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  1. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    The southern tower crane is coming down. The northern tower crane will come down in November and the tallest one comes down in December.
  2. 11-story apartments for N Braeswood at Main

    I was wondering what the exterior was going to be and saw today that its not going to be stucco, two different colors of bricks have started going up.
  3. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    The southern most tower crane building the utilities and the parking garage came down recently.
  4. Occidental Petroleum Headquarters

    I worked with a guy whose dad worked for Exxon and lived in Clear Lake who was going to have to work at the new Exxon campus and he was seriously thinking about retiring early since he only had a few years left anyway. And talked with a gentleman whose wife was going to have to transfer there but they lived in the Heights, I asked if they were moving up there and he said hell no.
  5. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    The area is fenced off and the groundbreaking is coming up soon.
  6. Tower crane is going up this weekend
  7. Blossom Hotel Houston: 16-Story Hotel

    Tower crane base was installed
  8. They’re covering up the garage, I was worried they would leave it like it is. It’s looks just like the rest of the building.
  9. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    I talked with a guy involved in the interior wood work and said it would be open for the January classes. Their wood work has only 3 weeks till they would be done.
  10. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    The big letters on Rusk are going up and the letters above the auditorium are up.
  11. Barricades are surrounding the entire block.
  12. Tower crane is coming down this weekend and both Travis and Milan St will be closed.
  13. Museum BLVD (4819 Caroline St): 6-Story Condo Building

    They’re moving dirt and laying the plumbing.