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  1. Oh, for crying out loud. Houston just keeps teasing with interesting stuff, and then throwing the most boring crap on empty lots. Another freaking storage place. Self Storage | Keeley Properties
  2. We walk by that every day, nearabouts. It's been on sale or lease as long as I can remember, and recently had to get boarded up because transients were living in it. My wife often comments it would be great for grocery or something retail, but it consumes the entire property. Unless there's a variance they could get, it would never meet the city requirements for off-street parking. They have 1512 Gano across the street. Maybe they should tear down this one and use it for parking for Gano.
  3. That neighborhood behind there has had stuff getting torn down nearly every month, so one or two more isn't anything new. I think parking is mostly Barnaby's. It's been a problem for a while, with parking on-street even before all the other places showed up. Those probably have made the on-street parking situation worse, driving this.
  4. Does Braun have anything you can use in their stuff down around Burnett/Hardy? Heck, they already claimed the one on McKee was going to be a coffee shop, but I don't think that's confirmed.
  5. Or the same place they were talking about putting the high-speed rail, Northwest Mall? That seems like a prime choice. It's not like the municipalities are particularly interested in interconnecting mass transit. The people who tend to use Greyhound aren't exactly a very politically influential demographic, either.
  6. I can't believe that Near Northside can't get a freaking coffee shop. Even the pop-up at Gristworkz closed down after they got their HEB cafe running.
  7. Can't tell where they are claiming those "Parking Lot 1" and "Parking Lot 2" are that are shown on the brochure. They don't mention which of their properties those are supposed to be in.
  8. A lot of those residents were enticed there by the much-vaunted promises of mixed-use development in Hardy Yards. More single-family homes are definitely a disappointment, but putting high-rise residential that blocks all views for the existing residents would make the high-rise a giant middle finger to everyone already there.
  9. When they announced this would be "affordable" housing, that pretty much put the kibosh on anything special. Even what we see now is conceptual, since they don't have an architect, builder, or consultant on board yet. Not even any investors. Hell, this entire thing is more hopeful than planned at this stage. It's not much farther along than the big mixed-use development we were told the entire 40 acres of Hardy Yards would be. We may well be lucky if we get even the 7,500 SF of retail they're saying here. Or even that they don't change their minds and end up putting up condos instead of single-family homes. It's not like the residents of the area have the political pull that developers do.
  10. No towers, please. We've got enough out-of-place high-rises in single-family residential areas around Houston as-is. It would be nice to keep that downtown skyline at least somewhat unobstructed for the houses farther back in the neighborhood. At least, until TxDOT forces their I-10 realignment through, and the view is bisected by the raised interstate.
  11. Considering how big this is, I'm surprised we haven't seen it here yet. Starting on page 17, from July, the planned layout and conceptual designs for the 10 acres left in Hardy Yards that the city is turning into housing. They've thrown a bone to the mixed-use concept, with 7,500 sf retail closest to the transit center. A central greenspace, with proposed dog park (desperately needed in the area), as well as walking trails of some sort. 201 homes proposed, with three different floor plans. housing-dept-presentation.pdf
  12. So, watch this space, then? Scarlet doesn't seem to be in the land investment business, so I assume they are holding on to this with a general concept idea of "we'll do something in the future", but no specifics?
  13. Looks like it's these guys. They have a rather broad portfolio of developments, but at least a parking garage isn't amongst them. Developments — Scarlet (scarletcapital.com)
  14. What possible value could a parking garage bring to that area? There's hardly a demand for parking, and putting that up in a prime intersection would just reduce the need for future parking by removing valuable retail space. Hopefully it's just a parking garage under a mixed use building. More likely, multi-family residential though, because Hardy Yards.
  15. Hardy Yards may have devolved into nothing but apartments, but it looks like the brewpub scene is picking up steam. This is coming to the former Texas Screw Products building at Fulton and Burnett. Are space-themed brewpubs going to be the area's thing? Taproom | Bad Astronaut Brewing Co. | Houston (badastronautbeer.com)
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