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  1. Could it be the block where IBC bank is and the old Canopy was? Most of the businesses here have closed. Some Mortgage Recovery Fund owns it so they probably want to get their money back when the leases are up. St Thomas University owns the lot where Black Lab was and city of Houston owns the library but I wouldn't be surprised if they sell to UST.
  2. This banner is hanging on the fence where the loading dock used to be.
  3. Texas Children's Pavilion for Women adding former Baylor Clinic building in $201M expansion Texas Children's Hospital is adding another 190,000 square feet to its Pavilion for Women in the Texas Medical Center with the transformation of the former Baylor Clinic. ----------------------------------------- I can only see the top part of the story from The Houston Business Journal, anyone have access? https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/07/26/texas-childrens-hospital-pavilion-women-expansion.html?utm_source=st&utm_medium=en&utm_campaign=ae&utm_content=ho&am
  4. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/houston-astrodome-future-inside-look/285-ecf4b91b-30d7-4f4c-8cce-77a56d90890b
  5. Houston’s Newest Food Truck Park Will Highlight Black-Owned Restaurants Houston Grub Park officially opens this weekend with a rotating line-up of trucks serving everything from giant egg rolls to cocktails by Brittanie Shey@brittanieshey Jul 21, 2021, 12:10pm CDT A brand new food truck park that aims to showcase Houston’s black-owned mobile eateries will open this weekend just south of NRG Stadium. Houston Grub Park, a project from the Black Service Chamber, will open this Saturday, July 24, at 4 p.m. The park will be located at 1615 South Loop West, jus
  6. I don't have a drone, I use my iPhone 11 Pro for all my pics. @cityliving and @brijonmang both take drone pics though.
  7. Bike Tag is a game some people play on Reddit/bikehouston https://www.reddit.com/r/bikehouston/. You find a unique accessible site and take a pic of your bike with the object/site/mural. Riders have to find that tag and then create a new tag. I've been playing for years and is something I often look for when riding around. You look for clues in the pic and then use Google/Google Maps to try finding the pic. It got really popular during the covid shutdown since many were working from home. It has slowed down recently because many are back at work but were are up to Tag #367. I first started pla
  8. Yeah, at that point it might be unrideable but I don't think the Hardy connection is going to happen anytime soon.
  9. I rode both sides on Sunday morning around 9am, I had 1 car pass me. The shoulder is as wide as a lane and the speed limit is 40mph. I will continue to ride it early on weekends.
  10. From today's Houston Chronicle..... Idle Hands leased 4,711 square feet at the former Rosemont bar location at Montrose Collective, 910 Westheimer, for a Houston location. The development is a project by Radom Capital and was represented by Brittney Austin and Linda Rubiola of Shop Cos. Hannah Tosch, Wade Greene and Chris Nash of Colliers represented the tenant. Idle Hands, also in Austin, is a partnership of Matt Wolski and Andrew Hunter. The Montrose location will provide tropical craft cocktails, a full kitchen with roof deck/patio seating and live music upon opening this fall,
  11. Had to drag out my road bike to chase a Bike Tag, gravel bike is in the shop for rear wheel bearing replacement. My Paramount OS is a really nice, light weight and fast bike but it's a racing bike and not as comfortable of a ride as my AWOL Comp. Bike Tag I found.....
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