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  1. Did this project actually start? Edwards had gotten a bit long in the tooth and needs work to be competitive with the newer complexes (compare to the Cinemark Memorial City). The needed renovations come at a time when there’s been a shift away from the Megaplexes of the 90’s. The AMC Studio 30 at Dunvale recently closed. It’s just tough to get a good number of people in the multitude of screens these theaters have. If this renovation didn’t move forward last year, I wouldn’t be shocked if the owner determined the cost of the renovation wouldn’t be worth it in the long run given the shi
  2. The Houston Symphony could use a devoted venue. Jones Hall originally housed the opera, the ballet, and symphony—the acoustics aren’t as well tailored to the symphony as they could be. The Wortham Center was built with the idea of the orchestra being exclusively in the pit for ballet and opera, and it has the two theaters of different size to allow for different-scale productions.
  3. Skanska got Bjarke Ingels Group to design their property Downtown. Having paid $27 Million for this site, I tend to think they will similarly bring in a heavy hitter to design this site as well.
  4. The link has a click-baity headline, but there’s not really any news. Skanska has not added the Kroger site. Any developer *may* be considering adding another significant parcel adjacent to their development.
  5. Not likely. I think Gensler is responsible for the master plan. That prior one was done by Munoz Albin.
  6. Common Bond is also opening up at the Ion. Edit: I think both the location at the Ion and the location at Drewery Place will be “on-the-go” concepts similar to what Common Bond has up in the Heights (cold sandwiches, pastries, coffee, but without the full menu that includes hot items).
  7. Edit: Disregard prior reference to CenterPoint Tower. I think the reflection is intended to be the Hess Building.
  8. The stairstep promenade on that second tower next to One Park Place looks really neat.
  9. My read is that the request for variance will be taken up at the March 4th meeting, as it would fall under Item III a-f, and I don’t believe there has been any prior deferral.
  10. If this is like Wonder Woman 1984, I think I speak for all of us that HAIF renounces its wish regarding shelving Broadview Crossing.
  11. It looks like an LLC associated with the mentioned “Southeastern Company” closed on the land on January 20th: https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/applications/websearch/EComm/ViewEdocs.aspx?ID=ihpahpMbvcoWkF5RdbzIVRyNwUiVLmtthjAvq5Kbxz3Ic7udQ+2q4gpWqg3ykdpPMO7EjYDBpyLa7b6zZ5KKPN9Dlf8ZV2IpvCbfBjl1Z28skmDRSom0itRos8em776m2R6KoNKb1fPo02Y/rOT7Xg==#
  12. “*Tentatively* slated to break ground this summer.” (Emphasis added) It sounds to me like Caydon’s just happy for free marketing from the Chronicle.
  13. Two Hermann Place got pushed into limbo by the pandemic, and others that were seemingly moving forward such as Amcal Midtown also lost their footing.
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