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Houstons utility ROW bicycle "interstate system"

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a recent article/blog about the new bicycle lanes, with a image of bike lanes (or utility ROWs that could be bike lanes?) across the city. its the first time ive seen a potential map..

(sorry if there is already a thread on this. i know ive seen the Utility ROW conversion to bike lanes mentioned on HAIF before but there doesnt seem to be a thread dedicated to it in this subforum.



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Definitely an exciting project. It has the potential to provide a lot of connectivity between neighborhoods and beautify those huge expanses of land that just sit there looking weedy for most of the year. It'd be cool if the city could create a Terry Hershey Park-like vibe out of the ROWs (although without any bayous). Part of Terry Hershey carries transmission lines but they're not as imposing as the ones on the dedicated ROWs, in part thanks to the vegetation.

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Do they indicate which lane it would be?  I use Lamar daily and can only imagine having to turn and dodge pedestrians while simultaneously watching my mirror for approaching bicyclists.  I also see accidents along here unless they ban turns that cross the bike lane

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It's not that hard if you've been to cities that have it usually bikes have their own green light and there is a separate turn light


I hope so...the article only mentions adding signals for those on bikes headed east


Looks like there is a wave of cities doing this.  This article from Pittsburgh specifically says that they won't be adding dedicated signals so I don't think it's a given




Apparently Seattle has a pretty good set up





Edit:  Common sense kicked in - surely they'd use the far right lane else some sort of crossover would be required once you reach the west side of downtown

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