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  1. Melbourne's CBD has these awesome alleyways/corridors that are lined with graffiti from block-to-block. Some of them have food windows in the dead space. It's really cool to see these tiny spaces between mega buildings.
  2. I'll try. Verizon is messing with me right now with data limits and storage issues. First thing on my agenda when I get home is to dump Verizon.
  3. Downtown Hobart, Tasmania has a freaking Target and it's a ghost town after dark. It's in the pedestrian mall about 8 blocks up from the waterfront. A Target would make bank in downtown Houston.
  4. I'm in Melbourne right now. Holy cow, there's some great looking stuff going up in this town. Totes jelly.
  5. Too bad the Super Bowl doesn't coincide with Halloween. We could cut three holes in a massive sheet, cover it, and call it a ghost.
  6. Here's the biggest change coming as I just got notice via my neighborhood... no more free surface parking. All street parking in the Rice Village will become metered. Free parking will be moved to the roof.
  7. Every building is falling apart if you don't take care of it. My house was a 1920s English that hadn't been lived in in over 8 years. It had Hurricane Ike damage which included a massive hole in the roof that exposed the first floor to the sun. However, the foundation was solid and I rebuilt the old beauty putting a modern house inside of the old structure. The Houston Club would have never worked as an office tower, but if someone with vision had gotten a hold of it, it could have made a really nice apartment tower or even a cool hotel. The windows alone were worth it (they were operable originally).
  8. Not sure how tearing down an existed structure and replacing it with another is infill when downtown has dozens of entirely empty parcels. The Houston Club wasn't great, but it was an example of mid 1900s architecture which we lack in this town.
  9. On one hand it would cover up that awful garage that Skanska built. On the other, it would put as much as 750,000 square feet of office space on the market (the rest of the tower and in the current BOA). I guess I lean towards option one because at least I know BOA is hurting. Why people continue to bank at that evil monster is beyond me.
  10. It kills me because I love authentic hole-in-the-walls but I think the Local version of the banh-mi is delish. #whiteymcwhite
  11. Nope. Not unless you own it cuz America, moran. #freedom. #boilersarecommies
  12. I've been on this board from before it was even this board and he's the only one I've put on ignore. That said, someone quoted him and I am LOLing about his "PROPERTY RIGHTS" argument. It's so tired. And when it comes to an organization that pays NO taxes, I don't think it really works that well...
  13. Nice! I didn't have my crappy phone with me but it looks really nice. My only worry is for the people living on Lake St. Will the garage be blank? I don't think I've ever seen a rendering for the backside. A view of a concrete parking garage would suck.
  14. The glass on the first two floors of the office tower facing Colquit looks really, really nice. If that's how the entire two floor retail/commercial space will look spanning two blocks, I'll cream my pants.