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Kiam Building & Kiam Annex At 316-320 Main St.


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6 hours ago, downtownian said:

Preservation Houston is hosting a web meeting on Dec 15 on efforts to rehabilitate the Kiam Building at 320 Main. I was unaware that any efforts were currently underway. This previously had a Mia Bella on the ground floor until a plumbing issue (I believe) forced it to close and the building is vacant today. 


invite below:

Join Preservation Houston and architect Joe Meppelink for an online Preservation in Practice program Tuesday evening, December 15, examining the restoration of the 1893 Kiam Building downtown, one of Houston’s first proto-skyscrapers, early multi-story buildings that set the stage for taller steel-framed structures.
Clothier Ed Kiam built the five-story building to house his clothing store on lower floors with office space above. Architect H.C. Holland designed the building with Romanesque Revival elements including arched windows and rusticated masonry accents. It was said to be the first building in Houston with an electric elevator and drew attention because it was fully outfitted with electric lights when it opened. Over the years, the building had a variety of tenants, including prominent attorneys, architects and the first Houston location of the Sakowitz Bros. department store.

The Kiam Building was restored in 1981, but has stood vacant in recent years. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 as part of the Main Street/Market Square National Register historic district and is a contributing building in the City of Houston’s Main Street/Market Square Historic District.

In his presentation, Meppelink will discuss the Kiam Building’s history and the current work to document and rehabilitate the building while meeting local, state and federal preservation standards.


Would be amazing if this got a great rehab.

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4 hours ago, adr said:

Still unclear if "open air drug market right out your front door!" is to be included as an amenity on the listing brochure.


With Dean's closed, they have been able to set up an actual storefront.  TBH, it's much more professional now.

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When was the last time you went into Dean's or Notsuoh? They have been rebuilt, they're very nice - on the first floor. The second and third floors.... not so much (I haven't been to the late night after hours at the one on the right in a few years, so I can't tell you if it's still an unfinished disaster area with the worst restroom i have ever been in to - it made punk rock club bathrooms look nice, and that includes the old bathrooms at Numbers)

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  • The title was changed to Kiam Building & Kiam Annex At 316-320 Main St.

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