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  1. Ok back on subject, what is the news with this building. Residiential is great for this area.
  2. Oh my! The north half of DT is filling in quite well.
  3. Now the east end of DT needs to be filled in more with residential and hotels.
  4. That's a good thing. MLK St. should not be run down and tacky. Also UofH should be a premier area in the city along with TSU so the development is welcomed.
  5. We also have the Final 4 again in 2023 and will possibly get another Superbowl before 2026.
  6. Occidental Petroleum has its eyes on the 62-acre campus on N. Dairy Ashford off I-10 that ConocoPhillips has been planning to vacate since last year. In an email to Oxy employees, CEO Vicki Hollub said the company had found “a unique opportunity to acquire an office campus with the space and amenities to create a more modern work environment.” Oxy arrived in Greenway Plaza a few years after ConocoPhillips set up shop in its then-newly-built Dairy Ashford complex during the early 80s. Renovations made over the Conoco campus — pictured above — in 2008, but last year, the oil giant announced it’d be taking off for the 22-story Energy Center 4 building it had leased on the other side of I-10. The highrise neighbors the 2-stories-shorter Energy Center 3 tower, where employees of Conoco’s Lower 48 business unit are already stationed http://swamplot.com/oxy-in-talks-to-buy-conocophillips-campus/2018-03-28/
  7. I find it strange that Houston doesn't have the tallest residential tower in Texas. Nice design of this building though!
  8. After Harvey, high rise living is becoming a necessity in this city. Over the next 10 years, I suspect the inner loop will explode with them.
  9. Woohoo!!! I suggest Upper Kirby location or City Centre (Memorial city area).
  10. https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Fein-to-develop-Galleria-area-apartments-on-Post-13083314.php?ipid=hpctp
  11. ground breaking sometime next year with delivery in 2023 and i think it's 50 plus stories...a nice addition to the southside of the Galleria area.
  12. Keep in mind that LA will be preparing for the 2028 Olympics. This will be a great rehearsal for them. I can see Houston being selected for group rounds and Dallas for the semifinals.
  13. Atlanta Baltimore Boston (1994 host city) Cincinnati, Ohio Dallas (1994 host city) Denver Houston Kansas City, Missouri Los Angeles (1994 host city) Miami Nashville, Tennessee New York-New Jersey (1994 host city) Orlando, Florida (1994 host city) Philadelphia San Francisco (1994 host city) Seattle Washington (1994 host city) The cities in USA vying for a spot.
  14. Most cities with MLS teams and future teams will more than likely be host to early rounds. I heard Dallas and Atlanta may be proposed semifinal sites and NYC as the finals.
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