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  1. Wrong building. The suicide jump was at The Willowick. The River Oaks isn't open yet.
  2. Wow. Those are so ugly I just assumed they'd be affordable. Silly me. Building the slums of tomorrow, Today!
  3. Simply elegant.
  4. I'd be more interested in raw numbers. Percentages get thrown off by the different starting baselines and the fact that some cities are basically built out. At the end of the day, 55,000 people moving to NY is more impressive to me than the 7.8% growth in Georgetown, Texas (the fastest growing city by % that same year).
  5. Yay! Go Dolphins!
  6. I don't blame the developers. They care only about the bottom line. It is up to the City or at least the historic district to implement some design requirements. Very few cities would allow this to go up.
  7. Whew. It would have been horrible to have this garage standing like this for a few years.
  8. Aviation Week is stating that China Eastern will serve IAH-Shanghai starting as early as this June. No news of type of aircraft or how many weekly flights there will be, but IAH is getting another international carrier. Likely will be 3-4 times a week on a 773 according to rumors.
  9. I've been wondering about this one. However, if that rendering was anything close to correct, they'll need to jump now to get that down by this time next year...
  10. This would be more exciting if not for the fact that United served Munich non-stop year round in the very recent past. I flew it last summer to get to Athens.
  11. Wow, you went off the rails with that one but I am not sure how spending half a billion dollars to open a UT branch in Houston is going to help the children of poor migrant workers in the age of Trump. Also, again, I have to ask you if you are aware that there are other options for education in this region? Texas Southern, TWU, Sam Houston, St. Thomas (which ranks as one of the top 50 schools for Hispanics in the US), Lone State, UH-Downtown, HCC, Prairie View, San Jac, etc... And, just in case you are truly worried about a first generational student and helping keep costs down, you might want to check out UHin4.
  12. Funny how people supporting UH are seen as the ones with privilege. Why must you feel the need to attend a University of Texas branch? Why do you assume the University of Houston is the only option for decent public education in this region? Are you unaware of how many other public options there are in southeast Texas or are you just too good for those schools? The fact of the matter is there are just four public schools and five overall in the state of Texas that are in the World University top 400 AND designated by the Carnegie Foundation at the highest level (doctoral granting with highest research activity). Those five in order of ranking; University of Texas, Austin Rice University, Houston Texas A&M University, College Station University of Texas-Dallas, Richardson University of Houston, Main Campus Quite frankly, instead of wasting hundreds of millions offering duplicate services in the one region of this state that has the most options (Rice, UH, and A&M serve this region well), the UT system needs to elevate UTSA, UTEP, UTRGV, UT Arlington, and UT Tyler. That would be in the best interest of this state. It would also be in the best interest of this state to help elevate Texas Tech as well. As a Texan, would it be in all of our best interests if the Valley, San Antonio, El Paso, the Panhandle, and a second DFW area school were elevated before another one was added to Southeast Texas?
  13. Kellyanne, is that you? That's some good spin. Texas violates state law, spends hundreds of millions without approval, and then gets shut down when lawmakers look into the deal and UH is crooked? I bet you blame Hillary for the Russian specter.
  14. Because, Forty Acres!
  15. The whole thing was sketchy. Despite what some UT folks think, you don't run Texas. Texas runs you. The fact that hundreds of millions were spent to buy a booster's land without state approval or even preliminary plans for what UT was going to do with it should outrage everyone. That's not how things should work. I am all for UT increasing their presence in Houston. They're already here in so many different forms. UT should just follow the proper channels for growth. The retreat makes me think this thing might stink even more than I thought when it first failed my smell test.