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  1. I definitely need to get a second bottle cage for my bike.
  2. I liked it when Rich Lord and Charlie Pallilo were together many years ago best.They seemed to be good together. The Triple Threat stuff was hard to listen to. 3 guys all trying to talk at the same time makes for hard to hear to anybody. C).
  3. It's a public university at the mercy of our current political leaders in Austin. šŸ¤”šŸ¤¬šŸ™ˆšŸ™‰šŸ™Š
  4. I could understand demolishing the Wyndham or using the surface lot but I find it hard to believe TWU would allow them to demo their parking garage unless they got something similar in return.
  5. Different angle, these demolition guys might know their craft. Perfect demo.
  6. So where would the Texas Women's University employees park if they demo the parking garage? There is a surface lot directly across Main St from Texas Children's, just needs a sky bridge to connect to the existing building.
  7. hindesky

    Car Talk

    I heard they will start under $60,000. Probably be a lot more with all the upgrades.
  8. North side of the western bigger building.
  9. Part of the project is on the second floor.
  10. Looks like it will be several feet above Taylor St.
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