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  1. It looks like a suit to foreclose a mechanic’s lien. Dispute between a contractor and a developer over payments to the contractor. $6 million or so in dispute.
  2. Didn’t think the foundation had been poured to the north. Just the garage on Block 43.
  3. I’d think Block 43 would get built before this site based on its more desirable location. Not sure if the current developer has the wherewithal to see it through, however.
  4. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Marvy Finger is interested in this site.
  5. Getting renovated into a 7-11 right now. Longer term, it’s in the proposed ROW for the freeway expansion and will at least lose its ingress/egress from San Jacinto.
  6. The renders showing the building from the west show Palm St. as having been abandoned. There was previously opposition to that from the neighborhood, although I think the concerns stemmed from concern the street would be abandoned without guarantees the space would be open to the public as proposed.
  7. Oh, I agree it’s an effort to enhance tenant’s rights. However, as written, the statute makes no references to “add-ons”—the idea being that parking is not to be separately negotiated.
  8. The issue with parking pricing is that, where a residential landlord issues a parking permit, the term of the permit must extend through the term of the lease after this past legislative session’s amendments to the Texas Property Code (Tex. Prop. Code 92.0132) From a compliance standpoint, this makes tying a parking spot to a unit the easier way to avoid running afoul of the statute if a landlord is going to provide parking to tenants.
  9. Amcal also does some “market rate” housing. Maybe a mix of market rate and affordable units here?
  10. I work at Caroline and McGowen, don’t play with my heart @Urbannizer.
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