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  1. Tower crane is coming down this weekend and both Travis and Milan St will be closed.
  2. Museum BLVD (4819 Caroline St): 6-Story Condo Building

    They’re moving dirt and laying the plumbing.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/9ZuyLVz.jpg
  4. https://i.imgur.com/C0bclng.jpg
  5. Tower crane vertical sections are up.
  6. The tower crane is a luffer which can boom up and down because of the high rise next door
  7. Proposed Residence Inn - 7807 Kirby Dr.

    Tower crane is gone
  8. The Sophie: 42-unit, 7-story Condo @6017 Memorial

    Spotted a tower crane base
  9. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    I saw tower crane parts on the ground and assumed they were taking a tower crane down but I talked with some workers and they said they were actually jumping the cranes a couple of sections higher.
  10. Tower crane is almost built as of Sunday afternoon
  11. Crane is being assembled to install the tower crane this weekend
  12. Proposed Residence Inn - 7807 Kirby Dr.

    Spotted the top out tree
  13. Tower crane base is set. Until I can figure out a way to post my pics from my iPhone to my Imgur app on my iPhone or iPad and get the necessary links needed to insert them here I guess you’re going to have take my word for it. My iMac desktop screen won’t come on when I start up the computer and I don’t want to buy another till Apple comes up with a new one. Mac Rumors rates iMacs as a “ Don’t Buy” for now.
  14. Till I can figure out how to place pics on here with my iPad (my desktop is acting) I’ll just say there were 6 pieces of equipment on site but not much has changed. Some of the equipment belonged to North Houston Powerline so they may just be running power to the site before they can really get started.