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Hurricane Alicia-1983: Ch. 13's long news coverage

Blue Dogs

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For anyone, who lived through Hurricane Alicia in the fall of 1983, who remembers this and the long news coverage from Ch. 13 ?

Part 1 of Hurricane Alicia coverage

Part 2: Ch. 13's Dave Ward discussing the events and aftermath of Hurricane Alicia.

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I was living in the Midwest then, but my dad was visiting friends in Nassau Bay during Alicia - so I watched intently from afar.


When I moved to Houston on my own a few years later, Channel 13 ran an anniversary special that I recorded and still have


Working downtown, I was amazed at the damage inflicted upon what were brand new towers at that time

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Legend had it at the time that much of the downtown glass damage from Alicia resulted from the roof gravel (much larger then) being blown off of what was then the Tenneco, now Kinder Morgan (and for a while El Paso Energy) building.

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It's interesting to see how major events like these were covered in the era before total round-the-clock coverage took hold.


If anyone ever was able to dig up KPRC's coverage of the storm, that would be interesting to check out. I I've only seen a few bits and pieces over the years, but it seemed to be fairly straight forward and to the point reportage from the clips I've seen.

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