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  1. It mimics a mural in the Third Ward with Houston sports teams as South Park characters:
  2. With GID’s track record, I’ll believe “a neighborhood” is coming when I see framing start to go up.
  3. It appears the first phase of this project switched entities back in February of this year. The lot now secures a loan of some $56 Million from the International Bank of Commerce for what appears to be financing for construction of the medical office building. I've linked to the Deed of Trust below: https://www.cclerk.hctx.net/Applications/WebSearch/EComm/ViewEdocs.aspx?ID=ihpahpMbvcoWkF5RdbzIVfUNH6IKDHGKl+XbObCaFQ5qRZUm42SX+6YhkiZGR4QwaCXqQrBD5kV8PNNZaawgN3IBToi1NKprcgQIa2eDxnxr5FY852Xh5h8xTXfOlqRmgtcX6vRjgSjjCDwgB4dN+A== Tip of the cap to @HNathoo regarding the news on the potential financing.
  4. I’m afraid not. It’s supposed to have some neat common areas where natural light will be let in for tenants.
  5. My understanding is that the medical office building at the old Origin Bank drive-through should start by Q4 this year with completion by Q1 2021. The Mann-Eye Institute will then transfer its flag to the new building (the first phase of Museo Plaza). Not sure they’ll make any longer-term leases here, although a restaurant would be cool.
  6. I saw this on a walk today: I hadn’t seen this before. It’s a block to the north of the Houston Center. I’m assuming it’s Block 97 given the email contact. Edit: To clarify, this is specifically to the north of the Fulbright Tower.
  7. The bulk of the district, save for the property with the Shipleys, is located in an Opportunity Zone. I believe Hines used a company provided investment in opportunity zones to get started on the Preston, Downtown. Given Hines' involvement with this development, I wouldn't be surprised to see them use a similar model with Rice involving a ground lease as @H-Town Man suggests.
  8. Cameron Armstrong, the architect who designed the Moderne at Rice Village, designed it. The owner had a cool vision for what they wanted.
  9. They own all of the parking lot between Fiesta and Sears. They also now own the parcel on the south end of Eagle at Austin, just to the east abutting the parcel in green at the right end of the image. Edit: and the parking lot south of Fiesta. We might need some purple to hit the gamut of Infinity Stones. 😊
  10. I doubt groundbreaking is imminent. I think there’s excitement *something* is being done with the lot. They’ve also fenced off the old Houston Press lot, I believe.
  11. To cross reference my post in the other thread, the tract at 4001 S Main, where the Isabella was previously going to go up, was acquired by Rice University in December.
  12. Rice University bought this tract in December. There’s a warranty deed to “4001 S Main LLC” dated December 12, 2018. An individual by the name of Ronald E. Long signed the associated “Notice to Purchaser” on behalf of the acquiring LLC. Mr. Long is associated with Rice Management Company. Edit: Links to the notice and deed:
  13. They just saved a bunch of money on their car insurance by switching to GEICO.
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