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  1. As I recall, the Montrose bridge was originally going to be demolished and rebuilt, but the route was tweaked ever-so-slightly to avoid that.
  2. The bike lanes I’m aware of are part of a plan from the City of Houston: https://www.letstalkhouston.org/third-ward-bikeways
  3. Blodgett is supposed to be getting bike lanes, although that is a bit further south.
  4. Cleburne is not included in TXDOT’s current plans. I do not think it will end up being included. The City of Houston’s MOU contains language that “TXDOT remains committed to evaluating the feasibility” of extending Cleburne across I-69, among a number of endeavours: https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/nhhip/docs_pdfs/NHHIP-TxDOT-COH-MOU-Executed-English.pdf (see (e)(iii)(3) on pg. 12 of the attached) That’s very nice lawyerese to say something nice without any binding commitment to it.
  5. My understanding is that TXDOT is paying for the construction of the deck over the freeway. Landscaping, other items would need to be funded separately, but the deck is the big-ticket expense. Edit: Page 5 of the Record of Decision references the cap construction: “The Selected Alternative provides a structural “cap” over the proposed depressed lanes of I‐45 and US 59/I‐69 from approximately Commerce Street to Lamar Street. There would also be a structural cap over the depressed lanes of US 59/I‐69 between approximately Main Street and Fannin Street, and in the area of the Caroline Street/Wheeler Street intersection. Future use of the structural cap areas for another purpose would require additional development and funding by entities other than TxDOT.” http://www.ih45northandmore.com/docs14/NHHIP_RecordofDecision/NHHIP Record of Decision - Body.pdf
  6. Looks like a clone of those apartments that just went up on the east side of 288.
  7. There was a deed to the Harris County Flood Control District for about 8,000 square feet of land in May 2022 (after the prior plat), so I’m betting this replat reflects that.
  8. Have you seen Paris Hilton lately? Her plastic surgeon is Michelangelo with a scalpel. That’s a medical artist.
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