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Multifamily High-Rise In Clear Lake

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that would be HUGE for the area. whats the tallest high-rise around Clear Lake?


Endeavor at the 30 floors and 81 multifamily units. Its about time the area gets a new highrise, I have a good feeling it might just be taller than endeavor.


BTW here is a site plan:



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nicee.. good to see some large waterfront developments starting to pop up during this cycle. i believe this is the first one since the 2008 bust?

edit: putting two and two together from both site plans, i would guess the high rise component will be the two large orange footprints at the top (east[?] side) of the new site plan. so were probably looking at something more like two ~20 story twin towers connected by skybridge.

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According to this chron article from March 2008, the Endeavor was the first of many high rises for Clear Lake.


It also mentions Beacon Island.

Beacon Island has been in the works for a very long time, it wasn't til March that they approved the plan.

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