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  1. Here's a little panorama I shot from room 8079 at the Hilton Americas.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've installed another significant software upgrade. Let me know if you see anything not working properly. It's best to send me a PM so that I get an immediate notification. Hopefully this one will go much smoother than the one back in March.
  3. I've spent the last few hours trying to duplicate what you describe, and so far nothing. I'm not saying it's not happening, just that I can't see that it's currently a HAIF problem. Then again, if something is being sneaky like this, chances are good that it's also trying to hide from being detected. It's the circle of life. I've asked someone I know who's smarter than I am to help me look into this. One thing to note: Apple does not permit gambling or pornography in its app store. So if you're being redirected somewhere, it isn't there. What kind of phone are you using, and with what browser? Maybe if I can match or simulate your specs, I'll have better luck.
  4. Not so much sipping daquiris as lumbering across the desert in a smelly Greyhound bus with no internet access. It looks like the mods managed to get it under control without me, but I'll take a look and see if there's any hidden damage.
  5. I rotated the tires and put in a new brand of blinker fluid. Let me know if Imgur works for you now.
  6. Looks like Imgur is still blocking HAIF. At this point all I can do is send another message to Imgur and recommend that you find a better/more reliable image host like Flickr.
  7. No, when i click on an Imgur image nothing happens. BBCode is kind of a last century thing. The software that runs HAIF prefers having a real URL to work with so that it can handle many more media types. What is the URL of the image you're trying to display?
  8. Works for me, as you can see above. I don't even see a place to retrieve BBCode on Imgur. Right-click or Option-click on an Imgur image. Select "Copy Image Address." Then on HAIF, click the "Insert other media" menu, select "Insert image from URL." Paste image address in the space provided. Click Insert Into Post.
  9. The icon changes based on your posting history. You weren't always a hotel, and as you continue to post on HAIF, the icon automatically changes. The more you contribute, the taller your building.
  10. I've had a productive conversation with Imgur. The rep confirmed that HAIF was blocked. But she was not able to track down why, and said it was a mistake. She says we should be unblocked in the next 24 hours or so. Yay!
  11. So I did some sniffing around, and it looks like Imgur has banned hotlinking from HAIF. Apparently someone violated their terms of service, and the way Imgur responds to this is with a kind of a scorched earth policy. I'm not sure what part of Imgur's TOS was violated, but if I had to guess I'd say someone is using them to host their avatar, which is a no-no. You'll have to host your image files elsewhere, or learn to attach them to a message. I'm going to write to Imgur to see what can be done, but the way internet companies are these days, I expect my message will be ignored.
  12. I suspect the image posting problem is related to the fact that imgur and other have switched to secure connections (https). A lot of companies are doing this so that when you're browsing at a coffee shop or other public location, other people can't spy on what you're doing. HAIF is on a regular http connection. If you try to combine http:// and https:// content on the same web page, newer web browsers get upset. They see it as a security problem. Some will ask if you're sure you want to view both. Some will just fail one or both connections. Again, that's what I suspect is happening. I'll check with the company that makes the HAIF software to be sure.
  13. Can you be more specific about "disaster?" I looked at it on mobile and it seemed to work fine, though I'm going to try to cut down on the size of the ads for mobile displays. I'm using an iPhone. Is this perhaps an Android problem?
  14. More repairs have been made. I've been told that things should work now. It certainly loads better/faster. Let me know if there are any continuing problems.
  15. I deleted logs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logfile
  16. It should feel a little faster now. Part of the problem is that the database is running into memory/disk space limits. About 10GB of old logs have been cleared out, and that seems to have helped the speed a lot. "Liking" is still a problem, but among the problems still being worked on.
  17. I topped off the blinker fluid. Let me know if you still see things that aren't working.
  18. A couple of hours ago I upgraded the upgrade, and a few things went kablooey. Working on it now.
  19. Probably not for a long long time. When the plan was being put together for digital radio, the three competing ideas were IBOC (digital transmissions on existing frequencies), putting digital stations on even-numbered frequencies (100.2, 100.4, etc...), and expanding the FM band into the TV spectrum. What we eventually ended up with was IBOC (in-band, on-channel). Part of the problem is that the FCC would have to require that all new radios be capable of receiving the new frequencies, like it did with the expansion of the AM band 20 years ago. But these days the FCC is more and more in a "not our responsibility" mode, and there's little appetite in congress for requiring private companies to acceed to bureaucratic whims like this. Especially since it's hard to enforce since there are exactly ZERO radios made in the USA. The other side of the frequency argument is that the FCC already has provided lots of frequencies for new radio stations — the mobile broadband frequencies, where there is a limitless supply of streaming radio stations that can exist without the range and interference problems of broadcast radio. These days it seems like the FCC thinks radio, and even broadcast TV, are dead and the entire future is in a single basket — wireless internet.
  20. I'm probably not going to much around in the code to suit your one-word slogan. Remember your third grade writing class: If you can't indent a paragraph, then you leave a space between.
  21. Fixed. At least on iPhone. Let me know if your mobile device is still having the same problem.
  22. Test test test. Embedding video seems to work OK. I just pasted in the URL. It's possible that you were looking at some threads with videos in them that hadn't yet been converted to the new system. With a half million posts to process it may take a little time. But, as you can see above, new posts are able to have videos embedded immediately.
  23. You'll have to be more specific about what you want changed with images. I don't know what "shudder" means. As for copying and pasting links producing unexpected results, it sounds like you're copying styled text and when it gets pasted, that styling comes with it. This can happen a lot if you copy from another web site, or especially a PDF. I'm not sure what the solution is on Windows, but on a Mac you just use Paste and Match Style (under the Edit menu, or Shift-Command-Apple-V — your shortcut may vary). There's probably a Windows equivalent.
  24. Thanks. There's a discussion about it in the Other section. Please post bugs there. It'll be a few days before I get things worked out fully.
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