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  1. The leasing office indicated Flying Biscuit is no longer in the works and that the Sushi restaurant is taking its place. They may also have a pop-up clothing store owned by DeAndre Hopkins.
  2. I thought Flying Biscuit Cafe had a lease here. I see “Black Swan Yoga” specifically referenced, but not Flying Biscuit. I might have to give the leasing office a call for clarification.
  3. The reason presented to MPNA was ventilation. The freeway is much wider by EaDo and has room to install ventilators. Here, the engineering was apparently more difficult, and by chopping up the parks, ventilators would not be required.
  4. It like the Predator in this rendering. Cloaked but can be picked out if you know what you’re looking for.
  5. Not built yet. That doesn’t look like the right lot. It’s the lot just south of the strip mall containing the Art Supply store and Kaffeine. No idea on the construction timeline.
  6. In practice, I think you’d have high rises along that corridor, paralleling Binz to the south, Almeda to the east, and with the Innovation District to the north. This one is actually quite close to Binz. The Allen Harrison project is much shorter and will provide a nice taper leading up to this one. Property ownership within those bounds tends to be fractured, making it harder to accumulate lots for larger projects.
  7. Much appreciated, @CrockpotandGravel! I like the artistic design over the parking garage that pops out in this rendering. This one's in an interesting location. It's just north of the new Origin Bank along Binz, and catty corner to that nice medical professional building housing MF Sushi. To the north across Calumet, there's the spine hospital. To the north of that would be Allen Harrison's upcoming 13-story midrise Boone Manor. The Palazzo condos sit catty-corner to the northwest.
  8. They’re going for a W hotel apartment vibe. Striking design. Dankeschoen, @Urbannizer.
  9. I think the saying is "retail follows rooftops." There is more residential Downtown and additional units might go up near here (looking at you Chase Motor Bank site at Milam), but this projects looks like it would require a very substantial amount of foot traffic to be viable. Could it be more of a touristy market a la Pike Place Market in Seattle as @H-Town Man alluded? With the Theater District nearby, it's a possibility.
  10. I called the number on the sign. This is, indeed, the 370' highrise. It will predominantly be residential rental, with ground floor retail. "Chicago developer and architect." Plan is to break ground 2Q 2020. They are aware of the Allen Harrison project two blocks to the north, which they understand will "break ground as soon as next month."
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