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Who remembers the "Houston's Great" promo of Ch. 13 back in the day ?

Blue Dogs

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I know this goes way back in the old days of promotional videos, but Ch. 13 used the "Houston's Great" back around in 1985 or maybe earlier, here's one from 1985:



"Houston's Great Promo of Ch. 13", the nice part of the video is the Circle 13 with the downtown skyline at the end with fireworks LOL.



*Here's a similar version from WYXZ-TV Detroit, and Bill Bonds talking about the Detroit, MI comeback, etc.,


Any thoughts ?


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I think this coincided with the Cap Cities purchase of the station. I have a longer version of the promo on a tape somewhere, unfortunately it was recorded on an antenna so while you can hear the sound, you can't see much of anything. There were a few other notable bits that I think would be YouTube "worthy", including a Kathy Whitmire political ad shot atop either Enterprise Plaza or Centerpoint's tower, before the current top was added.


Anyway, that was sort of a transitional phase on-air in terms of the presentation, but what was interesting was how the promo campaign morphed a bit a couple of years later or so. By that time it had become "Houston's Coming Back" - more of an ego boost in the depths of the bust. I still think that was an attempt to counter KPRC's partnership with Houston Proud. Houston's Coming Back, was also an orginization that I *think* was incorporated around the same time, however it ran into financial issues and fizzled out. It took much longer for Houston Proud to die off, though that was well after their involvement with Channel 2.

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