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  1. Skylon SSTO(SIngle Stage To Orbit) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylon_%28spacecraft%29 http://www.reactionengines.co.uk/space_skylon.html
  2. HPD needs at minimum double the number of officers, really should have over 20k uniforms to patrol a city this large, but no ones willing to pay the taxes for it....
  3. If i want to take the long way and get stuck in the same traffic i would have if i had been driving, ill take the bus. if i actually want to get where im going ill take the rail
  4. Open or No Primaries Independently drawn districts American democracy, why I am a Monarchist....
  5. who ever allowed that "thing" to even be rendered should be thrown out of an airlock....
  6. im surprised cities built hundreds or thousands of years before cars were invented have issues with congestion.....
  7. so at what point do lower rents draw enough companies to push rents higher..?
  8. 1. Raze and build residential tower 2. Clean it up and convert it into a restaurant/bar complex 3. Indoor Paintball
  9. The UH library has a nice collection of USS Houston artifacts including the war time ships bell
  10. I hate buses. if i wanted to sit in traffic smelling diesel fumes i could do it i my own car, rail should be the backbone of any mass transit system with small buses being used as feeders the biggest issue is american don't want to pay their taxes, then delicate flower about Gov services being sub-par. Mass transit reform needs to be shoved down peoples throats with a "you'll tank me later"
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