this works. Ferry from Galveston to Bolivar. Or we build a sweet bridge!
  10. I would like to know as well. I came home tuesday and my freshly washed car is now covered in dust from that damn road.
  11. They had such a prime location for people just wandering around in Eado, but it was a touch small. Glad to see they are getting a bigger place
  12. I personally like Great Heights Brewing way more. But Wakefield construction has really impacted the area, so no matter your preference, please go down and visit! Walking Stick, Great Heights, Decant Urban winery, William Price Distillery, Avonak Distillery. They don't need your help will the money they bring in from sports, but you can come catch me at Wakefield Crowbar each Thursday playing volleyball. So if you ever want a drink let me know!
  13. Did you take these Sat? I saw someone taking pictures from this angle as I was stretching before my run. I might have walked right by you!
  14. The tower for SCI looks like a lock for sure, but I hope the rest pans out. I'm just down the road by Waugh and I'd love for them to move forward on the Buffalo Heights District too. this area is starting to build up nicely
  15. I hope this all happens. Let's make those future mixed use/retail buildings taller too.
  16. The prototyping lab sounds cool. I wish I could come take the tour.
  17. Nope, its good to like this more. I love this style. I don't know why, or even what style it is, but I like it and any building like it.
  18. They've been doing a fair bit of work in front of the building trenching for utilities and getting ready for the stairs and ramp. They've also been up on the roof doing a lot of work.
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