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Moving To The Heights Recommendation


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My family and I are looking into moving to the heights area. We have 2 girls, 9 and 5 years old. We are coming from the suburbs where it is very family oriented. We love hosting and having families over. Are there these types of families in the area? I have seen a lot of young professionals with babies. I was wondering what families with school aged children do?  Some advice on family activities, child friendly areas, or groups would be helpful. They will be attending a private school. I know that bc of private schools the friends they make will be throughout the houston area. Therefore,  seeking more interest in the Heights. Any advice would be so beneficial. Thank you! 

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There are tons of kids in the Heights.  Lots of kids are in private school or magnets out of the Heights.  So, not going to Travis, Harvard, Field, etc. is not really a big deal.  Heights Kids Group on Big Tent is a good place to start making connections with other families.  You have to attend a play group or mother's night out to get access to the message board.  Otherwise, just take lots of walks in the neighborhood and play out in your front yard and you will meet other families pretty quickly.  When a family moves in with kids, other families take notice and try to get their kids over to play.  


Donovan Park is kid central.  But you will also find lots of families out playing at Love, Milroy, Halbert, Proctor and Woodland park.  Jaycee Park has a splash pad and a nice playground.  A lot of Heights kids do sports at the Foster YMCA, Timbergrove and Norhill little leagues (Timbergrove has softball and soccer).  Heights Swim Club is trying to start a membership pool and has social events every now and then for families.    There is also the Heights Hammerheads swim team.  Pengu is a private indoor pool that has swim lessons.  On weekdays, Wonderwild on N. Shep is a great place to play (weekends are only for birthday parties).  Discovery Gymnastics is next door.  Claire School of Dance has ballet lessons for all ages and some other styles.  The Heights Opera does a children's series of light operas for kids.  HITS Theater has classes and puts on a few musicals each year with the students.  The Brazilian Arts Foundation has Capoeira classes for all ages.  There are piles of festivals and events that are either for kids or very kid friendly.  The Heights Association hosts the fun run in the summer and bike rally in the fall.  There is the Crawfish Festival with a parade down 19th st.  The Heights Kids Day of Music is at Love Park in the Spring.  Taste of the Heights, White Linen Nights, Lights in the Heights, and a couple of church and school festivals. 


There are tons of child friendly restaurants.  Lots of kids will be playing in the creek at Cedar Creek in Shady Acres (not a fan of the food, but the tap list makes up for that).  Crisp in Shady Acres also has an outdoor area where kids will play.  Beryhill is a good place to go to watch kids turn feral as their parents get sauced on tequila.  Similar scene at King's Bier Haus, but substitute beer for tequila.  There are always lots of kids playing on the patio at Presidio.  For a nicer meal, Field and Tides, Harolds, Coltivare, and Liberty Kitchen have children's menus (Coltivare will make a pizza or pasta off the menu for kids).  As for desert, there is something for every day of the week.  Red Desert Dive, Steel City Pops, Gelazzi, Cloud Ten, Fat Cat, Dolce Neve, and Da Capo's.  And roll the kids out of bed early for Hugs and Donuts.

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55 minutes ago, s3mh said:

Donovan Park is kid central. 


This, this, this. Perfect place to take the kids. My little brother is 5 and my little sister is 8 (long story) and we bring them to Donovan Park all the time. Great place to meet other parents and kids and start becoming a part of the community. 


Heights is a great place to raise kids. Half my friends have kids here and are the young professionals you mentioned earlier, but most of them do go to Travis Elementary so can't say anything about private schools. Heights has so many restaurants for families from pizza places like Mellow Marshmellow to boba milk tea places like Teapresso to dessert places like Gelazzi's. Pretty much just repeating what s3mh has said already... There's all the trendy places in the Heights but there are also many stores you'd be able to find in the suburbs here as well with many of them being along I-10 (or Katyville, as people here call it).

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9 hours ago, s3mh said:

Beryhill is a good place to go to watch kids turn feral as their parents get sauced on tequila. 




This keeps them off my lawn. :ph34r:

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