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  1. Heading to College Station and noticed both tower cranes have gone up in the past week.
  2. From reddit u/Valcervisia
  3. hindesky

    Skyline update

    It's a diorama of all the ways energy is being created. Last about 15 minutes but I just took a pic of the supposed Houston skyline. Really interesting part of the museum to me since I work in the industry.
  4. hindesky

    Skyline update

    From the Museum of Natural Science Weiss Energy Hall.
  5. Looks like a patio to me. Notice the windows in the background.
  6. hindesky

    Where Am I?

    I don't know how I missed your entry but here is your belated trophy.😴🥴🙏
  7. With this pic you can see how the tower cranes overlap each other from the Preston and Texas tower. Preston crane is higher but they're adding sections to the Texas crane.
  8. hindesky

    801 McGowen

    Anyone know what the addition to the top of the building is?
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