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New Leader of Los Anthrax - Claudia Ochoa Felix


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This is quiet interesting, a female is the new leader of the assassin group "Los Anthrax." Under the cartel of Sinaloa. 









Kim Kardashian Look Alike Claudia Ochoa Felix Dresses to Kill
Posted by Angelina Bouc on  June 11, 2014  in EditorialEntertainment | 452 Views | Leave a response

She has hair down to there, beautiful exotic eyes, and a bodacious bod. Her name is Claudia Ochoa Felix, and she is called the Kim Kardashian look-alike. The sexy Mexican loves to share many selfies on Instagram like Kim, but there seems to be a major difference. Ochoa Felix is reportedly the leader of La Emperatriz de los Antrax in Mexico. The group is a cartel murder gang, and allegedly the Kim look-alike won the leadership role after her boyfriend, Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa was hauled to prison. The exotic beauty has vehemently denied the allegations, but many pictures she has posted shows intriguing hints.

Media sources have inquired of the relationship status between the former hit man, and Ochoa Felix, but she states they are just friends, and nothing is going on. The Mexican mama is frequently posting photos on Instgram, showing her guns.







Not her muscles, although men certainly enjoy in the delightful beauty Ochoa Felix is, but her pink AK-47 has made its way into pictures. Ochoa Felix’s fame skyrocketed when reports of a murder gone wrong hit the media.





Reportedly, a hit was made on Ochoa Felix and gunmen grabbed a young woman who also resembled Kim Kardashian, but more notably, Ochoa Felix. Yuriana Castillo was the woman kidnapped, who also shared a connection to Gamboa. Authorities found the young woman’s body tortured behind a school building. When the allegations released the potential hit was Ochoa Felix, her popularity soared incredibly.

The Sinaloa cartel in Mexico is listed as one of the most powerful “drug trafficking organizations in the world,” U.S. authorities have reported. The Sinaloa cartel is protected and hires the killer squad to carry out assignments.

Currently, the Kardashian look-alike continues to deny the allegations. Think Ochoa Felix is the empress leader of the hired killer clan? One thing is for certain, she is incredibly sexy, and knows how to wield a weapon.



More Photography: 







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