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  1. I snapped this on my flight today. Definitely gaps between prominent towers but the skyline is more like a mountain range in the Rockies with lower peaks between the taller ones.
  2. I’d think Hyatt Centric would also work for a smaller-scale hotel.
  3. “The Incestuous Group” just didn’t have quite the same ring. 😆
  4. Ah. This one, as it turns out, is owned by an entity controlled by these guys: https://relatedgroup.com
  5. On the advice of Jack Easterby, McNair Interests has traded the Rosewood Hotel anchored tower for 12-story stucco Hampton Inn.
  6. From the sounds of it, the hotel would be prioritized in the next phase. The skybridge over Fannin would be interesting.
  7. Kimpton could use a site in Houston following the foreclosure of the Caydon development.
  8. And May the Fourth be with you as well @Paco Jones!
  9. Yep. I met with a client in the lobby to go over a bunch of documents without issue. Common Bond’s frozen bond is on point.
  10. I thought Southeastern out of Georgia was the group that owns the entity “SEK Yoakum Lovett, LLC.” https://www.southeastern.company/portfolio/
  11. Golly, 512’ is quite a bit of height for a residential structure with only 30 stories. For comparison, Skyscraper Center says L’Colombe D’Or Tower is 452’ with 34 floors.
  12. Goodness, the interest rate on the loan for what I’m guessing is the purchase of this property is an eye watering 11.99%: Edit: I think financing a purchase with a hard money loan does not bode well for this development. This company (Deccan Development) already lost the land for the Chelsea to foreclosure back in 2021, even though they still list the project on their website.
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