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  1. Someone has to know someone that works for Gensler... These would be magnificent. EXACTLY what Midtown has needed for a very long time.
  2. Why did this end up in the Montrose section? I think someone confused Dunvale with Dunlavy. This thing is going up near the big Wal-Mart outside the Loop.
  3. I wonder if Vantage still has plans for their uptown tower. Was slated to begin after this one finished construction.
  4. Definitely breaks the 400 foot mark considering that Five Post Oak is 389 feet and this is quite a bit taller.
  5. I think they missed the train. By the time they come in, there will be multiple Shake Shacks and HopDoddies all over town plus all of the burger joints we have here (Becks, Southwells, Burger Joint, Cliff's, Five Guys, Smash, Whataburger, etc...)
  6. Gotta love how the view of downtown out the window appears to be from about the 25th floor of a 6 story building. That said, solid infill.
  7. Trains are crowded... I can never find a seat... Yeah, sounds like a total failure. It's so popular nobody goes there anymore.
  8. The amazing thing about downtown Dallas is that the vacancy rate has remained the same despite enormous amounts of square footage being converted to residential/hotel. We need a major tower (like the Exxon) to flip purposed to help this market out. Dallas has seen a handful of towers around that side converted.
  9. Yeah, just what we need, a garage enticing people to drive to the bars!
  10. I'm surprised it has taken this long. I love saving old buildings but the law school is beyond saving. It's dark, damp, and flood prone. It's also just plain ugly.
  11. My neighborhood is very walkable. It's even more bike-able. In 5-20 minutes I can be at the Rice Village, Rice U, Hermann Park, Museum District, Med Center, Montrose, etc... However, it is really, really unpleasant to walk right now even with the oak canopy.
  12. It's even more simple than that. In the same press conference, Trump claimed Obama did not do enough to stop or punish Russia for interfering with our election. Then, about ten minutes later, he threw our entire intelligence community under the bus and said nobody really knows who did it and that it may or may not have been Russia. You cannot have it both ways. It is one or the other. So, blind followers, which is it; love of Trump or hate of Obama? You might enjoy being gaslighted but I do not.
  13. F'in gross.
  14. The Wall Street Journal, not known to be a liberal rag my any means, dropped a HUGE bomb last Friday. The investigation is ongoing. Those demanding evidence right now either do not know how investigations work or they've fallen victim because they are easily manipulated.
  15. You called the Russia story fake news. Am I missing something or did I misinterpret your words?