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Here I come Austin!

Marcus Allen

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Am uber excited. FINALLY, in Austin visiting college friends! Haven't been since 2005. I have my old haunts as prior posts indicate. But, I also have been informed some of those are a bit passé. Please, if you would, give me new destinations to pursue. I am into culture on many levels; art, history, architecture, culinary arts, gardens, music, night life, genuine Austin experience! You all guide, I will take pix and try my best to post them here. I leave for a few days post June 15th. As much as I love them, some of my friends are still stuck in the, Austin would be better off if it were never discovered,phase. We can battle that one some other time. For now, I want to see her in her present glory. Please help me in my journey.

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OH MAN! AUSTIN IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!I recently visited this past weekend and I wish I could live there! I hope you have a great time. It seems to me those hills have a supernatural effect on people. It's so beautiful. Anyway's if you are into outdoors things like hiking, you should go down to the Barton Creek Trail Park, also known as Twin Falls it has a nicely shaded trail that leads to a creek filled with many waterfalls and the water itself is icy! It was a wonderful experience. It's off the Mopac Expressway and the Capital of Texas Highway southwest of Downtown Austin. Hope I helped somehow. Happy trails! 

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My impression was that the OP was more interested in cultural activities, but I'll chime in anyway.  


The Barton Creek trail is still the best, in my opinion, despite how the watershed has built up over the years.  I also enjoyed Basin Preserve.  Hamilton's Pool is great, but I often remember the (apocryphal?) stories about people jumping into the water and right into a cluster of water moccasins.  I always suspected that was a myth, but an Austin friend who boats on area lakes told me recently that a guy died on Stillhouse Hollow Lake (north of town) when he went into (skiing, I think) a cluster of water moccasins.  Apparently they form these clusters when they are mating.  Pretty creepy and a horrible way to go.  


I guess the chances are slim of getting into that situation and I don't want to discourage people from having fun in the water.  But, maybe it would be wise to keep your eyes open for those and other hazards (like boulders just under the surface in places people like to jump in).

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