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    I have been compiling my photos of abandoned streets in Houston as well as many photos of abandoned highways and bridges. I built a website where you can see the photos and learn a little bit of the history. It has taken quite a while to put this together. I hope you enjoy it. In some cases, I used Google Earth and other sources for aerials that help show the history of the areas. It's not a fancy website, just one that tells many stories. So, here is the link: http://abandonedroads.zxq.net Thank you. Marty Blaise Houston, Texas August 2012
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    I got a couple of new overhead pics of the I-45/Scott crossing. Couldn't find where I had posted them, so I figured I'd repost them here. Before: and currently (as of today's date):
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    It's not so much what I have been told, but: And that the city and JE Dunn surveyors have been marking the poles and lines down W Dallas and Rochow for the last 2 weeks.
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    female... I'll take a boob balcony, please!
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    Do not worry. This simply means that we are better reporters than those who "work" for channel 8.
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    Sorry to hear about the loss of this wonderful treasure. :-(
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    Between '73 and '75 or 6, one of my sisters lived in 2 different small apartment complexes on Golfcrest. She worked at Frito Lay at the time. I was not too observant back then and I don't remember your family house but when she moved over to Wayside several years later, I do remember that she lived next to an old plantation style home on Wayside. Turns out it was the Simms place. The apartments are still there at 1010 S. Wayside and have recently been renovated.
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    The viewing starts on Monday, followed by another viewing on Tuesday.
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    http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/topo/texas/txu-pclmaps-topo-tx-pasadena-1967.jpg ...in this Pasadena topo. map, you can see the location of the Kmart. It was at Allen-Genoa & Spencer Hwy. it's the square bldg. to the left of Pasadena Plaza. The PP shopping center was unique in it's crescent design. I would like to know who designed it. The long, narrow bldg. (in between them ) housed various shops, including the August Moon Chinese food restaurant & a liquor store. The large store to the right of PP was Montgomery Wards. My mom drove from Allendale (Oak Meadows) to visit K-Mart and The Plaza. Seems like a long way, today, looking at the map.
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    Very interesting, Plumber2. I saw a program a while back about Galveston immigration. I don't recall them mentioning these facilities. But, that doesn't mean they didn't. Some of my relatives arrived from Germany, at Indianola, much earlier, of course.
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    For those who are curious what a piece of land that has been "in a state of nature for over 30 years" (as opposed to "located between the ravine and the railroad bed in its natural state since the early 1800’s") looks like, here is a photo of the property. I am not sure if the cattails have been there since the early 1800s or not, but if so, we should demand that they be preserved.
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    It's funny you say this since we talked about this at our compnay lunch & learn yesterday (the speaker was a nutrionist) but to keep it simple her main point was that the less something is processed the better it's for you (buy more at the perimeters of the grocery store where the natural, raw food is found) and read the labels carefully. Labels can be sneaky since they are resorting to splitting up the salts and sugars so they hope you think it's healthy since "sugar" and "salt" are not listed. So going back to your point - moderation and education are the key and the potatoe itself is great but NOT good when fried in low quality oil and salt. Unless you are diabetic I would also stay away from diet, light or other products with artificial sweetners since the jury is still out on how bad they are. This is like the butter-margine battle where hydrogenated fat/trans fat was prematureley being promoted as better than butter (till 1990s). Some of the sweetners were derived by accident and one was suppose to be weed killer!
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    Great. I'm now an uglyass, abandoned hotel. Do I have to live with that for another 995 posts?
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    ...I just thought this would be a fun photo to share http://downtownhouston.org/news/blogpost/grb-houstons-constant-economic-engine/
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    Damn can someone give Metro a break. Don't get me wrong, Metro should be accountable for everything that happened in he past, but to me this just sounds like ABC13 was trying to fill air time by reporting something we coulda have projected happening due to Metro's past financial failures. At the same time, politics has been a major reason Metro can simply get around to do what it envisions. They have chosen very smart routes compared to other cities, but it seems like every time Metro is ready to break ground another politician feels the need to "represent" their constituents just to "feel" as though they are doing the city a favor.
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    Another case of "the historic neighborhood" should freeze in time at exactly the point I want it to (usually" when I bought my house")
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    I have early memories of my parents taking me shopping at the Kmart that used to be on Van Fleet. My dad would always go to the cafeteria and grab a snack while my mom shopped. : )
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    The factory was torn down long ago, but this monument still stands commemorating a perfect safety record at the Trinity Portland Cement Company in 1929, just as The Great Depression was starting. Inscriptions were added to commemorate perfect safety records in 1945, 1947, and 1950. There's a geocache very close by, if you're a cacher. It's at the corner of N Hutcheson and Freund, near 600 N York.
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    Thanks everyone. I have corrected those two broken links. -- The areas around downtown are a great hunting ground for old roads. Before we had freeways in the downtown area, there were many roads, especially in industrial areas. Some roads still exist, but in a much shorter form. And there are those streets that disappear completely. Before Montrose was extended over Memorial, there were short streets called Winnie, Butler and Brown. Others now gone were Avie, Willia, part of Wichman, Raymond and Barness. Butler Street was where the Scouts used to deliver used newspaper. Today, where these streets were, are lofts and condos. -- John Williams has an awesome site about the west side of Houston - it's been on here, but I'll post the link - http://www.westhoustonarchives.org/ - with great information about roads that existed prior to the building of Barker and Addicks reservoirs. -- One of my favorites my site is Old Katy Road -- today it's a dead end road on two sides of a railroad track. Fifty or 60 years ago it was a major thoroughfare! Another is Neurath Plaza, a real mystery, in which only a tiny chunk of concrete remains, now behind a locked gate. Who is it was named for is up for grabs. -- I'll look up some other roads that have gone away and see if we can perhaps find a little bit of history. -- And no, Breen Road was never Mulberry, except on early subdivision plans.
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    Re: Telephone Rd. - I may have some photos stashed somewhere of Old Telephone (at Braniff) - if not, I'd be happy to snap a few for you since I'm near..
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    Sorry this is an old thread but I had to post. I was just thinking about the Galvez Mall last night. I'm 37 so the mall was still open around the time I started High School. The map is pretty acurate. The book store was located straight back from the main enterance. I remember they used to put up a Christmas display in front of it every year. It seems like across from the book store there was a little place where they served coffee or something, I can't quiet remember. There was a music shop directly opposite of the pizza place, I don't remember the name or if it was something else before. Across from Bealls they had a hair salon, I used to get my hair cuts there. I remember my mom used to work at Bealls. I once threw up in Wyatt's Cafertia haha. Skippy from Family Ties once signed autographs at the mall. I can remember playing Dragon's Lair and Rampage in the Arcade. I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back at the Movie theater. So many memories.
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    Don't know if it's still there but there actually used to be two seperate mobile home parks there. The one at the corner of Telephone and Griggs and another one further down Griggs heading away from the freeway. It looked like one but I had friends growing up that lived in each of them. There was a fence between them but someone knocked a hole in it so we could travel back and forth easily. They were pretty run down back then and that was the early seventies. Right next to the one on Griggs was an old grocery store that we used to buy our comics and meat scraps that we used to fish for alligator gar in Braes Bayou with.
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