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  1. Started my ride with zero intention of chasing a Bike Tag because I had no clue where it was. Looked like an outfield fence for a baseball field but there are tons of them around. So I headed south to Rice and TMC taking pics and I had an epiphany while at the A&M project as to where I thought the Bike Tag might be. Dropped all plans to continue east towards UH and high tailed it to Memorial Park. Lo and behold I found it at the tennis court's backboard. I'm not going to post my new Bike Tag cause I'm paranoid that someone on HAIF might be playing the game too. The fat to skinny runner was
  2. I rode by these today, it looks like a small apartment project with first floor parking. Anyone what it is? My pic is from Hazard St.
  3. The contractors were working furiously to get this done, Rice students are moving in on Tuesday according to a worker I talked with.
  4. Coast Guard was doing loops around Hermann Park, first thought as I approached was they are watching over some trumpers/QANon idiots rioting in the park but I was completely wrong, they were doing touch and go's at the heli-pad on top of the hospital. They landed 3 times while I was in the park.
  5. Surprise find of the day, the shortest tower crane ever. It's being used to build the Galapagos Island. Damn train got in my pic so I had to take another. https://www.houstonzoo.org/blog/launching-2022-new-zoo/
  6. Humphries is the contractor doing the job. http://www.humphries-const.com/index
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