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  1. Houston Aerials

    Thank you!
  2. Houston Aerials

    Thank you! I appreciate that! I really enjoyed putting it together!
  3. Houston Aerials

    Thank you! I plan on getting a lot more with more flattering light in the coming months to compile more...maybe one final compilation after a few installments.
  4. Houston Aerials

    Hey everyone, hope you've all had a good Thanksgiving and year. Thought I'd share this video I put together recently of different shots around town taken by drone. I figured if any community would enjoy them it would be HAIF. Let me know what areas you'd like to see in the future as I plan on making this into an ongoing series! Bryan
  5. Hey I didn't give you permission to use my photo... It was pretty great to work with ZCA on Aris! She's a beaut!
  6. 609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    Thanks buddy! I was actually flying for a photo job for another downtown building but couldn't help but snag this one too. She looks so great!

    Better leave space for some more, this team has the chops to make a run for a few years! So happy for the team and the city, we've been waiting a loooong time for this!
  8. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    Thank you! No, I do not...was hoping someone here would be able to comment on it.
  9. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    Shameless plug:
  10. SkyHouse River Oaks

    "This is my plastic fork!"
  11. Looks great from 350' up!
  12. 609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    Can't find the skyline update thread any more (I've never had much luck with the search feature on this forum) so I felt like this thread could apply. The prototypical downtown Houston skyline shot.