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Retail Center At 1102 Delano St.

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6 hours ago, hindesky said:

Eternal Beauty Salon.


As someone who used to typeset college-level math in my day job, seeing an upper-case sigma used in lieu of an "E" by lazy logo designers grinds my gears almost as much as seeing Comic Sans used for, well, anything. 

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Sidewalks are actually pretty nice to walk on; hard to have the shade from the get go but the trees will grow with time.  The annoying part is there is almost no pedestrian access to the building - you have to walk through the parking lot.  the worst part is the ramp is at the far end of the building, with just painted lines connecting it to the handicap parking spots

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54 minutes ago, hindesky said:



The architectural barriers project filing for 1102 Delano St pertains to a restaurant. The Delano / The Delano Restaurant is the listed name. However, it's possible the business' name could be something else once it opens.

Chris Sanders is the name of tenant listed on the filing. I don't know who he is. But going off the phone number provided, maybe this a former NFL player who played with the Tennessee Titans. I suppose we'll have to wait for further information.  

1102 Delano St is located in East Downtown (EaDo.)


Below are details from the filing:


Estimated Start Date: December 29, 2023
Estimated Completion Date: February 22, 2024
Estimated Cost:  $325,000
Type of Work: Renovation/Alteration
Scope of Work: New restaurant build-out, only building existing 
Square Footage: 9,352 sf
Design Firm: MIrador Group


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Another success of no parking minimums in the area. The entire complex only has 30 parking spaces. Even if only half of the 9,333 sq ft is area for patrons, they would be normally looking at about 50 parking spaces. 

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