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Vanishing Firefly project


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I read in the Chronicle today about the research Clemson has started concerning declining populations of fireflies. Www Clemson.edu/public/rec/Baruch/firefly_project/. They are asking the public to help with the firefly count. Interestingly enough there are apps for that on iTunes.

I remember back in June the Chronicle did a story on a Heights resident who tried to attract fireflies to his garden but thought their numbers were decreasing. I have to admit I have never scene a firefly in the Avondale Neighborhood. When I lived in New Territory in Ft Bend County 15 years ago, I don't remember seeing many at all.

Fireflies seemed to be everywhere during my childhood in Central Oklahoma.

I walk through the Isham/Inwood park in the most northern part of Manhattan and see a lot of them.

So I'm wondering----do many of you see fireflies? What part of Houston do you see them in.

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Take a drive out to Austin or Washington county. Our place in Bellville has them, but only during the spring and sometimes fall. I know absolutely nothing about fireflies, so perhaps the weather has something to do with their decrease? It has been abnormally hot and dry around this area for a couple of years now. Might that have an effect on the firefly population?

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Funny, I was just discussing this with a friend the other day that lives in Tomball and how I have not seen any in what seems like a long time now.


I was surprised that there were none on the land that he lives on due to it being pretty rural.

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