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McIntyre’s Restaurant At 901 Commerce St.


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  • The title was changed to Spaghetti Warehouse At 901 Commerce St. Renovations
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This bar may not end up being my scene, but have high hopes for it moving the center of gravity for entertainment in this part of town. Especially for pre-post Astros game, I think they will draw big crowds considering how much cheaper and plentiful the parking is over here. Already lots of folks park and take the easy walk from here. 

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17 hours ago, kbates2 said:

Gotcha - just not your speed. I think the other McIntyre's does pretty well so we will see how this one does. 

This location should do very well. The original McIntyre's is a destination in that part of the Heights/Shady Acres and is packed every weekend.

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New McIntyre’s location brings three-level bar to downtown Houston


A second location of McIntyre's, the Heights neighborhood bar, opened in downtown Houston on July 1.

It's located in a three-level space at 901 Commerce. Expect the same drinks and vibe than the Heights bar in a much larger setting, with a patio overlooking Buffalo Bayou, 65 TV screens and two giant LED walls broadcasting the games, foosball, cornhole and shuffleboard.

Since opening last Thursday, McIntyre's Downtown has already received high traffic. "It's been amazing," said owner Kyle Berg. "We've had a really good response."

The bar has 24 beers on tap; two cocktails on tap including its most popular drink, a watermelon sangria called It's Always Sunny in Houston; and a full selection of wine and liquor, featuring high-end bourbon and tequila.

There are two options for food. The Grub City food truck will be stationed at McIntyre's five days a week, serving burgers, chicken tenders, quesadillas and fries. A permanent food counter inside sells pizza, hot dogs, nachos and popcorn.

Thursday night will be steak night. There will also be live music on Wednesdays, Fridays during happy hour and Sunday afternoons.

The historic building, which was built in 1912, has a history of flooding, said Berg. They rebuilt the space with that in mind, by creating an open-air pavilion with a split-level floor via the basement and street level, as well as structurally reinforcing the building so it can withstand floodwaters.

"In the event of a flood, we can kind of clean it up and reopen for business with minimal damage," said Berg.

The upstairs looks more similar to the original McIntyre's, with a three-sided bar and bell-shaped patio.

Berg said he's currently working on opening two McIntyre's locations in San Antonio, and hopes to bring more to Houston in the foreseeable future, when he finds the right spot.


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I did some work for McIntyre's on St Paddy's Day weekend. I kinda like the place. The first and second levels are open to the brutal north winds, but they have heaters, so it balances out.
The weather was great on the 17th. 
Anyway, I had some lighting fixtures with very narrow beams. One of them was able to hit the Main Street Bridge about 500' away. This should happen more often....


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  • The title was changed to Spaghetti Warehouse Renovations At 901 Commerce St.
  • The title was changed to McIntyre’s Restaurant At 901 Commerce St.

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