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Former KILT-AM Sports Radio 610 Houston afternoon co-host Josh Innes OUT at 94.1 Sportsradio WIP Philadelphia

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According to specific sources, Josh Innes has been given the big boot from 94.1 Sportsradio WIP in Philadelphia, PA.


"We can confirm that Josh Innes is no longer with WIP," a spokesperson said in a statement. "Various station personalities will fill-in during the afternoon show until a new host is announced."


There's more of how Innes managed to waste huge opportunity in the City of Brotherly Love with his controversial antics:



Comment on Innes' firing & tell what you think about this!

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The average IQ of the Philadelphia radio community just went up 50 points. 

I have two questions. How is it possible that someone as toxic and obnoxious as Innes can find work in radio?


How is it possible that a radio station owner would be stupid enough to put someone like Innes on their air? 

Living proof: stupid starts at the top and works its way down.

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Innes has a shtick-y approach that is transparently intentional.  Offended people will rage listen just to hear callers argue with him. I guess it works to some extent, but I can't stomach it. Sports coverage has morphed into celebrity gossip. It's what people want to hear about, I guess. Work in a political angle to get mad about and they'll go off on that for days. Innes internalized that dynamic and crudely tried to apply it too often. 


Sports coverage and fandom in general are increasingly reinforcing my wariness of popular things and thus the motivations of large portions of society.  I must be getting old.


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