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Word is that McElvy Partners sold to a group that owns Village Voice and LA Weekly.  I miss the old Leader before McElvy bought it.  They used to get out into parts of the Heights and GOOF that got little attention.  McElvy almost ruined the Leader when he tried to turn it into a neighborhood version of FoxNews, railing against the historic districts and printing some utter nonsense on the subject (law professor claimed that HDs were unconstitutional despite US Supreme Court holding that historic preservation passes constitutional muster).  Clearly at some point, McElvy figured out that no one wanted a caustic right leaning neighborhood news paper and toned it down (McElvy then stepped down as publisher).  Since then, the Leader has done a decent job of being a community news paper more like the Leader of old.  

I am concerned that the new owners may see the all the money coming into the neighborhood as an indication that the Leader needs to be more like something someone would read in Bushwick or Park Slope instead of focusing on community affairs, like schools, City of Houston issues, etc.  But we shall see. 

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17 hours ago, JJxvi said:

Learn something new every day. Who knew that The Leader was apparently radicalizing any bugs that got trapped in my recycle bin?

Careful.  If your TAMU buddies find out that you recycle, they will call you a cuck and won't share their pepe memes with you.  

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