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  1. The rendering looks like they will clad the upper portions with something but I still think they should go all the way up.
  2. Talked with a couple of Gilbane workers and asked if the second tower crane was going up next weekend and they said yes. Later on top of the parking garage I talked with a Consolidated worker who are putting up the tower crane the same question and he wasn't sure but said it's possible the first tower crane might be putting up the second tower crane up which has been done before at the Capitol build. He also said they would have to finish today as their permit expires at midnight. They were having a problem with the hoist cable twisting on the AT crane which isn't good as it can damage the cable. When I left they had stopped and were going to see if they could fix the problem before they continued.
  3. I wish they had taken the midrise section all the way up to the pool deck, it looks weird like this.
  4. North side of the building where I assume the GFR is going to be.
  5. Sucks I have to ride on the street on Main with cars tailgating me till I get to the open sidewalk.
  6. Yeah not sure what's up but I tried several times to post this pic but it keeps showing the broken link. Probably got to upload the pic to imgr again.
  7. Brick going up and the cladding on the front.
  8. Finally some work on the second floor.
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