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  1. I almost didn't ride today, my legs and body were fried from Saturday's 39 mile ride, but I forced my self to get on the bike.
  2. The surprise find of the day, a tower crane base in the middle of the project.
  3. On Montrose Blvd at Allen Pkwy. southbound.
  4. From the west side and the north side of this project, found a new access point to take pics.
  5. No top out tree yet, looks like they are working on the utilities floor on the roof. Looks like they are removing all the steel from the old building next door before demolition. I've Googled Buffalo Park Dr. and nothing comes up so I'm guessing it's one of the 3 new streets in the Hanover Autry Park project.
  6. This high angled fence on the patio will keep the inmates from escaping.🐕🐱
  7. This market place was packed today and it usually is but so much more today, probably the beautiful weather.
  8. 2 Neon Green Dodge Challengers spotted at Center St at Sawyer St next to Empower Fitness Lab
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