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  1. Demo permit for the Equipment Depo building. Property was purchased by a Lincoln Property Company entity, but I cannot find any other info. My guess is multifamily given what is happening up the street on Airline.
  2. 2805 White Oak Dr

    I would guess that they might put in additional retail sq ft in the parking lot between Christain's and Barnaby's if they have excess parking spots in the proposed parking tower.
  3. NW Corner of I-10 and Yale St.

    The owner of the nursery is on Nextdoor claiming that he is going to redevelop the property into "one of Houston's largest outdoor entertainment venues including a coffee shop, several bars, food, food trucks , sand volleyball, darts, music venues ,yoga classes, dog park all centered around working greenhouse, pottery, plants, flowers and even a floral area." Hats off to them for a bold redevelopment plan. I always expected a strip center or gas station. But I wonder whether people will want to hang out right under I-10.
  4. 1344 Yale

    This was a bakery long ago, but was being used as a warehouse up until about two years ago. The owner cleaned it out and was supposedly going to lease it to a couple from Round Top who were going to open a cafe and antique shop. Someone put in new windows, but then everything stopped and nothing happened for over a year. A few months ago a new "for lease" sign went up. People who inquired with the owner did not get much of a response. General impression was that the owner was not very motivated to do anything with the property. There has been a little activity recently, but it looks like they are just using part of the property to store stuff. So, this property and the Happy All Cafe remain enigmas of underdeveloped Heights commercial property.
  5. Having a different LLCs for each real estate development is standard and very sound practice. If one project fails, it does not affect the others. Fisher cross collateralized his projects. That effectively negates the liability protection of the different LLCs.
  6. Cause No. 2016-64847, KAVAC Holding Company, LLC v. Paull Partners, LLC et al. Look it up on the Harris County District Clerk's website. Summary: cross collateralized loans, cash crunch, foreclosure, injunction, bankruptcy removal and remand, and enough defendants to field a football team. One. Hot. Mess.
  7. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Richard Knight is taking over Harold's in the Heights. I liked Chef Ware, but thought that he was phoning it in the past year or two. The menu was a bit watered down (no Beaufort stew) and a little like a high end Luby's. Richard Knight is the best and deserves a good break after the clowns running Treadsack submarined Hunky Dory. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-01-18-harolds-heights-new-chef-richard-knight-feast-hunky-dory-alli-jarrett/#slide=0
  8. 1547 Waverly

    Neighbors tried to maintain a feral cat colony over there. A lot of the cats have been caught and fixed and people were leaving out food. But I think some other neighbors were having problems with the cats and got BARC to shut it down.
  9. Just like how Walmart and other Katyville I-10 developments are being underbuilt on valuable land, right?
  10. You do not appreciate historic architecture. If you did, you would want to preserve it. That is the BS conservative argument that you can appreciate something but let free markets ravage it at the same time. "I appreciate classical music, but we shouldn't have public radio to actually make it accessible to people" Same logic. I appreciate historic architecture, but so what if it all gets torn down. You aren't subsidizing anything. Your taxes are the same whether people in a historic district get a tax abatement or not. If you live outside a historic district, you do not have the burden of getting a COA. If you live in the district, you do and it only makes sense to give those people a very small tax benefit to offset the burdens of complying with the ordinance.
  11. The abatement for the historic districts were put in place to compensate people for the extra time, trouble and money it takes to restore a historic building versus tearing down and building new. It has a direct relationship to the burden imposed by the ordinance. I can see how council is raising their eyebrows because property values have shot through the roof since the ordinance passed and there is no longer an argument to be made that there needs to be an incentive to get people to restore old homes. But for those of use who bought in when prices started with a 2 and can barely budget a very modest addition/renovation, the tax abatement is still needed. It is only fair to keep it in place for the old timers (which in Houston time is people who moved in before 2010) The money for luxury condos and apartments is just a pure wealth transfer. The rest of the 380 program is even worse. As for your inability to appreciate historic architecture, you will just have to deal with that on your own.
  12. The city gave developers $15k per unit tax abatement to build luxury apartments and condos downtown and now they are all flustered about giving a few pennies back to people who do historic renovations.
  13. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Moku Bar (poke bowl place in Conservatory downtown) is opening somewhere on White Oak.
  14. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    https://houston.eater.com/2018/1/23/16924532/ripe-cuisine-food-truck-permanent-location My vegetarian wife will go nuts for this. I guess this is needed to balance out the food karma of Hugs and Donuts, Pinkerton, Lee's Fried Chicken and other belly busting delights in the neighborhood.
  15. 628 E 11th St

    Go to 19th St. on a Saturday afternoon and count the number of people out walking between Bliss and Carter & Cooley and compare with the number of people walking along the strip malls that straddle Nicholson on the south side of 19th. There is no comparison.