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  1. What is going on with this thing? There is a big pile of trash in front of the building next to a crane/lift with the front window punched out. It seemed like for weeks nothing was happening, but I have recently seen a handful of workers go up into the parking garage in the building.
  2. 1114 Yale: Southeast corner at 12th

    It will be parking. They tried to do something with the house, but gave up when they ran into too many structural issues. The biggest problem was getting to the side of the building that was just a few inches from the main building. They would have had to jack the house up, move it over a few feet and then move it back after it was done.
  3. 1203 W 34th Street

    http://theleadernews.com/slowpokes-dispute-heats-up/ Very sad. What would even be worse is if the landlord demos the porch and dog run, but never improves the rest of the center as required by the lease.
  4. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Maison Pucha is open for dinner. Menu is mostly French classics. We will see whether the jinx can be broken.
  5. 3701 North Main at Pecore Restaurant

    Might be related to Taqueria Barba food truck.
  6. 3715 Alba

    Petrol Station is in the middle of nowhere in GOOF and they have been packing them in for years. There were so few good dining options in the GOOF that people would jump all over anything that opened north of 610. Cottonwood, Crowbar, Petrol Station, Shep Park Draught House, slow Pokes and Plonk all have done very well in GOOF. But the Liberty Kitchen tried to be a bit too pricey to get families with a pile of kids to have dinner on a week night and too close to the Heights location to pull in anyone south of 610. I am not a big LK fan, but it was a really nice build out and could still work in the right hands.
  7. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Snooze and Golden Bagels and Coffee are pretty much built out and are staffing up.
  8. Oh, get off your little soap box already. There are two restaurants (Local Foods and a wine bar) that have not opened yet. And they are also doing a "phase II" across the street where the scooter store and Chic Warehouse used to be. So, it will probably just be a matter of time before the nextdoor threads start complaining about the piles of cars overflowing the lot once Local Foods and the wine bar are open.
  9. Well. Didn't see that one coming. There will be a nice pile of dead birds at the base of the big window. HVAC and sound proofing will also be interesting. And there will be a heckuva glare in the winter months. But why not. I always liked how Mark's repurposed the church except that there were no real windows (I guess back when it first opened you really did not want to see what was happening on Westheimer). So, this could really be great if they can catch a really top notch restaurant tenant. Might be a little over the top for another Le Peep.
  10. People were saying a few years ago that the lumber yard and Matheson Gas were on the verge of selling so they could move out to the beltway for cheaper dirt. I guess there is still enough value in being centrally located or they are just waiting for a really big check.
  11. The owner of the strip center that houses Slowpokes is supposed to be doing something on the adjacent property. That caused a ruckus over plans to knock down trees and add parking by Slowpokes. Is this development in addition to that or the same thing? There is already site prep going on over there, but I cannot tell whether it is two different developments or one big one.
  12. 206 W 27th St

    Coltivare, Liberty Kitchen and Field & Tides do not take reservations. Ka Sushi takes reservations, but does not bother with Open Table. Southern Goods is on a different online reservation platform. Reservations are a must at Presidio on Fri/Sat, but they only take them by phone. There are four prime restaurant pads that are currently in the process of turning over. (Hunky Dory, Bernadines, cursed Stella Sola and the late great Glass Wall). Nundini takes reservations and the maitre d' will get all stressed out if you walk in on Friday or Saturday with out a reservation, but will quickly find you a table up front. Can't wait for them to get back to business. Harold's In the Heights takes reservations and is on a different platform. The Heights restaurants tend to run more on the casual end, but you can spend a lot of money at any of the foregoing. Galleria is not a fair comparison because they get a lot of expense account customers from the businesses nearby. I do not think that the Heights has reached saturation, but there are some big projects in the pipeline between the post office, waterworks and developments on N Shep and N Main. So, it will be interesting to watch and see whether the sky is the limit or whether there will be a plateau.
  13. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Happy Fatz is closing. The owners are going to open a restaurant in Canyon Lake.
  14. 206 W 27th St

    And Ascension. There is a big difference between Helen and Hopdoddy. A chain with 21 locations across a couple of states is a totally different animal from a second location of a one off local concept. There are still some new concepts coming to the Heights. The chicken finger place next to the HEB on Shep. The new bagel shop. The Manuel Pucha's French restaurant is daring to take a shot at the cursed Studewood site and the European place that is going in on the ground floor of the medical building next to Bosscat. But, yeah. With leasing priced where it is, there are only so many ways to make use of the new retail space and make a profit. Whether it is a chain or local concept isn't really the issue. The issue is saturation and as you note competition from cheaper space in the 1st/6th ward, the East Side and maybe near north side. If the Heights becomes a big city wide attraction, then demand can probably sustain a lot more retail development. But if people are attracted to other spots around town on an increasingly equal footing to the Heights, then there may be a plateau on the way.
  15. 206 W 27th St

    With a repeal of the dry zone for bars and restaurants looming and all the new retail sq ft in the pipeline, you do have to wonder how many coffee shops, gastro pub/craft beer/cocktail bars, fitness studios and fashion boutiques the area can absorb before supply outstrips demand. To the extent all the new development makes the Heights a destination for the entire city, the sky may be the limit. But there are lots of places around town that are growing and will compete for the same retail/resto dollars. East side, downtown, 6th/1st ward and even the GOOF will see a lot more retail development that will compete with the Heights.