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  1. I took these pics of surveyor's flagging on Oct. 16th, didn't know what was going to be built here but I suspected this would be the site for the Alexan apartment project. Previous post showed it being down the road a bit but unless Arnies is selling out I figured it might be here.
  2. The crawler crane building the precast parking garage is gone, wonder if it ended up at the Texas A&M project?
  3. They aren't doing busy work, this is under construction now. Dozer moving lots of top soil, lots of workers vehicles, creating a rip rap hard bottom area for heavy equipment and continuing with the construction trailers.
  4. That is my thinking, the workers don't care about residential floors, just top of the structure.
  5. From a distance you can see the workers are removing anything that isn't concrete from inside the building. I expect to look like the old hotel on Pease by the time this comes down by whatever method is chosen. Still wasn't able to see any neighbors to ask if they know how this was going to be demolished.
  6. This contractor is hard at work, they have a lay down area just past the UH build with their trailers and lots of the rip rap to fill in the bend. They also close off the trail while their equipment is traveling down the Bike path.
  7. Had a long conversation with the supervisor who demoed this. He said Urban Genesis original goal was to use the existing shell and building up from there. They realized this wasn't going to be financially feasible because of all the work it would have required to stabilize the old building while under construction. It was was in really bad shape and no way they could do it. They did save some of the old brick and the large wooden timbers to use during the build. His company will be finishing soon and Cardinal Construction will be moving in in a few weeks to start the construction. He said they found a lot of old artifacts while digging down including old bottles, watches and other things. He said in those days this was all landfill from old buildings here and future builders just built on top of that. Old plats showed this to be housing back in the 1890's and contractors would just back fill the trash into holes.
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