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  1. I'm almost always in favor of garages over surface lots but not on this block. An empty lot is an empty slate for something amazing. A brand new 10 story garage with a small retail space is a detriment. Plus, this thing is bat s#!7 ugly too.
  2. Downtown, especially these restaurants, have become a big start-off for UH kids on thursday nights. Dinner and drinks and then on to midtown. My daughter has been to all of them already. I get the bills!
  3. The Parc twins are condos.
  4. Looks like best case scenario is that in 5-10 years we get a Market Square Tower type of building next to our generation's Kim Son Garage. It's lame. Don't blame the developers because this will be a cash cow but why would our city allow this? Isn't Market Square a historic district? What's the point if it is? Eh, I take it back. Blame the developers too. This was one of the most prime locations downtown and they opted for this.
  5. Blake might want to remove that video or at least take his name off of it.
  6. If that AMLI Fountain Place comes out even 30% like the early rendering, color me jelly.
  7. skwatra is right. I've seen people drive from the North side to the South side just to shop. Seriously. When I lived on Elmen I used to walk to the River Oaks Theater but that was in the 90s and there was also a theater at West Gray @ Waugh. Saw Mars Attacks there after a bowl. Never laughed so hard in my life.
  8. 2,500 parking spaces plus parking offices, a restaurant space, and 17,000 square feet of arts classrooms/exhibition space.
  9. This is terrible. It's bad enough that downtown is littered with open-air garages but allowing for one to go up on Market Square Park shows just how far we have to go as a city. Yeah, I know that there are plans to develop around it.
  10. Let's see... a 77019 zip code. PLUS Easy access to downtown. PLUS Easy access to Buffalo Bayou Park. PLUS Easy access to River Oaks (empty nesters). PLUS Easy access to ROD and Galleria. PLUS Easy access to Montrose foodie haven. PLUS Easy access to TMC. PLUS Easy access to Museums. PLUS Hotel amenities and service. PLUS Room service at home. PLUS Whole Foods adjacent. PLUS Art Car Parade Route. PLUS 4th of July Fireworks views. PLUS Cool hotel when visitors come. PLUS I've long considered this area the best place in Houston for high rise residential. It truly is the "center" of it all. The views will either be of a green belt and downtown, a green belt and the sunset to the west over Memorial Park, or urban views of downtown. TMC, Montrose, Greenway, Uptown. The only thing missing is transit. This is why I will continue to beg for a street car down West Dallas from the Allen Center to Shepherd. It's a no brainer. Heck, make a fake one with no tracks... just a trolley on wheels that runs loops all day. There are thousands of units within a couple of blocks of Dallas now. Do it.
  11. OMG. I got the dish if you wanna hear the scoop... Rumor has it that GOSSIP is so over. Snap at me and I'll spill it. That place was a hot mess. Good riddance.
  12. Possibly the Inter-Continental/Latitude apartments project going up right now?
  13. Wow, that's underwhelming.
  14. My guess is they still plan on building that but they can get their certificate of occupancy first and start bringing in some cash flow via rent. If you look closely, that's just a raised deck, a few pillars, a small roof, and some trellises. That can be built last.
  15. The Morgan Group put out a press release today about the official ground breaking. Whole Foods is INCLUDED. False alarm appears to be false.