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When I visit a site for an event, I want to know the basics about the event (why I should go), a decent map (how I get there), how to pay for it (online preferable), and who the entertainment will be. If you can provide all of those things quickly and without a lot of mouse clicks, you have done your job.

I agree with the other guys about the sound effects as you scroll over the links. If I was to view this at the office (I know better than to do that, LOL) then I would be scrambling for my laptop's mute button--not a good thing ;)

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Thanks for the comments guys. I agree the mouse over sound effects are a bit much. I will see if I can turn down the volume or take them out.

Montrose1100: No it is not weird that recognize people in the pictures. A majority of our attendees are from Texas. But we have started to market nationwide in the past few years.

Just an FYI, last year we raised $57,000 from our Jungle Party and we hope to raise more this year for those Houston organizations that need funding.

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let me start by saying that I'm a girl, so opinions may vary...but my first reaction to the space craft guy was "holy butt crack!", and then there it was again on the main page! but hey, to each their own :D

Good site though, I will forward it to some friends!

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I have to agree about using Flash, however, our website is geared toward a certain subset of the gay population, the so called "circuit boy". These guys typically travel the country to attend what are called circuit parties. The website is designed to attract those guys with disposible income that might never have been to Houston.

We find in promoting our event; we are sometimes selling the idea of coming to Houston rather than the event itself. On top of that we are competiting witht he King (Queen) of all Circuit Parties, the White Party in Palm Springs which is always the same weekend as our event.

Long story short, flash tends to appeal to the guys who might jump on a plane and come here for the weekend.

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