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Texas Packing Co. At 1119 Commerce St.


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The problem with this building is that it impedes any further extension of the Buffalo Bayou hike and bike trail because it literally is built right up to the Bayou. I'm curious to see whether BBP can work around it or has to demolish it (not their style). 

I thought it would be cool if they could find a way to run the trail through the building somehow.

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31 minutes ago, IronTiger said:

Quiznos had the address of 1113 Commerce, interestingly.


I don't think it will be demolished for a hike and bike trail because the jail processing center is also built up the bayou, and I can guarantee you that will not be going down easily.


The processing center that will be moving to the new joint processing facility next year? . . .

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18 hours ago, gregpet said:

Does anyone know anything about this building?  Such a cool site right on the bayou especially as this part of downtown gets cleaned up with the Sunset Coffee Building redevelopment.  Walked by it today and it looks vacant (Quiznos was in there for years)...




I would love to find out more about the building or what's going on with it so I can update the arch-ive page (or if anyone knows anything about it 1980s forward).

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On 9/5/2016 at 2:05 AM, SpaceGhost said:


Did it flood during Tax Day? All my classes at UHD were canceled so I stayed clear of that area for a few days..


Yes.  It flooded during the Tax Day flood, during the Memorial Day flood, during Tropical Storm Allison, and no doubt, during Hurricane Harvey.  The building is slated for demolition.



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  • The title was changed to Texas Packing Co. At 1119 Commerce St.

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