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Forgotten Houston


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how many random hotel brochures do you have?


Shamrock hotel, sure, that makes sense for a passionate Houstonian to have a brochure for, but random Marriott on Braeswood? 


on a side note, you can see that this isn't one photo. it's multiple exposures cut and overlayed. there's a black line along the top of the roof where they merged the long exposure higher aperture shot of the hotel, with a shorter exposure and more open aperture of the background trees and sky.


You can tell by how sharp the pool area is, and the star points around the lights denoting a higher aperture shot, mixed with the softer focus background where none of the lights have any star points radiating. photoshop before there was photoshop :)

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2100 S. Braeswood was the old Marriott, right around where you're describing.

I have a brochure somewhere - when I find it I'll post pictures.


The design was nice. It was one of those buildings that always caught my eye. When exactly was it built?  I vaguely remember stone in the front facade. The place was huge. But, I always thought it sat in an odd, somewhat isolated location. 

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