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  1. There are plenty of chefs in Houston who can get the backing to do a new concept in the Heights, even with the steep rise in rents. There are a few in the pipeline. But the commercial leasing agents have a big bias for chains and restaurant groups. My problem with getting the 2nd, 3rd, 5th etc. location is that quality is always compromised when an additional location is added. The 15th Torchy's is a distant relative to the original food truck in Austin. Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio was my favorite spot for breakfast when I was out there for work. But they opened a second location and have seriously dumbed down their menu to help them mass produce. And then there is just the benefit of having a restaurant scene that is doing something new and interesting instead of just making existing restaurants more convenient.
  2. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/heights/business/article/Hopdoddy-signs-on-as-tenant-in-Heights-Waterwork-11296852.php?ipid=hpctp I like Hopdoddy . . . . 171 miles away from Houston. It is really time to see some Houston area talent step up and open some new restaurants in the Heights instead of getting infested with additional locations for Dallas, Austin, Denver and Atlanta restaurant concepts.
  3. I have mixed feelings about this. I appreciate the grassroots effort, but wonder whether this is even feasible. Also, I worry that it will be too expensive and exclusive. There really isn't an acre to be found in Heights proper that wouldn't draw big real estate players. They would have to go out to Shady Acres or even further out west of White Oak Bayou/TC Jester. If you have to get in the car to go swim, why pay for a club when you can go to the YMCA for a fraction of the cost? And why not direct this energy into improving existing City facilities? Love and Stude Parks have pools that could be really nice with some improvements. Moody Park is huge and has lots of space to do just about anything.
  4. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/06-19-17-ascension-coffee-dallas-heights-waterworks-braun-enterprises/#slide=0 Braun looks to be moving fast on the Waterworks project. I would say that the Heights is approaching coffee house over saturation, but Ascension is more of a full service cafe/wine bar.
  5. Demo permits issued for the two houses next to this lot and signs of site prep work. No clue what is planned, but things are happening.
  6. We Olive opens on Saturday. Alice Blue looks to be in soft opening. Balls Out Burger opened this week.
  7. http://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/Heights-waterworks-plan-now-includes-retail-11206224.php Look like Alliance is buying the Chase property in addition to the empty lot north of 20th while flipping the waterworks site to Braun.
  8. Developer moved the driveway to 11th st. so that there will not be a driveway cutting across the bike path.
  9. https://houston.eater.com/2017/5/30/15711026/ford-fry-houston-heights-rumors I think Sonny might be a bit too far out ahead on this one. There was "landlord in talks with" Ford Fry rumors, but nothing will move fast with the current tenant being under the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court and the automatic stay. You could probably figure out more if you dive through pacer and see if there is anything in the bankruptcy proceeding about the disposition of the lease. I can wait to find out.
  10. People who advocate for more pedestrian friendly/new urbanism type development get bashed regularly on here for being snow flakey about the concerns they express about the impact developments have on pedestrians, etc. This comment is more snow flakey than anything any new urbanism proponent ever came up with. It is hard to tell if there are any spaces? You mean you have to drive an extra .003 miles to go in and out of a parking lot? Would that be about 3.6 calories you expend turning the steering wheel and moving your foot from the gas to the break and back again? Goodness. Let's change the minimum setback to 50'. Someone must stop the madness. It is difficult to keep an eye on your vehicle? Do you keep a box of Krugerrands in your glove compartment? Who in the world goes into a restaurant and wants to be sure they maintain a clear line of sight to their car so they can watch out for burglars during dinner? And what good would it do? It takes about 5 seconds for someone to pop a window and snatch a bag from a car. By the time you got out of the restaurant, the burglar would be high tailing it away. Or are you a concealed carry guy who would spray the neighborhood with bullets to try to stop a petty thief?
  11. Right. But where is the next step going to be? Looking at all the great development along Washington Ave in the 1st/6th wards, the arts district on Summer St., and the redevelopment of the Ravinia rice plant and you have to wonder where else in that area is there space to do something big? It would just be nice to get a development that was looking twenty years into the future instead of something that was more relevant twenty years in the past.
  12. Wasted opportunity. More and more people are making use of the bike path. There is a nice new ramp connecting the near north side to the bike path by the community center off Quitman. There are a bunch of new high rises going up on the north side of downtown that have easy access to the bike path. What I really do not get is why this pre-packaged big box development is still getting built with all the big changes in retail. I know for developers this combination of stores has been a proven money maker. But that assumes that the retail world is static. With Amazon, ebay and big shifts in retail spending habits, this kind of development seems to be dangerously backwards looking.
  13. Hunky Dory and Bernadine's are owned by a separate entity from Down House and the rest of the currently surviving Treadsack establishments. They could now convert Hunky Dory and Bernadine's bankruptcy into a Chap 7 from an 11 and lighten their load by a lot. It is sad because but for the mismanagement these restaurants should have been able to be around for a long time. At least they leave behind some nice architecture for someone else to make a go at it.
  14. Shade and Glass Wall are closed. Both are being retooled. Shade will be "Alice Blue", a more trendy venue. Glass Wall will try a more casual concept. Something has got to give at Treadsack. Graham Laborde jumped ship. Bernadine's was his creation and he got his dad involved in propping up the restaurant when everything hit the fan. Richard Knight left Hunky Dory and it has not been the same. I doubt that those concepts can survive too long without big talent in the kitchen. And no big name chef is going to come on board until the company emerges from bankruptcy. A bit of a catch 22. https://houston.eater.com/2017/5/15/15641640/treadsack-chefs-leaving-graham-laborde-richard-knight
  15. The google docs are from stopmedicalbuilding11th@gmail.com. They have over 30 letters from residents and are sending people to speak at the planning commission meeting. The commission is only considering a replat and zero setback on 11th. They are not considering a curb cut. The replat is a "shall pass" request. The planning commission does not have discretion to deny a replat based on proposed uses. It is just line drawing. The planning commission loves to deny setback variances, especially if there is neighborhood opposition. Bill Baldwin is now on the planning commission. He was against the partial repeal of the dry zone because he was against too much commercial density from bars and restaurants in the Heights. He could potentially be a squeaky wheel on the commission to get the variance denied. Finally, while I hate people who call out grammar on message boards, I have to say that the text of the variance application looks like it was outsourced to an engineer in Bangladesh who prepared it on a fifteen year old blackberry that had broken keys on the keyboard. And if you are looking to sway people in the Heights, don't say that your intent is to enhance the area with a more "modern look".