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  1. Cars Ruining Cities

    Boston and San Francisco are tiny. Both under 50 square miles. And both are GROWING. Sure, it's expensive to live there but it's expensive to live in the best areas of Houston too. Try buying somewhere between Downtown and Rice or Downtown and Memorial.
  2. 2132 Bissonnet

    It was a joke. Please take a chill pill.
  3. 2132 Bissonnet

    I live a few blocks away. As an inside the Looper, I take great offense to this being in the Uptown/Galleria section.
  4. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    More importantly, they fixed the fountain between Baker and Jones just in time for summer. It's my dog's favorite spot on campus other than begging for food from students... oh, and Rice Bikes!
  5. East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    Museum District might be tough with the ZaZa right there but something like that in Montrose near the Menil. You'd be surprised by how many people come to Houston just for the Menil. Not enough for a Sheraton but certainly enough for a 30-50 room boutique. I'd also argue that something of this size in the Rice Village would mint money.
  6. KLM Ends 747 Service to IAH

    That 747 combo was my favorite way to get to Europe. Sad to see it go. Glad I got to fly it one last time and collect my Delft Blue House to add to the collection.
  7. Montrose Mining Company building

    It's a real shame because the building and footprint are really cool. That patio could be turned into something special, even for Montrose's trendy residents.
  8. Montrose Mining Company building

    Terrible news. That was the first gay bar I ever worked the nerve to enter. Probably should have started with JRs but they didn't take my ID!
  9. Interesting. The Southmore and Aris were both partnerships with Greystar.
  10. Houston: Potential

    Wow. It's hilarious to scroll through and then go back and look at proposal A.
  11. Capitol Lofts @ 711 Main St

    Man Bear Pig! I love that that was just referenced here.
  12. Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    90% occupancy in less than a year in a AA property is a freaking slam dunk. You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about and I really wish people would stop quoting your nonsense.
  13. Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    I really thought about buying here and downsizing. It's the only new build for-sale condo building in the market but I couldn't pull the trigger. I knew the end result would be a garage-mahal with no interaction whatsoever with the street. That is moo in uptown but it's terrible in downtown.
  14. New 2018 Foreign Flags

    Good news! Emirates is bringing back the whale (A-380) starting June 1st.
  15. Riva at the Park

    If $1,000 a month extra for a concierge, valet, private elevators, a junior olympic heated pool with downtown views, a pilates room, a theater room, his and her spa facilities, a golf simulator, a putting green, a dog park, a summer kitchen, a full-sized real fitness center, wine storage, climate controlled storage, two guest suites, conference rooms, and more is tight for you then you probably shouldn't be looking at $2.2 million properties. There's a reason the top price from the developers (Pelican) at the Riva were $1.6 (that was the penthouse floor). Someone clearly bought a unit below that floor and threw about $100,000 on upgrades and are trying to turn a $400,000+ profit. Good luck.