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  1. I second that it would be cool to see a larger-scale project designed by Michael Hsu here.
  2. I’m getting a Nakatomi Plaza vibe. It’s about the same height as well.
  3. Wunderbar. So, the “hoping to break ground next year” response makes sense. Merci @wilcal. 😊
  4. Whelp, the building at 2505 Fannin is listed as being “under contract” on LoopNet: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2505-Fannin-St-Houston-TX/5047983/ So, I’m not sure how accurate the Amcal response is.
  5. I sent a query to Amcal via their website. They are hoping to break ground next year.
  6. I’ve wondered if natural light is problematic for their product, considering the store sells oil paints among other things. Their prior location in Midtown also lacked significant windows as I recall.
  7. Secondary TOD corridors have a 50% reduction for commercial construction. Primary corridors have no parking requirement and are full market-based. I’ve linked to a handy executive summary below: https://houstontx.gov/planning/docs_pdfs/TOD_Ordinance_Summary_Report.pdf
  8. This might be possible under the new TOD ordinance on primary TOD corridors, which will go to market based parking.
  9. Maybe they traded DeAndre Hopkins to save money on his contract for it. 😈
  10. I think the Capitol Tower is actually quite nice in terms of pedestrian experience. The opening into Understory is clear and quite inviting. It lacks the same opportunities for ground floor tenants as 609 Main, but I think the design was mean to engage the surface with the tunnel space below. Skanska's "tunnel space" connects with the ground level in a way that I haven't seen with other structures Downtown. I would not peg the Capitol Tower design as lacking thought. It just engages the ground level differently than more traditional retail rings.
  11. Well, it didn’t go up to 45 or 60 stories with this new batch of renders. Maybe 31 stories is a firmer number.
  12. No. We’re still waiting on Home Slice to open up in Midtown. Chicago-style options are lacking.
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