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  1. Market at Houston Heights @ 1533 N Shepherd

    http://x.lnimg.com/attachments/9EC240DC-4674-4205-8BC8-DC9E42B24C0D.pdf Another pretty substantial retail development for N. Shep. To think, one day you may hear someone in Houston comment about how they can't afford to eat and shop with all the yuppies on N. Shep.
  2. 4002 N Main Street

    Heights Bier Garten is about as German as a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. King's Bierhaus is the gold standard. I have never been to Stuttgarden Tavern. At least they have a brat menu, but not a lot of Euro brews. But this will be their forth location. Scale seems to win the day in the Heights now that rents have shot up.
  3. It was designed by Michael Hsu. He is pretty much the gold standard for retail/restaurant architects in Texas. http://hsuoffice.com/project/hunky-dory-bernadines/
  4. I have not, but I am from Atlanta and still have family there. I have been to Ford Fry's restaurants in Atlanta. He is a brilliant chef and it is nice that he is expanding back to where he grew up. But the Superica concept is very noisy/casual with kitschy stuff on the walls. You can put it anywhere. The old Hunky Dory/Bernadine's space could be so much more than a TexMex place.
  5. Lululemon has signage up at 713 Heights Blvd, the second of the two bungalows heading northbound on Heights that are part of the development. I guess Cloud 10 creamery is going in the other bungalow and Melange Creperie is going in the newly constructed building behind that bungalow. I was hoping that 713 Heights would be Melange or Cloud 10 because their is a nice deck in back and some space out front for tables. But I guess Lululemon would certainly be able to write a much bigger rent check to have their store front the Blvd than Melange could.
  6. Atlanta based Tex Mex concept bringing Austin vibe and live music on weekends. It will be very hard to see such great architecture and interior design get ripped up for a noisy Tex Mex place.
  7. http://www.har.com/605-peddie-st/sale_17497822 it's the Peddie house with the amazing garden. The interior is as colorful and lovely as the garden.
  8. Braun to redevelop 4721 N. Main

    Yelp may be the worst thing to happen to the restaurant industry in recent history. I have family in the PNW that run a very high profile restaurant (NY Times reviewed, tops local media "best" lists, etc.). The cuisine is Asian/French fusion. The Yelpers started a crusade calling out the Asian side of the cuisine on the grounds of lack of authenticity and cultural appropriation (chef is a white guy). it got so bad that they are now working on transitioning out most of the Asian influence on the menu. The yelpers in Houston do not get it that the yeast donuts at Morningstar are supposed to be chewy or a bit more "al dente" than what drips out of the deep fryer at Shipleys. Others just do not get the creative dishes like the black rice, money cat potatoes or crispy rice. Morningstar has responded to the Yelpers with less ambitious fare like breakfast tacos and brisket filled kolaches. The location does not lend itself to the same kind of traffic that Boomtown gets, but it is always full on the weekends and busy enough during the week.
  9. http://www.har.com/1801-columbia/sale_17066649 So rare these days to see so much original interior woodwork that hasn't been painted over.
  10. 1848 Airline Dr

    Enough murals already. It is now the real estate equivalent of "put a bird on it". I thought I heard that Bellissimo was looking for a better location.
  11. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    There are plenty of chefs in Houston who can get the backing to do a new concept in the Heights, even with the steep rise in rents. There are a few in the pipeline. But the commercial leasing agents have a big bias for chains and restaurant groups. My problem with getting the 2nd, 3rd, 5th etc. location is that quality is always compromised when an additional location is added. The 15th Torchy's is a distant relative to the original food truck in Austin. Bakery Lorraine in San Antonio was my favorite spot for breakfast when I was out there for work. But they opened a second location and have seriously dumbed down their menu to help them mass produce. And then there is just the benefit of having a restaurant scene that is doing something new and interesting instead of just making existing restaurants more convenient.
  12. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/heights/business/article/Hopdoddy-signs-on-as-tenant-in-Heights-Waterwork-11296852.php?ipid=hpctp I like Hopdoddy . . . . 171 miles away from Houston. It is really time to see some Houston area talent step up and open some new restaurants in the Heights instead of getting infested with additional locations for Dallas, Austin, Denver and Atlanta restaurant concepts.
  13. Heights Swim & Social Club

    I have mixed feelings about this. I appreciate the grassroots effort, but wonder whether this is even feasible. Also, I worry that it will be too expensive and exclusive. There really isn't an acre to be found in Heights proper that wouldn't draw big real estate players. They would have to go out to Shady Acres or even further out west of White Oak Bayou/TC Jester. If you have to get in the car to go swim, why pay for a club when you can go to the YMCA for a fraction of the cost? And why not direct this energy into improving existing City facilities? Love and Stude Parks have pools that could be really nice with some improvements. Moody Park is huge and has lots of space to do just about anything.
  14. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/06-19-17-ascension-coffee-dallas-heights-waterworks-braun-enterprises/#slide=0 Braun looks to be moving fast on the Waterworks project. I would say that the Heights is approaching coffee house over saturation, but Ascension is more of a full service cafe/wine bar.
  15. Yale St. Plaza at Fifth Street

    Demo permits issued for the two houses next to this lot and signs of site prep work. No clue what is planned, but things are happening.