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  1. Hanging multiple steel girders at the same time from the crane is called multiple lift rigging or " Christmas Treeing" . OSHA doesn't allow it except for steel erection. SUMMARY Multiple lift rigging, or “christmas treeing,” is prohibited for construction activities other than steel erection because of the hazards involved, including beams hitting other objects or people. OSHA’s Sub Part R 1926.753 addresses the use multiple lift rigging assemblies, and a 2005 OSHA letter of interpretation provides additional explanation. Because of the necessity for this work practice in steel erection, crew members should understand the dangers and follow best practices. According to the 2005 letter from OSHA, during the multiple lift procedure, the hoisted beams need to be attached to the rigging assembly beginning with the topmost attachment. That means that workers have to be under the already-attached members while continuing the attachment process. Also, the hoisted members are detached from the assembly beginning with the bottom member, so employees are under the remaining members during the unhooking phase of the operation, as described in Volume 66 of the Federal Register, January 18, 2001. OSHA states that the maximum length of a multiple rigging assembly is 35 ft. The minimum vertical spacing between each piece is 7 ft. The maximum number of steel beams allowed to be lifted in a multiple rigging assembly is five. Most steel erectors are familiar with the above rule; however, a general contractor may not allow five pieces to be hoisted at one time. If that’s the case, it’s prudent to increase the vertical spacing between beams, if possible. https://www.seaa.net/news/a-formula-for-safe-christmas-treeing
  2. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/education/campus-chronicles/article/college-campus-fall-covid-uneasy-dangerous-staff-15464562.php#photo-19776442
  3. Harvey is going to be the GC of the project, I talked with a Harvey worker during the demo of the parking garage where the Preston is going up and he told me they were building at the McNair project.
  4. Don't wear a tie while at the typewriter
  5. Fargo-The TV Series My nephew turned me on to Season 2, Episode 1and 2. But since then I've streamed Season 1 and am currently working through the remainder Season 2. Didn't realize what I was missing. Looking forward to catching up with season 3 and I hear they're about to restart filming season 4 with Chris Rock. They supposedly filmed 8 of the episodes and will film the last 2 in the series. Each season is a separate story, so it's easy to catch up. Well worth it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fargo_(TV_series)
  6. Sprouts Farmers Market is constructing a more than 26,000-square-foot store in the former Toys R Us building at 1212 Old Spanish Trail. Sprouts is hiring for 110 full- and part-time positions at the store, which opens Oct. 14 near NRG Park. The Phoenix-based grocer has 360 stores in 23 states, including eight in the Houston market.
  7. hindesky

    Acadian Bakery

    https://houston.eater.com/2020/7/29/21346717/acadian-bakery-houston-montrose-closed-after-40-years Never tried their cakes but their burgers were really good. Montrose Mainstay Acadian Bakery Shutters After 40 Years The iconic cake spot’s space is currently up for lease by Brittanie Shey@brittanieshey Jul 29, 2020, 12:37pm CDT Montrose’s Acadian Bakery, a longtime stalwart and source for many a Houstonians’ king cakes, has closed after more than 40 years. The bakery’s newest owner posted to Instagram on March 18 that the shop would be closing temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That closure is now permanent, according to leasing agent Jonathan Kagan. On Tuesday morning, construction workers were seen working inside the building, at 604 W Alabama Street, and a large dumpster full of demolished building material was parked outside. The building’s distinctive signage and murals had also been removed. Back in November, Outsmart Magazine reported that Acadian’s then-owner, Sandy Bubbert, was selling the shop after 40 years. Bubbert, who is in her mid-70s, started as an employee of the bakery, where she helped add lunch items like the much-loved hamburger. In return, the two owners, a pair of gay men from New Orleans, taught Bubbert how to bake. In 1979, she bought the bakery from its owners when they moved back to Louisiana. Over more than four decades, the bakery became a mainstay in the Montrose. Outsmart chronicled Bubbert and the bakery’s longtime advocacy of the gay community. In the interview, Bubbert recalled the loss the community suffered during the AIDS epidemic — especially Montrose’s hospitality industry, which included many gay-friendly nightclubs, bars and restaurants. “We had a lot of talent in our community, but we lost so much of it to AIDS,” she said. In 1997, the bakery suffered another loss. An electrical fire on Thanksgiving Day destroyed the shop, taking with it Bubbert’s family cookbooks. In addition to its beloved king cakes, the bakery was well-known for other special occasion pastries. In 1989, Bubbert baked a giant cake shaped like the Texas State Capital — large enough to serve 500 people — for the inauguration of Governor Ann Richards, sleeping in her truck overnight in Austin to watch over the dessert before delivering it. A reviewer on Facebook wrote that when he worked at the White House, Houstonian and former First Lady Barbara Bush would frequently request cakes from Acadian Bakery. In addition, Bubbert’s wedding cakes were highly sought after throughout Texas. The bakery’s new owner, a woman named Madeleine, posted an introduction to Instagram on January 11, saying she was excited to be taking over the historical business. Just two months later, the bakery was forced to close due to Houston’s stay at home order. Leasing agent Jonathan Kagan told Eater that in part due to the coronavirus, the takeover of the bakery just didn’t pan out as expected. As of press time, neither the new owner nor Sandy Bubbert had responded to a request for comment.
  8. I live just around the corner from them and they have had a lot construction workers and a roll-off construction trash bin for the last several of days.
  9. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/West-Loop-apartment-building-houston-luxury-15440468.php#photo-19738936 Luxury apartment building off West Loop begins leasing 295 high-end rentals Nancy Sarnoff July 29, 2020 Updated: July 29, 2020 10:23 a.m. Gables Residential has started leasing its newest luxury apartment building with the hiring of Douglas Elliman to handle marketing for the property's 295 high-end rentals. This is Elliman's first rental assignment in Texas following the company's entrance into the Houston market last year. The New York-based company is a residential real estate brokerage but it also has a marketing division for new developments. "Elliman has a strong footprint in the high-end rental market in New York and Florida and provides an incredible level of support and expertise backed by an impressive track record in the industry," Micah Conn, regional vice president of Atlanta-based Gables Residential, said in a statement.
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