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    Yet they managed to become the North American HQ for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.
  2. KLM Ends 747 Service to IAH

  3. KLM Ends 747 Service to IAH

    I think Cargolux 747s still serve IAH, but good luck getting a seat there.
  4. Bott's dots in Houston

    I last saw them installed about 15 years ago. Unless you count construction zones. They're being used on 288 in zones where the lanes have shifted.
  5. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    The Downtown Connector in Atlanta has a few intersections above it. They just construct a very wide bridge to accommodate the intersection https://goo.gl/maps/iU7kGxtXMby Another contributor to the traffic is the two left lanes branching away to become Spur 527. You have people weaving to get over to 527 and people weaving from the left lanes to stay on 59/69. This would be a good opportunity for them to relocate the 527 exit to the right lanes. I went to one of the neighborhood meetings and suggested it, but one of the workers said they thought it couldn't be done. I think it could be done. There's enough space since there'll be the same number of lanes. The only difference which side the exit is on. It'd just be a shifting of lanes and structures in the same space. Since the freeway will be depressed, there won't be a need for a high flying flyover. I guess they also might want to keep the Spur 527 exit ramp and HOV ramp on one structure, and having a Spur 527 exit from the right side would mean two separate structures.
  6. thehaif.com giving 404 error

    It's been a month and there hasn't been a response yet. You'd think this would be important when you consider the forum's Facebook page uses thehaif.com as the link to the forum, and it's not like the Facebook page is abandoned. @editor@Urbannizer anyone?
  7. Broadway South of 45 to Hobby

    From old aerial photos, there was nothing there before the apartments were built. Just large fields. They were built in the mid to late 70s.
  8. Still with the dusty bridges?

    I reported the Ardmore St. bridge over Brays Bayou to 311 because it had so much sand and gravel placed on it that it was bumpy and kicking up dust and rocks like driving over a country road. They sent a street sweeper about 2 weeks after I made the request, but it was raining that day and they didn't get it all up. There's still some gravel left on the bridge and sidewalks, so I reported it again and COH closed the ticket claiming it didn't pose a safety hazard.
  9. They demolished all the greenery in the median between Southmore and Binz/Calumet yesterday. I wondered why they planted those trees there in the first place in 2006 knowing that toll lanes would cause them to be ripped out in the not too distant future. One thing I liked about the greenery was that it eliminated rubbernecking when there was an accident on the opposing side.
  10. thehaif.com giving 404 error

    Still going on nearly 2 weeks now. I'm disappointed in the lack of response from anyone regarding this issue.
  11. thehaif.com giving 404 error

    I think so.
  12. thehaif.com giving 404 error

    @editor I don't know if you've read this thread yet so that's why I've tagged you. I'm still getting a 404 error on thehaif.com.
  13. 59 - 610 Interchange Partial Rebuild

    I drove by yesterday and saw some rebar going up for support columns for what I assume will be the 610 mainlanes.
  14. thehaif.com giving 404 error

    When I try to access the forums using thehaif.com, I get a 404 error. There's no problem if I use http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/ to access it.