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  1. “*Tentatively* slated to break ground this summer.” (Emphasis added) It sounds to me like Caydon’s just happy for free marketing from the Chronicle.
  2. Two Hermann Place got pushed into limbo by the pandemic, and others that were seemingly moving forward such as Amcal Midtown also lost their footing.
  3. The residential component (58-story tower) was always proposed to be constructed after the medical office building finished. I suspect Mann Eye’s present building would need to be demolished so it could be used as a staging area for the parcel to the north. I think we’d be looking at 2023 as the earliest possible date for groundbreaking *if* the tower could get financing.
  4. This leaves Baker Botts as the only law firm of Houston’s Big 3 not moving to a new tower in the next few years.
  5. Spec’s was still open. The rest of the shopping center was cleared out. There was equipment flattening the lot next to Three Brothers.
  6. Cool. I’m picking up a chocolate cake at the Three Brothers location across the street. I’ll see if there’s any interesting activity on site.
  7. I’ve thought BRT from Wheeler down Almeda to OST, and then west along OST to Kirby, and then north along Kirby back to Richmond, would make for a nice loop allowing transit connectivity with the red line and proposed blue line BRT.
  8. As an addendum, if it’s August and the vaccine has rolled out, people are ready to get out but realize they’ll melt if they actually go outside, and there’s this cool new air conditioned place that just opened up. 😊
  9. Trying to get caught up with this one. Was the old 18-story tower that was proposed traded with DeAndre Hopkins for the 12-story thing in the renderings in the site and a 7th-round pick? That seems “on brand” for the Cal McNair era.
  10. Sadly, Amcal dropped this deal. The listing has been updated to indicate the property is no longer under contract.
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