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  1. I serendipitously discovered who these guys are exactly when I was looking to rent a hybrid SUV. They're apparently a Turo renter. I didn't realize this was an entire industry on Turo, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Book a Car with AG | Turo
  2. Nah. We need another storage facility like the one that was supposed to go in just up the block at the old Sam's Auto.
  3. For some reason they're always removed on the weekends. Very strange, but it's been that way since they got there.
  4. Apparently they rent cars from there. We'll see people get dropped off by an Uber, take pictures of a car on the street with their phones, get in and drive off. Then sometimes we see them come back later, drop the car, and get in another Uber. It hasn't been as obnoxious once they finally put up the rest of the construction netting, but goddamn, can't we finally get something good here what with all those apartments and Meow Wolf opening nearby?
  5. I was glad to see that one is coming down, finally. They won't lose it, though. The city will place a lien on the property for the cost of the demolition, which will come out of the sales. That happened when we bought an empty lot near here. The owners had a city lien for demolishing a burned-out house back in the 90s, which they had to pay off before they could sell it to us.
  6. A friend got ahold of Braun. They rented it out to an auto storage facility. In keeping with Hardy Yards area's tradition of highest and best use for the land, don't you know.
  7. They came back on Monday. I noticed people taking pictures of some of the vehicles that magically reappeared at the lot. Perhaps some sort of online sales thing. They're back to spilling out onto the public street, which IMO is doubly not cool right next to the tiny public park the neighborhood has. It no longer appears on the Braun flyer for Hardy Yards, which apparently now is limited to what they call "Hardy South" hardy-south-flyer.pdf (braunenterprises.com)
  8. Yeah, they curiously bugged out this morning. All the cars left. Several dozen cars there for a week? Might be it was innocent. Maybe some dealer or mechanic shop that the owner knew took a little damage to a fence in the storm and wanted to move the cars to somewhere with a fence. But then why start putting them in the street? One of those mysteries. I'mjust glad it didn't become permanent.
  9. Last week, a crapton of vehicles suddenly appeared on the 1502 McKee property. No development has happened to the property, they're all parked on the grass. The doors to the building were open, but they've put up a visibility screen on the surrounding fence. Today the cars have started spilling over onto the street parking. The For Lease signs are still up, and there are no other signs indicating a business there. Seems sus as heck to me, frankly.
  10. For sale sign is up for the remaining part of Hardy Yards. Let's hope HEB gets the message to call that number!
  11. Can you provide some indications of such projects halted by previous administrations? Particularly those that put millions of Federal dollars at risk? I've been in Houston since Brown, and I don't recall White, Parker, or Turner halting projects of the previous administration while they "reassess" them. Much less take a sledgehammer to them right out of the gate like Whitmire has some, like the Houston Avenue median project. There was no "reassessment" there. It was ripped up within about a month of his inauguration.
  12. Even disregarding MS2.0, this seems a lousy place for a charging station, unless they think they'll get a lot of apartment dwellers buying EVs without access to charging at home. I think that's a pretty tiny market still, because of how long it takes to charge. There's no viable access there for people on long trips, so who would use it?
  13. Now that the elimination of traffic on the Pierce Elevated is inevitable, this might actually be considered a high-end residential property someone would want to live in again. I just wonder what condition it's in, structurally.
  14. In a car-centric city, big enough to have enough parking and tables to at least pay for overhead, or at a place with a lot of drive-through traffic? Maybe it's bigger inside than I think, though, or I'm underestimating the delivery market these days.
  15. Considering how packed that parking lot is with just EoS open, I can't imagine blocking it off for film viewing.
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