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  1. Munoz Albin has this "Institutional Campus Master Plan" for what appears to be the area around the Menil: https://munozalbin.com/project/institutional-campus-master-plan/ Apartments facing Richmond appear to have 8 stories. I don't know how to extract renderings from other sites (I only figured out how to post my photos to Imgur earlier this year), so one of our more techno-savvy posters will have to do that.
  2. Plat for X Houston was recorded September 3rd, sans variance. Film Code No. 689604 of the map records.
  3. Since when has anybody on HAIF wanted to wait to see plans unfurled. 😉
  4. Rice is a university, so you'd have to expect some type of student opposition to its actions from a segment of its students. This segment, even with Rice's relatively small enrollment, appears to be quite small: Facebook indicates it has only 39 followers and 38 "likes." The one point the group makes with which I am somewhat sympathetic is Fiesta's presence in what would otherwise be a food desert. I am curious if Rice would explore a Buffalo Heights-type development with a grocery store in the Innovation District in the longer term. I suspect there would be a benefit to attract additional density around the store.
  5. I wouldn’t mind one called “The Hogan,” provided there was GFR featuring a Greek restaurant called “Hogan’s Gyros.”
  6. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ed2ca368-1da6-44d3-b832-f4e64ac17396
  7. What’s going on in some cases (e.g. the proposed Oakland A’s new stadium) is that the taxpayers are essentially putting up the land with tax breaks. The owner gets to develop with private funds. Tax revenue is not actually used for construction, although there is the opportunity cost for the use of the land and less new tax revenue than might be had with a non-stadium related mixed use development.
  8. Cool stuff. The new sea lion exhibit looks much more engaging.
  9. 2403 Caroline St, maybe? There was talk of a Mark Dana-driven affordable housing project there. The lot's now listed on the market, and is within a couple blocks of the light rail at McGowen station.
  10. Looks like H-GAC approved the $100 million: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Houston-area-officials-commit-100-million-to-14189219.php#photo-17684965
  11. I thought contract letting for the 69 trenching would start next year, with construction to follow in 2021 (he says, hoping construction might actually start next year). edit: this is where I got my thoughts on contract letting: http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/cmd/lettingschedule/2020/planned-district.pdf
  12. The developer indicated they would proceed without the variance at the hearing. Given that Councilman Boykins’ office spoke against it along with a fair number of other folks, the committee had a political disincentive coupled with a lack of apparent harm in which to deny the variance. The plat was approved without the variance as I recall. We’ll see if PMG actually moves forward sans variance.
  13. At the Planning Commission today, one of the opponents to the X Houston variance disclosed that the timeline for this was to start in November.
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