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Anyone On Myspace.com


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Here is what I think...this talk of Myspace.com and predators...well...those women asking for it chose to talk to people they didn't know.

I accept friends I am in close contact with. I have been hit on myspace.com but I ignored the message and deleted it.

I am not being choosy (well yes...I am LOL!) but hey this is a dangerous world we live in and we got to be careful.

But I was just curious if anyone was on myspace.

btw, I frequently talk to most of you on here so if you are on here I'd add y'all (if I knew you by screen name on here)

but I don't get on Myspace.com to talk about sex and be flirty. I think I am on for the networking of Hollywood types (who some are actually on there...others are posers but like anywhere using ones best judgement)

I even found some actor friends of mine on Myspace that I thought I lost contact with :)

there is a good and bad to everything...its how one percieves it.

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I like it because it keeps my attention diverted on doing something creative and it keeps me in touch with friends and family (some I have lost touch with).

I even saw old saw Alumni I went to high school with as well! (well I can keep in touch with them better then "Classmates.com" and can don't have to pay to email them or get in contact with them)

Some pages are a bit busy...mine is busy I know but I want something to keep my attention away from my distractions/problems I am having outside the computer.

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i'm on but only visit once in a while. i know everyone on my list (except for bands) and it has been an interesting way to catch up with old friends that have moved far away...

same here.

people also choose to clutter them to hell or not.

it actually makes a pretty nifty free mailing list &

marketing tool for local bands/clubs/businesses...

you don't have to list any personal info.

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speaking of myspace.com...weird thing happened today!!

I got an "add a friend" to a friend who I haven't talked to in 5+ YEARS!! I could NOT believe how she FOUND ME!!!! That is so cool and AMAZING!!! OMG!! I am still in shock!!! :)

...and she's in HOUSTON!! (only .1% of my friends live in Houston!)

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You know, did not even think about that. I should realize how easy it is to pull information.

Thanks for your input.

Not a prob... It just doesnt occur to lots of people.

I deleted my post.. ya might wanna do the same.. or least the quote of mine..

It occured to me.. putting up a billboard with your name and the problem wasn't too bright either.

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What's the point of myspace? It seems like a contest to see who can have a page cluttered with most needless junk.

I really just wanted to quote myself again after going to some of the above listed myspace pages. I'm still not understanding their functionality. Do I have some filter turned off, that I should turn on, that will allow these myspace pages to load with in 30 minutes, and not blast 3 different songs at one time, or cause my browser to lock up?

I get the reason of wanting friends to contact you, but is this even a legitimate excuse for this website? I mean, don't other websites (facebook & classmates), instant messengers, email, phones, and god forbid - old fashioned letter writing accomplish the same thing?

I'm just not convinced.

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i started a myspace ID because my niece and nephew are on there and thought that "uncle keith" should be available on the same format as their friends. now, my only "friends" on myspace are my niece and nephew and a couple of their friends. it would be great to have some adults with common interests on my friends list.

so here goes.........http://profile.myspace.com/bachanon

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